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                      POSTCARDS FROM HOME  2009 - 2010


Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2010
Hi Carole,
Aw she's so lovely! We have been home for about an hour or so and Leoni has been busily inspecting my bedroom. I'll keep her confined to this one room for the first few days so she knows this room will always be her place of refuge. I'm sitting in here with her doing some programming while she settles in. The kitty litter is setup in my en-suite and she has a nice private little nest to hide herself in to rest next to my side of the bed. She is checking everything out and her favourite spot appears to be looking out of the window to watch our magpies on the front lawn and the butterflies in the buddleia bush. She is just gorgeous and has just come up and smooched me and mewed for a pat while I'm writing to you :-)
   Yesterday afternoon Leoni welcomed Andrew (my son) at the top of the stairs with a chirruping-mew when he came home from work. He gave her a pat and she proceeded to follow him around the house to check him out. Then she had a big play running around the house and bounding about playing with the fluffy-tinsel balls we use as cat-toys. Later, when my husband came home Leoni gave him a big smooch (that's more than he gets from me LOL) and she jumped up on his lounge chair footrest to sit with him while he watched the news. She has already won their hearts!
   Last night she slept at the foot of my bed. In the morning she quickly tired from following the boys around as they were getting ready for work so she sat at the central axis point of activity, at the balustrade of the stairs (photo), and watched them both go about their preparations.
   Tuesday 14/12/10 Leoni has settled in so incredibly well that today I have given her full run of the house already. She often rolls over onto her back asking for a tummy rub and she paddy-paws (knits) the air when I'm stroking her tummy. She has been following me around all day today, and she curled up beside me on the lounge while I did some programming work during the middle of the day.

cheers, Meryl
Hello Jessica and David.

Thought you might like to hear how well Periwinkle has settled in to East Sydney.

She is a most delightful girl and has lots of personality and is extremely affectionate.
It took a couple of days of hiding under my bed before she ventured out and started to explore her new home.   Clearly she found it satisfactory and is now very happy and comfortable here.   She will even spend the night sleeping on the end of my bed so she can keep an eye on me it seems.
During the day she sleeps on my office chair if it is vacant and around my neck if I happen to be working at my desk.  She will often follow me around the unit talking constantly. At night she refuses to let my lap go empty and spends hours on me or next to me when I am watching television.   She is not a "one person" cat though - immediately any friends arrive she is up and out to check them out and the moment they sit down on my lounge she is up and on their laps.   Quite a social young lady.   Good job I am not the jealous type.

So all in all - this has turned out extremely well and I am very happy with the situation.   Thank you both very much.

Kind regards

Trevor 13/10/10


Hi David and Simone,
Just thought I'd send you a quick message to let you know Scotty is doing well.  He's totally settled in and is truly boss of the house.  Can't imagine not having him.  I've attached some photos so you can see how he's getting on.
Caroline & Scotty x 12/10/10

Hi David,
I was just recommending your site to my daughter (also a cat lover) when your email came through.
Treasure and Liebling are now known as Posh and Paris as we have recently discovered that they are both girls!! Paris (Liebling) is settling in beautifully; she is playful, friendly and a real social butterfly - just like Paris Hilton!
Maddie and Paris have had a few hissing sessions but are starting to tolerate each other - no major fights as yet.
Poor little Posh (Treasure) is still terrified and prefers to stay in her safe spot in the bathroom - I am letting her take her time adjusting to her new home, when I bring her out of the bathroom I just hold her and she seems quite content just to cuddle up in my arms - I think it is going to take a long time for her to relax and trust us.

I will keep you updated on their progress and will take some photos soon too.

Kind Regards, Tanya  4/10/10

 Hi David,

She's a sweet little cat and has settled into our family nicely now.  Even my partner (who claims not to be a 'cat' person) loves her,  to the point where he came home from the shops last week with her very own cat cushion.  I took that to be a good sign  ;-)

Just so you know, we had to change her name to Charlie as my 2year old couldn't pronounce Kizmat.

Thanks,Rebecca  5/9/10
Hi David
The trio are settling in well. Oliver was the first to acclimatise now followed by Orlando. Olivia still remains a little reticent but I am sure that will change soon now that she has seen her brothers settling down. Attached are some photos.
We are very happy and of course want to keep them
Thanks, Chris 24/8/10

Hi David

Here are some updated pictures of the triplets

Chris 26/10/10
MIA ( Plastic bag Baby)
Hi Sue,
I just wanted to give you an update on Mia. She is now eating which is great. In fact we have to keep her from eating Scooter's food.:) Scooter is absolutely smitten with her. She is completely at home in her new surroundings. She is still timid when we have guests over and hides but so does Scooter.
Thanks again for everything, Caitlin, 25/7/10
Photo of Mia with Scooter, Cheers Caitlin,  24/8/10
Hi David,
I'm delighted with Fur and Izzy! They've settled in beautifully and are well and truly enjoying the run of the house.
I’ve attached some cute photos of Fur (in the box) and Izzy, as requested. They’ve become rather attached to my spare bedroom bed, and I’ve put both ‘cat beds’ on there so they can be warm and comfy! I was sitting on the sofa last night with one cat on either side dozing away. It was a bit crowded, mostly because they both stretched out, and took up lots of space! 

Thanks again, Rosalind  17/8/10
BLUEY (now known as BLUEBELL)
We trialled Bluebell’s adoption for a couple of months, as we weren’t sure whether our alpha cat, Wilbur, would accept a new addition to the family, or whether Bluey would be happy with us, after so long in foster care with Lucy and her four feline friends.

