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Postcards from Home  2013 - 2016

We just love to hear how our adopted pets are going in their new homes.
Email    us a "Postcard" with your photos, stories and poems, and we will publish them here.

Bonnie and Maddy

November 2016 - Bonnie and Maddy have settled in very well with Laura. They have explored the entire apartment and are happy and content as these photos show


Jasper came to live with us in 2013 after we lost, to old age and blindness, another rescue cat we had and miss terribly, to fill the void and give another cat a chance at a normal life.  
Jasper is a big boof, he lovingly head butts your leg, arm, chair and door to gain entry or exit somewhere quickly, and bounds the wooden stairs like an elephant, hoping you’ll chase him. 

It has taken some time to get a real meow that can be heard from him and now after 3 years his almost non-existent purr is coming to life. He has tried to show his authority by sleeping in all the beds we have for our other cat and small dog, but they all get on famously. Jasper is a big boy, doesn’t like to be picked up but he loves a shoulder and belly rub from those he knows well enough.  We wouldn’t be without him.

Sharon 27/1/16 

Thelma and Louise (now Pippa and Laura)


Hi Michelle, David and Rachel,
It's been over 4 years since I adopted Thelma and Louise (now Pippa and Laura) from you.  You have expanded so much (good on you), I wonder if you still remember them!  I  thought I would drop you a line to let you know they are doing well.   They still delight me every day, and I am so grateful to you for saving their lives.  Laura delights in affection; she starts purring when I kiss her sister!  The two are still devoted to each other.
Here are some photos:


Jemima and Pippa (renamed Jessie)

March 2014 Some photos of the gorgeous girls in their new home
They are beautiful little girls. We were definitely right about Jessie (cheeky & mischievous) whereas Jemima is much more of a follower and follows in Jessie?s footsteps but both have a beautiful nature.
Kind Regards, Melissa


Dear David

Thank you so much for Savannah she loves us and her new pussycat mates, she is so friendly to them kisses noses with Ivy, kisses noses with Clover. My husband adores her, you have made us very happy she is a lovely wonderful cat. She has settled in so well. It is like she has been with us forever. She loves eating her vegetables with her meat and fish. She is always purring and happy. She loves her toys. She loves sleeping on our bed .
Some photos attached of Savannah very happy and contented. Thank you again for letting Savannah come to our home she is now part of our family and we love and adore her. She has settled in so quickly .

Kind Regards Dianne 7/2/14

Winnie, Benji and Ollie adopted from Death Row at Renbury Farm

19/12/13   Hi Lucy,
My husband, Dennis, and I adopted 3 sibling kittens today from Renbury farm. 8 week old pair of males and a sister, found in Liverpool. Thank you to your site. They were on death row, for today 3pm.
We are so excited to have them home. We've named them Winnie, Benji and Ollie. Attached is a pic. Our kitties join a family of 2 adult cats and 2 bunnies :)

I've also attached another photo collage I made, titled "Our 1st Day In Our New Forever Home"

Thank you Sydney Pet Rescue and Adoption, for all your work in saving precious little lives.
Warm thanks,
Ana and Dennis

BEBE (ex Maisie)

This is Bebe previously called Maisie who our family adopted in 2009. When she was rescued she was pregnant & had 5 kittens but only 1 survived. She is such a beautiful gentle girl & has given us so much joy! Thank you for all your wonderful rescue work Sydney Pet Rescue Team!
Wendy 27/1/13