It didn’t take long for Bluebell to come out of her shell and become very affectionate with us… And every human visitor who came to say hello to her! She is still a little shy towards Wilbur, who likes to hide and pounce on her, chasing her away to make sure she remembers who is boss. But Bluey is sticking up for herself more and more these days, and has been recently seen chasing Wilbur!

Bluey is discovering new and comfy sleeping spots around the house, and is really letting her cheeky personality show through. She loves chasing shoelaces and batting balls around. If you roll a ball towards her, she bats it straight back to you – her aim is impeccable! She loves her meat and is always first to finish her dinner. She loves a good pat and always comes to greet you with headbutts and purrs. She is sweet and gentle – a real lady. Wilbur is slowly getting used to her and chasing her less. Hopefully some day soon they will be good friends.

Many, many thanks to Lucy, Bluey’s long-term foster carer, who was a huge source of support to us throughout this adoption process. Lucy’s dedication and care for her rescue cats is truly amazing. Her advice and friendship really helped us through, and with her support, we have been able to finally give Bluebell her furever home.

Best wishes,  Jane, 27/7/10
MILO (white nose) & REBEL (renamed WHISKEY)
Rebel is starting to settle in. Saturday and Sunday he was hiding and wouldn’t interact We have renamed him as my husband says he reminds him of one of the cats he had when he was growing up so his name is now Whiskey. He is still a bit frightened but he comes running  for a pat and he plays with the toys I have for him and frisks around climbing all over my furniture.
At the moment I have both Whiskey and Milo as we are introducing them both slowly to our other cats and Leah doesn’t have the facility to do that at her house so I have four cats at the moment. Milo is a little monkey getting into everything and has settled in just fine. They are both little purring machines.
I have attached a couple of photos.
Thanks, Sue & Leah 13/7/10
Hi David and Maria,

Just to give you a little update on little Simba :)

Simmy/little boy/wizza has settled into his new home with Diamond and is VERY happy!
We love him to bits and his nature is quite shy which is a total contrast to Diamond.
Diamond has taken a fancy to him and he doesn’t mind one little bit, they play all night and rest and play during the day, it has actually gotten quite noisy from all the fun....
His appetite is still biscuits only (wont even consider any other type of food) but very healthy and at present he is sporting a little winter tummy!
Like Diamond he has taken to taps as a kitten and is always ready for his own personal watering when either of us are in a bathroom...
I have attached some photos for your amusement and in case you wish to add something to your website?

Cheers, JC  9/7/10
Hi Sonja,
I thought you might like a bit of an update on Wilbur and to see some photos (attached) too.
He’s still doing very well – he starts formal training in a few weeks just to be completely well mannered given his size but already he has learnt so much.
This weekend just gone we took yesterday off work and we went on a pet-friendly beach holiday – the dogs LOVED it and we couldn’t stop taking photos they were just being so cute all the time!
Anyway, all is very well.

Cheers, Camilla, 6/7/10
Hi Sonja, Darren,

Just a quick note to let you both know that ‘King Ziggy’ is firmly entrenched in the family and doing fantastic.  He is extremely settled, sorted out his new environment and has us all jumping to his every need.   We have lost a couple of shoes and bits and pieces but that goes with the territory of a puppy.  He is absolutely beautiful.  We have a great walking regime under way where he meets and plays with other dogs in our area.
I have made enquiries at our local dog training club as I think some further obedience classes would help being that he is a very strong dog in build and personality.  
Attached is his favourite chair on our deck!  As I said “King Ziggy” !!!!!!!!!!!
Many thanks to you both for all your help.  Darren you have done a great job with him.  For a puppy he is extremely well behaved and a pleasure to have.  Thank God for people such as you both!
Have a lovely weekend,
HUGO(Bucket baby) & Smeagol (ginger)

"Hey David,

Hope this email finds you well. I have attached some pics to this email of the boys. One of the pictures is them playing on their fave toy...a monster size cat scratch gym!
Thanks David"
Brad and Curtis. 19/6/10
GYPSY-mum to Abby,Millie,Cassie,Sasha
"Hey Belinda,

Gypsy is doing really well, crazy little thing she is. She spends about half the day curled up with me and the other half chasing her tail...i thought only dogs did that hahaha.
She loves being outside stalking bugs in the grass and sitting with our next door neighbours cat in the garden. Shes acctually a fantastic climber too, she runs up trees and comes back down backwards with ease :)
Shes been sleeping under the covers with Luke and I now that its getting cold.
We honestly could not be happier with her. Heres some recent photos I've taken.
Hope you are doing well."
Kara, 7/6/10
“Dear David
Here are the photos I promised you. From the photos you can see how well Tammy has settled in. This is the third week we have had her and she now moves freely from the garden to the house in her own time.
On all her papers she is Tim Tam, but in the family we call her Tammy.
Thanks again for all you do to save unwanted pets.
We love our Tammy".
Pam and Mike” June 2010
Hi David,

Thank you for matching us with our two lovely kittens.
Felix has been renamed Mittens and Romeo has been renamed Bolt. Both are characters from one of Andrew’s favourite movies. They both seem to be settling in beautifully and feel a good fit for our family.

We will send further updates in the future. They do have lovely voices, beeps and chirps!

Kindest regards, Robyn  9/6/10

Hi David,

Hope all is well. Happy to confirm the adoption of Fergus; he is wonderful.
I have attached some pictures of Fergus and our other cat Winston (ginger) who we also adopted through pet rescue.

Jamie and Gina 30/5/10

Hi again Sonja,
Here's just a couple of pics of our first week with Merlin.
The last is Merlin with Rocco, my girlfriend's Mastiff x Great Dane. He's 18 months old and the two of them played for four hours non-stop, which was really good because we socialise with them all the time.
All the other photos were a blur because they wouldn't keep still!!

Have a good one.

Cheers, Kate  3/5/10

SHEEN - a real success story, found her furever home after 4 years in foster care
"Greetings David,
Thought I would send you an update on our beloved Sheen - who is the "boss of the wash" by now. She's blossomed into a confident and lovely natured
cat. No more hiding when the door bell rings or new people visit us. We of course adore her and she is very loving in return. Hope you'll like the snapshots.
Best wishes from us three. Barrie, Mitzy and Sheen" April 2010
31/3/10 - Hi David,
I am pleased to let you know that 'Opal' who is now known as Cleo has settled in very well to her new home with us. She was a little hesitant at first but has become more and more comfortable as the days have gone on.
I am very happy with the whole adoption process and would recommend Pet Rescue to anyone without hesitation.
The work that organisations like yours do is wonderful and gives so many cats a second chance that they so absolutely deserve.
I have attached a photo of Cleo for you and will keep you updated with her progress.
Thanking you very much...
Regards, Karen, Shaun and Cleo  =^^=
20/3/10 - Hello Sydney Pet Rescue. (David)
This is Linus-Mango (previously called Rusty)
His life so far:
From such a small little kitten who was very ill to this boisterous man of a cat, Linus is fabulous! He is now getting on well with our other cat Moya. They play "kiss chase" as i like to call it. He loves having his belly scratched and talks to us when we enter the room. He can be a little cheeky and having copied our other cat enjoys drinking from running taps rather than his bowl. He loves having his photo taken and as you can see knows how to smile and strike a pose!
I am very happy that i managed to save Linus and give him a happy home. He makes me laugh and gets on well with the whole family. He has fitted in very well.
I think these photos show you how happy he is.
Thank you very much for bringing us together.
Kind Regards, Olivia
Hello David
I'd like to confirm their adoption. Its all going well. Both have settled in nicely. They are getting on well together.
I've renamed Hans as Trim (as in Matthew Flinders cat) but am leaving Tabitha as is.
We're very pleased with them, very loving and lovely cats. I've sent you a photo.
Thanks, Karen 17/3/10
POSSUM (ex Ginger Mick)
Hi Michelle
Possum is now 2 years old and has the most beautiful temperament. I saw him on the Pet Rescue site 2 years ago, the night my gorgeous dad died. I couldn't sleep and my girlfiend had given me this website so I was having a browse when I saw Poss. He was identical to the cat my dad had and loved so much, it was meant to be and I have never looked back. He actually mirrors my father's personality, playful but stubborn! He loves cuddles but on his terms. If I am working at home and he feels like a bit of attention he will plonk himself on my work and I am such a softly he gets his way. The other way out without disturbing "Your Royal Highness" is to swivel the table round and that way the two of us remain happy!
Thanks Michelle for giving me such a wonderful little companion.
Regards, Jacquie 7/3/10
Both have now gotten to stage where they seem fine…
Diamond is very curious about Simba and follows him around for a while. He challenges her sometimes but there’s no aggression just play. Diamond is not ready to play too much yet although she gave a few chases, Simba pulls out of those as he is still not 100% about her and will whimper if she is too close or he feels cornered. Diamond just lies down and lets Simba run past without issue and he quickly turns around and challenges her again… Eventually Diamond gets bored with it all and goes sits in her own spot and relaxes.
We have tried to get them to play together (using laser light and string with toy) but that has had limited success so far. Diamond is down here in my office napping and Simba is upstairs in the loft amusing himself.
There is very rarely a hiss from either now only usually when one surprises the other and it ends in nothing. They touch noses every now and then and Simba has had a good sniff around as well..
Justin 23/2/10
MILO & ROXY (ex NOEL & GABI) Chrissy's kittens
Hi David, Sue and Keira,
Just wanted to let you all know how much we are enjoying these gorgeous kittens. We bought our first ever piece of "Cat furniture" last week and they both love it - 4 storeys of cat heaven!  Milo is "top dog" so gets the highest level for snoozing and Roxy takes the third floor.  They are both eating well and growing fast.
Milo is confident and well adjusted and loves physical contact with us - his purr motor works well.  Roxy is still quite anxious with us so we're taking it slowly with her.  She has a lot of fun playing with Milo and is confident to explore the house when we are not close by.  When she is relaxed and sleepy she is happy for us to approach her and hold her briefly but she runs away if we come close to her at other times.
Sue, the foil tip was spot on.  We now have a silver house!!!!!  It covers bar stools (gateway to the kitchen bench!), trunks of the plant in the kitchen, the edges of the kitchen table and the bottom two stairs.  It is really effective. They have the kitchen/laundry when we are not around and all of downstairs when we are around and have made themselves quite at home.
We all feel very comfortable with them and know that we've made the right decision (for them and for us).

From Sally, Rebecca and Liam, 21/2/10
FANTA our little survivor
I found Fanta just after losing my sister and he has been a blessing. Fanta is a very special and loving boy and has settled in wonderfully with my two poodles, Peppi and Bonnie. They fell in love with him instantly and he with us. He is a beautiful, handsome boy.
My thanks and gratitude go to Sydney Pet Rescue and Adoption
Nolene, 18/2/10

               Fanta with Peppi                    Fanta my PA taking a break
This is the new addition to our family. His name is Fanta and he is now 12 weeks old.
Love Nolene xxx 11/9/09 - and another pic at computer.
KAYAH (ex REGINA)-on right
Kayah was a very nervous cat when we first adopted her, we believe she may have been a victim of abuse and was never socialised effectively before she was rescued. Clearly she had been through tough times raising her own kittens and then others from another litter. It took her a long time for her to trust me.
With much perseverance, patience, and wonderful advice from Joanne Righetti on animal behaviour, she now answers to her name and obeys commands. She still won't come and sit with me on the lounge, but rather chooses to sit at my feet for some reason. However, if I join her on the lounge she immediately purrs and loves to groom me! She is really still little more than a kitten and her favourite toy is a stress ball that I've attached to a piece of string - though she appears to have lots of imaginery toys that she chases as well!
 Please see attached picture of Kayah, taken with my other cat, Sirikit, this morning.
Isn't she lucky she found a good pet like me?
Trevor 17/2/10

Hello ladies,

I thought you'd like to see a pic of how our baby is settling in.

Cheers, Trevor, 30/11/09

CHARLIE (ex REMY) adopted Feb 2010
Hi Everybody,
Here are a few shots of the adorable 4 month old kitten Charlie (was called Remy) who I have adopted, thanks to Linda, Annemarie and David at Sydney Pet Rescue.  He likes to lounge upside down and strangely sitting inside the fridge, has the sweetest mew and a marvelous purr.  He hasn’t warmed up to Mum and Dad much yet, but will get there with a little more courage, they are a bit old and going deaf so a bit noisy.
Ciao, Marilia 11/2/10
LUCY,  adopted directly from Renbury

                                          and Lucy with Gus, her chewy toy!
Hi Lucy,
Last year I had 3 dogs, a cross shepherd aged 14, a mini foxy x Jack Russell aged 13 and a 15 year old foxie something.  In January the shepherd was diagnosed with cancer and I lost her.  In July the mini foxy was killed by a car and I was heartbroken. I only had Gus the foxy and we were both lonely.  My 60th birthday was on 27th August and my friends wanted to give me a dog.
 I looked on your website and saw that stupid face advertised as a cross shepherd and I had to meet her.  My husband and I went to Renbury farm on 25 August, 2009, bought Lucy (who I named after you because you helped me find her) and collected her on 26th August.  She has been destructive and naughty and I guess that was why she was in the pound, but with time she has become the most wonderful and loving dog.  She is highly intelligent and has a great sense of humour and she is an absolute joy to live with.
Vivienne  7/2/10
PIPPY(ex Abby, Gypsy's kitten) AND HOLLY(ex Saphire)

Pippy Longstocking and Holly Gollightly have settled in so well with the Meekings’. Otis – our big British blue (and we mean ‘big’) is a bit put out but since he’s allowed outside and the girls aren’t he manages to escape the ‘children’ on a regular basis and that seems to be keeping him sane. The funny thing was that we adopted Holly 3 weeks after we brought Pippy home, Pippy was most put out. Fancy, after 3 weeks she ‘owned’ us and wasn’t happy about an interloper. I’ve never seen such a tiny thing hiss and growl before and we had to turn away so she didn’t see us laughing. Of course now they are inseparable. They have very distinct personalities. Holly is adventurous and inquisitive and happy to be handled while Pippy is quieter, more cautious and less tolerant of 7 year old girls! Of course as predicted by our family early on, Otis now sleeps with our daughter on her bed, and Holly and Pippy sleep with us – that is when they are not tearing around the house, playing with their toys, sliding across the wooden floors and climbing the furniture. I knew there was a reason we were holding on to our old lounge suit! And while the first few days with the two of them here was a bit like having a newborn in the house again, the 5.30am wakeup calls are now a more civilised 6.30am and after a few water sprays they have a little bit more self-discipline. All in all it’s been a great outcome and it’s lovely to have little ones around again. We love our girls and are quite confident that they’ve come to love us too. When I capture a picture of one/both of them cuddling with Otis, we will know that family harmony has been achieved in totality.

The Meekings Family
January 2010
BOOTS adopted 6/4/08
Hi Sue
My family and i adopted a kitten that was in your care - BOOTS, probably about nearly 2 years ago. I promised I'd send photos - I know its a bit late but just to let you know she is doing so well and we're so grateful everyday that we ended up with such an amazing girl. Thank you for all your hard work caring for her - she truly is a gift. Hope you are well.
Kind Regards, Faon 27/1/10
DAISY adopted 3/1/10
Hi, All is well- Daisy seems to be settling in  well, and all the others seem to have accepted her. Dogs are scared of her, and Spikey just sniffs her - but all in all, no real dramas!
Thanks for all your help and Happy New Year.



BOBBY Boombah adopted Oct'09
Hi David!
Please find attached photos of Bobby Boombah.
Mary, Dec'09
SASHA (Gypsy's kitten)
Hi David,
Merry Christmas,

Sasha has settled in with us and is very happy, that's the great news. The bad news is, you guys are not getting her back as she is loved far too much.

P.s. Find some photos of Sasha, we probably have around another hundred.  We are kind of crazy over her but she is so beautiful.

Lee, Senia & Nadine
Honey is doing well, she has taken over the lounge as hers & likes to curl up on the end of the bed with me at night. I have tried many toys to encourage play with her but the only thing she has taken a fancy to is gold curling ribbon for parcels. She is very lucky and had plenty given to her for Christmas.
Here are some  photos of Honey.  She is still quite camera shy.
Happy New Year to all at Sydney pet rescue
Natalie,  Christmas 2009

Hi David,
Petal and Rikki seem to be settling in. From the laundry they have been ‘weaned’ into the rest of the house with today spending the longest time around the house during which time we went out for a couple of hours leaving them on their own and found them both happy and relaxed when we returned.
Within about 30 hours Petal and I had made friends and I had her purring to the point where she was probably interfering with the local seismographic readings. She is very passive but very affectionate. She has already started to follow me about — but I wonder if that is only because she is after more food!
Rikki is very energetic and a delight to watch his antics. Both he and Petal get on extremely well.
The photos show Rikki as a bit of a poser, which is good. The other photo shows one of the many spots they have found to relax on.
Kind regards, Antoine de Paauw
CRICKET & SNOOPY (now SCOOTER) (Penny's kittens)
Dear Belinda and David
Just a short note to let you know that Cricket and Snoopy(who we now call Scooter as he loves to “scoot” around anywhere) have settled in well and have made themselves completely at home. They are giving all their toys a thorough working out and continue to charm everyone they meet. I’m amazed at how different yet equally lovable their personalities are. Princess Cricket who knows how pretty she is and loves to “work it” and mischievous Scooter who is full of adventure and hilarious antics. Thanks Belinda for taking such good care of them and helping them become the delightful little bundles that they are. Will be sure to send updates and photos. Cricket (who is sitting on my lap as I type) and Scooter also say hello.

(That’s Cricket walking on the keyboard)

Bye for now, Amanda
Pretty PENNY (with blue and gold eyes)

Penny has settled in well into her new home and has put on a bit of weight. Here is a photo.
Sasha, November 2009


VIOLET & ROSE (Petals kittens)

Hi David & Narelle,
Violet and Rose are settling in very well to their new house in Kellyville, they are no longer hissing and seem comfortable in our home. They are now free to roam the house and as you can see make any surface their home, coffee tables, entertainment units and especially under the lounge (I do not think that will last too long as it is quite a squeeze to get under there now) or under units. When we are looking for them we have to search under everything as their hiding place changes daily.
They are both eating well, and seem to have put on healthy weight and they are both using their kitty litter exclusively. They are very playful little girls and will chase each other all over the house. They are getting used to the kids and if sleeping will let us come to them for a pat, Bronte seems to be able to get the closest but they also love being chased around the house
by Miranda for a play. They are still reluctant to come to us but they are most happy around us. They love hiding behind the blinds and longingly look outside "into the wild," there will be no escape to Madagascar for these 2 though so longing looks will have to be satisfying enough.
I Have included a few pics of them at play, rest, and having cuddles on the lounge .
Regards, Sarah
MERLIN (Ex Pepsi-Penny's kitten)
Hi David and Belinda,
I am very happy with Pepsi, who has been renamed Merlin. He is settling well and is getting to know the house and its members in his own time.
He loves his cuddles and has no shortage of them.He seems to know his name and comes when he is called. I don’t know whether this is because he recognises my voice or wants a cuddle but I would like to think Merlin is exceptionally smart. He is quite vocal when he wants to be, especially with new smells and sights.
He has lots of toys to play with but prefers to sit on your lap, or even better your head, for cuddles. When he is happy he makes a chirrup noise that reminds me of a bird. Maybe he should be “Birdie”?
I have attached some photos for you to see how Merlin is fitting into his new home.
Thank you, Selina.
JACK & FELIX (Ex Bubba & Mitzy)
Hi David,
I just wanted to send you an update on Jack and Felix.
They are both doing extremely well. I took them to the Vet (Dr Bill Ilkin at Kirrawee Vet Hospital who has been our incredible vet for a number of years), for their shots and he diagnosed Felix with Rodent ulcer. It was pretty revolting, but we caught it in time to treat without being too serious. Apparently Felix has quite a severe allergy and needed to be on a special diet. Feeding the two of them differently was going to be a nightmare, so both Jack and Felix are on quite a restricted diet, although Jack enjoys a chicken wing once a week. That doesn’t stop him being completely cheeky in the kitchen, and trying to eat anything he can get his paws on, including tomatoes, bread and dry pasta. It has made Jamie and I very careful and meticulous about putting things away when we bring them home from the shops. Needless to say, on the new diet, Felix has flourished! He has gained some weight, his coat is extremely sleek and soft, he no longer itches and he has become much more playful. He is even starting to tolerate (I don’t know that we will ever get to the enjoying stage) being picked up and cuddled.
Jamie has built the boys a cat run out the back and after an initial adjustment; they now wait at the door every morning to be taken out to play for the day. It’s great for us because we prefer them to be outside during the day, but we didn’t want to worry about them getting run over, or diminishing our quite extensive bird population. And we think it’s great for them, they love being outside, and can “play” with the enormous cockatoos who hang out in the garden without being hurt by them, or hurting them. It’s also great for them to catch some rays in the cat hammock which they love. 
Despite Jamie’s insistance that he doesn’t want to have much to do with the cats, they have weaselled their way into our lives and our hearts, and I have caught him on more than one occasion doing bookwork with Felix on his lap, or cuddling Jack in the lounge room while they watch TV together. He even refers to them as our boys.

SO thank you again, David, Jessica and Sydney Pet Rescue for looking after the fuzzy little monsters for us before they were ours.
Nadia (and Jamie, Felix and Jack)
LILY(Russian Blue)
Hi David,
Here are some photo's of Lily around our house with Isabelle. Lily loves to sunbake in our back doorway as often as she can. Lily is doing really well and likes to curl up on our bed at night, especially under the blankets. Lily is now using the toilet instead of the litter tray and is very easy to train. She has the odd swipe at the dogs, but she will quite happily curl up with them on their bed too. Her sneezing comes and goes and neither treatments we got fRom the vet have had any long term results, so we think she is just a sneezy cat. Her record for the most sneezes in one session is 25! We now count and its become a it of a joke around the house.
Hope you enjoy the photo's and if I can get one of her using the toilet, I will email it through.
Take care and I'll send some more photo's soon.
Cheers, Michelle
Hi David,
For Harriet's postcards from home - "Now I just need to get rid of the dog!"
Regards, Margaret

Hi David,
Just a couple of pictures to let you see how happy Harriet (& of course Rosalie & I) are.
Margaret 2/8/09
JORDY(black) & ELLIE
Hi Belinda,
Sorry this has taken so long. I didn't forget about forwarding photo's I have just been extra busy. Jordy has settled in really well and is loved dearly by all the family and the kids next door.
Some photos of Jordy with best friend Ellie.
Hope all is well,

Hi Michelle,
Please find the attached photo of Meggsie and Jasper. I think David will be happy to see Jasper's photo.

Cheers, Iris

Hi Michelle and David,
 Here are some photos of Jasper & Meggsie..
The boys are very fine. We are very happy and enjoy having them around us.
They run and play together very well. Meggsie loves his new toy ball so much. Jasper likes to sit next to you and wants our attention all the time. I found that Jasper is smarter than Meggsie.
Cheers, Iris
Hi Melissa
Otto settled in well with his big brothers.  He loves to ambush and crash tackle them, sometimes I really don't know who loves the game more.
As for his coat, it's coming along fine, not fully regrown yet and his tail is still sparse, but will definitely send you photos soon.  He has a great personality and is a real joy to have.  Loves smooching in bed at night and always ready to investigate anything new in the house. Iams have a free gift when you buy their dry food, as I needed some more I decided to buy same.  The free gift is a bright orange cat house, I put it together and he had to investigate it, been there ever since.    
Cheers,  Pamela
Hi Carole,
Here is a picture of Strudel with my kids. 
He is a very placid cat, putting up with being constantly patted, stroked and kissed by the children.  He likes nothing better than curling up on one of the childrens' beds when they are going to sleep and if he is shut out will yowl until one of them opens the door. He has settled in very well.
Cheers, Liz
Hi Daniela,
Just thought I'd let you know that Snowball is doing so much better now ☺
He now is always out with us in the lounge room and is no longer hiding from us. He follows us around everywhere and is always rubbing up against us and likes playing with hs toys. He even lets me pick him up to give him cuddles!
He's been using his kitty litter tray and eating his food regulary.
So he is much more used to us now.
Kind Regards, Angie
Dear David,
Mikey is settling in perfectly into his new home. He is playful, affectionate and growing in confidence each day. I really couldn't have asked for a more perfect kitten! I'd like to thank you and Belinda for being so organised and helpful with the adoption process. I will definitely recommend Sydney Pet Rescue to all my family and friends!
Regards, Catherine
Hi Michelle,
Yes, she is our 3rd "little girl".
As you can see she has become a much loved member of our family and is a constant companion to Billie & Arkie when playing in the backyard. She is incorporated into many games played, particularily hide and seek of which Angel is excellent at by the way!
She loves going for walks to the local dog park where she runs around madly with the other dogs then watches patiently as Billie & Arkie play on the swings and slide.
We couldn't be happier with Angel. Her gentle nature and vibrant personality have made her the perfect fit for our young family.
Cheers, Peter.
FRANKLIN (on right in photos)
Hi Michelle,
Franklin & Ichiro are great mates and give us much love.

Kind regards, NADIA
STANLEY & RUSTY-The Ginger Ninjas
Hi Michelle, 
I just wanted to send you a quick update on Stanley and Rusty.  They have proven to be two lovely, energetic and tolerant cats who have become a part of the family.  As you suggested they have become extremely close and sleep together in the same cat bed, play together (hence the nickname, the ginger ninjas) and groom each other.   They are two very different personalities but make wonderful companions.  The kids love them and can't wait to get home and see them.  They help feed them morning and night. 
Thank you for helping the boys find a home and for helping us to find such lovely pets.

Kind Regards, Nicola
Hi David
Inky is a real joy and a great addition to our family.  She can take any amount of petting and stroking (and sitting in front of the gas fireplace) and is a real party girl when our kids and friends come over. 
I have attached 2 photos - testament to her contentment.

Kind regards, Jo and Alex
Dear David
It's Monday night and all is going well.  First thing to mention is the renaming of our boys - hope you don't mind!  Ginge is now George and Sunshine is now Gus, they seem to like the names well.  As I'm sure you would have expected George has settled in very quickly and I'm so excited to let you know that Gus is making leaps and bounds.  We even have had cuddles in bed last night!  Amazing!  He happily wanders the apartment and he and George are enjoying chasing each other and having a wrestle but he can still be a bit shy with the stroking.  I have high hopes though as he's such a beautiful cat, he just needs a bit of extra TLC.  However though I thought he was going to stay hidden behind the video machine for the week so I'm absolutely stoked with how far he's come in just a couple of days.  You would be so proud!
I have attached a couple of photos for you so you can see how well the boys are settling in.
Thank you once again for all you've done for these lovely lads!
Hi David,
I'm pleased to let you know the girls are settling in beautifully! Within 2 hours of moving into their new home they started purring and haven't stopped since! Narrell told us they weren't particularly familiar with their names and that we could change them if we wanted to. We decided to keep the little one's name as Sammy suits her perfectly, but changed Mandy's as it is such a down to earth name and she carries an air of arrogance with her that motivated us to give her a more 'aristocratic' name. We have called her Chelsea (the suburbs of Chelsea in both New York and London are pretty affluent and if she was a human these are the kinds of places I would see her living in, so it suits her really well!)
Each one has found her comfortable spot in the house. Chelsea has dominated the bed. She loves to stretch out and laze around there, whereas Sammy loves the back of the couch. We let them onto our balcony for a little while yesterday and were surprised at how much more comfortable Chelsea felt there than inside the house..She found a cosy corner to nap in ( and I wouldn't blame her since it was such a lovely day) but she whinged a bit when I decided to bring her in ( I don't want them to get too used to being out there). Sammy on the other hand isn't a big fan of being outside, which is a huge relief because she is our little terror! She was full of energy at 5 am this morning, making so much noise rolling about with her toys. But they are both such a delight to have! They love affection and constantly demand kisses and cuddles. There was no sign of distress, unhappiness or discomfort so I am very confident that they will be very happy living here. We had visitors come yesterday and they were at ease with lots of people around ( mind, they were bribed, as the visitors came bearing gifts - lots of cat toys!) They love their food and have been eating healthily. They use the scratching post I bought for them (much to the relief of my couch!) and have had no problems with the kitty litter as we bought the same kitty litter sand that Narrell used with them as we want to keep the changes to their lifestyles at a minimum .
I have also attached a photo of Chelsea and Sammy passed out on our bed just to give you the idea of how little time it took them to get comfortable here.
If we have any problems with the girls at all, I won't hesitate to contact you but from what I see, I doubt we will. Thank you for your services, I am very impressed with the way you work and love how you provide the animals with as much comfort as possible so that there is minimal emotional and psychological trauma when they finally find a loving home. I will definitely recommend your agency to anyone I know who is willing and suitable to adopt a pet. In the meantime thank you so much for giving us Chelsea and Sammy, they are such a pleasure to have around and have definitely brightened up our lives! Good luck with re-housing the rest of your animals. 
All the best, Stephanie

Hi Michelle,
Here are some photos of our big baby!
Hayley, August '09


"Hi David

A recent photo of the kittens".

Charlotte, August '09



Hi David & Maria,
Just thought you would like to know that Oliver and Riley are doing really well. They have become good friends and play non-stop, although I do think they are a little rough with each other at times but they seem happy enough. I guess they are just being kittens.
They sleep together in their own little beds and also eat together from their own bowls without fighting over the food, they are so cute.  Oliver is a big eater and Riley is starting to eat more now, I think because all the playing with Oliver seems to make him more hungry.
We have had no little accidents (touch wood) and they are very good at using their litter trays.
Riley has pretty much stopped biting and scratching.  He only really nips when he has had enough patting, he flicks his tail at this time so I know it's time to stop before I get the nip.  
I've attached a couple of photos for you to see they are happy and in good health.
Thanks again for all your help, the boys are great and fun to play with. After all the playing they do like to curl up on the couch with me and have a very long snooze.
Cheers, Petrice" 
August '09

ZIA - Jasmin's pup

Dax & Zia                                         Pippa, Dax and Zia all tired out
After 12 years our darling malamute Kirra passed away, our family was quite devastated especially our staffy cross Dax. He was so sad that I began looking for a play mate.  We found 9 georgous puppies on your web site. We drove out to choose a pup.  After watching and playing with the pups for about an hour we decided on two females, one to adopt and one to foster. The smallest was named Pippa and the bold one Zia.
When we got home Dax was so excited - two puppies. He is a really large dog and makes the most dreadful growling noises when he plays but he was so gentle.  He didn't mind the pups stealing his food or climbing all over him. At the end of the day the pups waited until he climbed into his bed then climbed in with him.

But, it was love at first sight for Dax and Zia! The decision on which pup to adopt was made by them.  Dax and Zia are never apart, playing, eating or sleeping.
Pippa did not miss out. She was adopted by a wonderful family with three boys for her to love. Plus she was house trained and knew basic commands

I hope this story if of interest and the pics help.

Cheers, Sharon (Dax and Zia's mum.) 14/8/09


Hi David

Jordan is delightful. He is already settling in well which surprised me. I thought it might take a couple of days for him to feel at home, he is coming for cuddles, sneaking into our bed and has already become fast friends with his new brother.
I have attached a couple of photo's taken on my mobile this afternoon and will send you some better photo's later.

Mel 26/7/09


" Here are some more pictures of Bailey.  As you can see, he's filling out nicely, and is obviously settling in.  He's definitely an important part of our family now."

Regards, Kevin 1/8/09



"Hi David
Here are a few pictures of your adopted boy.  He eats extremely well and I have a feeling I will have to keep an eye on how much he eats.  He eats all his and then goes after Bella's.  She used to eat a lot slower than she does now.  
Margaret, Benny and Bella"  25/7/09

SONNY & DELILAH (renamed Zorba & Persia)

“Dear David,

Sonny is now 'Zorba' and Delilah is now 'Persia'. They have both settled in already. I am quite amazed at how quickly they have taken to their new home. Both have eaten fresh chicken for dinner and are now sleeping soundly. Neither have used their litter yet, but they will. I adore them both and have had such wonderful cuddles and purrs. They both 'appear' to be fascinated by the amount of space they have to wander around in.
Only 4 hours and we are already a family. They have touched noses twice with no spitting. I somehow think you have a skill of just knowing how to place the right cats with the right people. I think it would be better to let both Zorba and Persia get to know each other along with their new environment plus me before I begin to consider taking Molly.

Not only will I recommend Sydney Pet Rescue but would like to give your organisation regular donations. Maria was wonderful, cannot speak highly enough of her kind welcome and the professional way in which she handled all the paper work and the way she settled both cats before handing them over.

I will send photos in about a week. Persia has emerged as a 'Diva', not only is she eating and eating but she is very playful, giving the poor hanging rat a bad bashing at night, scratching the pole and climbing up to the top level to sit and gaze at the lights on the water. Zorba is still very quiet, but no problem with eating and he likes to sit and gaze at the water views during the day.  We sat together for quite some time last night and I told him I knew how hard it must be for him not to have his original owner that he grew up with, as we spoke, he put his paw on my forearm - great heart stuff. The three of us are very well matched and it can only get better.  

Thank you again.
Regards - Cecelia”


" Hi David
Just letting you know that Bella (now re-named Pandora due to her very beautiful fur and inquisitive nature) is the most Endearing little kitty.
Albrina 21/7/09"

Here's a post card from Pandora (:
Mreoww? Hey there!
My name is now Chezna (meaning 'peaceful' in Slavonic) and I think I've finally found my purrrfect home! Mum doesn't know much about my past but after some research, she knows I've been in foster care for a while! Thanks to all the love and care from the fostering, I've grown to be a very loving, talkative and beautiful kitty; just what Mummy had been looking for in a cat.
The trip to my first home was special and smooth; the drive was short and as I crept from the carrier, I just wanted to explore! But Mum wanted me to stay in the room, complete with all the things I needed (like a hotel!), so the door was closed; I meowed for a bit when they went to bed though cause I was all alone without any other cats!
The next morning though, I was happy to see the family as Mum and her sister would spend the whole day with me! They spoil me; always finding new toys for me to play and letting me sleep where I wanted; uninterrupted but for a few luxurious belly rubs till I was purring up a storm. Mum loves taking pictures of my beautiful green eyes and pretty pelt, and well, she thinks I'm a gorgeous model all-round anyways so I oblige :
I've been eating well (she feeds me wet and dry food though I'm not a fussy cat so I eat both) and keep good company when Mum gets bored from studying (I sleep on her belly when she goes to read).
Oh and did I say I get the whole house to myself! No other dares to intrude upon my supreme turf (not even Mummy's dragon who doesn't bother me and I don't bother her, hee hee).
Mum wants to thank Sydney Pet Rescue and Adoption for saving me so that fate could brings us together; she wants you to know that all your work is appreciated by all the animals saved by your hands and its people like you that gives me and the other furry kids a second chance at a life worth living.
I'll keep in touch, mreooow! xo

(p.s Mum has attached some of my beauty shots whilst I do what I do best; sleep, clean and play! She might send more later when she has time to take some better shots of me sleeping [;)"


"Minty has settled in very well, we absolutely adore her and she loves her new home.
Thank you for helping us find our gorgeous little girl".
Patricia and Ben


We have had Ricky, renamed Leo, for 6 weeks and he has completely settled into our household. Our handsome boy is very affectionate and a real lap cat. Perfect for these cold winter evenings. He loves his cuddles as much as he loves his food!
 After a few days of hissing, he and Polly, our Burmese, became new best friends. They will be snuggled up together in front of the heater grooming each other one minute and then chasing each other up and down our terrace house the next. Although he is a few kilos heavier than Polly, she is not intimidated and they wrestle frequently.
 We are pleased that he has fit into our family so well and is a perfect companion to Polly, as well as to us.
Regards, Karen and Mick, 15/7/09


Hi David,
The boys moved in on Sunday. It's now Tuesday and I am surprised at how well adjusted they already are.
Bubba (who is now Jack) stayed under the couch until last night, but then spent the entire evening alternatively exploring the lounge room and smooching in my lap.
Mitzi (now Felix) got over his shyness on Sunday night and has been purring, smooching and EATING (he is such a piglet) since then. He has this crazy loud purring snorting sound that he makes when he's happy or when he's eating. Very cute - and you know exactly where he is! He is definitely top cat, even though he is by far the smallest of the two. hey are looking like they will fit very nicely with Jamie and I. So far, we are loving having them.

Thank you so much for facilitating them coming to us.

Cheers, Nadia  14/7/09


Hugo at play and ............exhausted

Radley cute and........... dreaming
Hey guys,
I just wanted to update you guys on the kitties. We have changed their names to Hugo (Ray) and Radley (Cloud) now. They are doing excellent. They have adjusted so well! Believe it or not I have only cleaned up one little poo in the kitchen since we have had them. We have been spoiling them silly and they have toys scattered all over the house. Even found one of their little toy mice in our laundry hamper the other night. So cute. Hugo has been eating non-stop. He has been pushing in before Radley for their meals. Its really cute. They have also been having fun with the stairs. Anyways, I just wanted to let you know how things are going. I will keep the updates coming!

Kind Regards, Katie, 14/7/09

BART renamed BEAU

"Hi David,
Thank you for your help with finding Bart, now known as Beau.

He has a beautiful nature and is a very sweet kitten.  He is very affectionate and loves to curl up in our laps or beside us on the couch.  It has taken him a few days to feel comfortable here, and for our kitten to be a bit less territorial, but they now get along like old friends.  They enjoy running around the house together playing, but now also snuggle up together in the same bed and Bella is often licking Beau's head and ears affectionately.
Thanks again.  If any family or friends are looking for a pet we will definitely be recommending Pet Rescue.

Holly"  13/7/09


Hi David,
Thanks for recommending Saphira to us. She is lovely, is settling in... she looks very comfortable in her own room, approaches me when I enter, lets me stroke and cuddle her, sits on my lap and plays in our cat tunnel. Instead of hiding in our built-in which she did initially, she now lounges about in the open. She does seem wary of unexpected noises from the outside, but other than that is coping well. Snowy and her are aware of each other's presence but they have yet to meet.
I will give you further updates on Saphira once she has been with us longer. Here are some pictures which I thought you might enjoy.
Kind regards, Helen  5/7/09