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                               POSTCARDS FROM HOME - 2012
We just love to hear how our adopted pets are going in their new homes.
Email    us a "Postcard" with your photos, stories and poems, and we will publish them here.


Hi Kris and Michelle,
Hope you had a lovely Christmas.
Missy and Hugo are doing great.
They've settled into their new routine superbly and have become a part of the family. Both of my girls and my husband adore them, and my girls will argue over who will let them out of the laundry in the morning and race downstairs for the privilege. They have also decided that it is entirely unfair that Missy has a middle name "Moo" so now Hugo is also called  "Hugo Moo".
Hugo is a so funny - He will try to push in when they are getting their daily brush and if I am sitting on the carpet - he will plonk himself on my lap and fall asleep.
Missy is a bit more independent but she is always so much more excited when we come home - jumping up and trying to give lots of kisses.
I've attached some pics of Missy and Hugo.

Kind Regards, Monica


I adopted Emma Daisy in 2009.

Emma had some issues as all pound rescue dogs do. I had to study Emma's behavior in order to understand her. Was she a stray? Was she abused? Was she abandoned? I did not know.
What I did know was that I loved her. And in time she would love me too.
Emma displayed uncertainty. She was nervous and anxious and unpredictable.
Emma also had aggression issues towards dogs and humans.
Overcoming her issues took time, patience, love and understanding.

People make the mistake of assuming that a dog should show them loyalty and respect first. What they don't understand is the dog didn't choose them, they chose the dog. Respect and loyalty are only gained once trust and confidence has been displayed so I knew the only way to gain her trust and respect was by showing my loyalty to her. She needed to know she could count on me to be there for her always. To guide her, teach her, nurture her, protect her and love her. Only then would she accept me.

Emma now displays her true nature and personality. Emma has a beautiful radiant soul that reflects in her eyes and smile. She is no longer aggressive towards dogs or humans. She is calm, affectionate and very loving. She is obedient and protective of my children and I and loves my other female dog. They play, swim, eat and sleep together. Emma now loves me as much as I love her. Emma knows she is a member of our family pack and Emma has taught me that in order to receive you must first give and that man is not a dogs best friend but a dog is a mans best friend and I'm privileged to have Emma as mine.

I want to thank Sydney Pet Rescue for rescuing Emma Daisy. You saved my best friends life.

Holly Emery.

It's great to see how Emma's owner loves her so much and has invested time and effort into helping Emma reach her true potential. Every pet deserves that commitment, and a secure and loving home for life.
SPRA never knowingly re homes animals with issues as described by Emma Daisy's owner. SPRA engages training and behavioural support for dogs as needed to get them ready for re homing  SPRA pet matches every new home carefully to ensure that individual animals are well matched with owners who are sufficiently experienced, committed and able to meeting the pet's specific needs. SPRA also offers a minimum 4 week trial period for every adopted pet, during which progress on the adoption trial is monitored, to ensure that the pet is setting in well and the new owner is happy with and able to manage the pet. SPRA offers an extended adoption trial period for as long as the new owner needs to be sure that the adoption is secure and that they are happy and able to manage the pet
Michelle Alber
President SPRA


Hi David, here is a happy tabby  from Sydney Pet Rescue - he is 4 months now and owns our house! Very loving cat although he has his moments. Thanks for all  your help.
Carolyn 27/8/12




Hi Sonja,

Here's a recent pic of the little boy for you, he's going really well and getting bigger every day! He sits, stays, comes, high fives, waits until he's told to eat, and he walks really well off the leash. They get along really well now and love to wrestle pretty much all day long.

Tim 1/7/12






Millie with my friend's youngest daughter at the park.. hahaha!
How patient is Millie!

Anita 21/6/12








Just had to share :) He's settled so well! This is him with my mum's dog. He snuggles just as much with her other cat too.
Chris 10/5/12







Hi David
Here's a pic of me and Lottie.  She is absolutely gorgeous - very affectionate and we have all fallen in love with her.  Our other cat Lily is taking her time to adjust but seems to be getting a little better each day.
Thanks for your help with us adopting Lottie.
Donna x  1/6/12


Hi Sonja,
We adopted our pup Panda from Sydney pet rescue almost a year and we're just in love! She is the smartest, sweetest dog and she has become such an wonderful member to our family. She is part Shar-pei and was having problems with her eyes when we first got her, she has now fully grown into her skin and has had no further problems with them.
Just wanted to say thank you for doing what you do and I have attached a couple pictures of Panda!
Thanks, Rebecca and Tim 31/5/12


Hello David,
Matilda is growing bigger each day and is very confident and funny. She and Tinker are getting along really well - they spend hours chasing each other around the house and up and down the stairs.
I have a couple of photos - Matilda flaked out on the sofa and Matilda watching Minuscules on ABC just before the 7.00pm news. Tinkerbell is watching Matilda!
Best wishes, Juliet (and James) 22/5/12

BENNY(now Patrick) & CHARLOTTE(now Nikoletta)

Dear Lucy,
We are so happy that my partner and I decided to adopt these two amazing cats. They have always been close since they were kittens and seem inseparable even now that they are older. They are always playing together and sleeping together and cleaning each other.We recently started leaving the back door open to let them out into the courtyard, but they both seem scared to venture out, and constantly sit at the doorway looking out. Last night they both crept out for a quick exploration but ran back in quickly after a car backfired. Having decided to move to a bigger place, we hope that they will have more room to run around too! Thanks again for all the good work that you do!
Niki and James 23/4/12


Hi Belinda and David
Hope you are both well.
Just wanted to bring you up to date with Cleo - I think a photo says more than words, so here is the dominant predator, who has kicked her best mate, Bella, off her mat (Dog  concertinas up and fits on the cat mat):
Lesley 23/4/12

SAMBO & CHARLIE(renamed Harry)

 in their new home with Michelle Feb 2012



Hi David,
Sorry to have taken so long for the pictures.
The children are doing well and looking forward to their first vet visit tomorrow.
Thanks for your help.
Regards, Jeff  3/2/12

BONNIE (renamed Cleo)

Dear David and Belinda

Just thought I'd give you an update on Cleo. She could not be more at home! She sleeps on everyone's beds but prefers a lap to any other place. For example, here on son Oliver's lap, watching the tennis:
She has quite taken to our dog, who is so very gentle with her, and never approaches her of her own volition. Instead Cleo goes up to her and touches noses.
We are all smitten with her. She has a wonderful nature. A few more photos of her romping around in the morning:
She won't drink from a bowl, but drinks from all of our water glasses! Hilarious!

Hope you aren't wanting her back at all!

 Kind regards, Lesley  January 2012


Dear Michelle,

Possum turned 4 on the 2nd December and I cannot believe how fast the time has gone. I have attached a very cute photo of my dear little fellow. He is so scrumptious and the funniest cat I have ever met. 
Thank you for all the good work you do for animals.

Kindest regards, Jacquie 7/12/11


Hi Sonja,
Please see below for the update on Guinness.
We don’t know what we ever did before him. He provides us with endless joy (and lots of early mornings) !
From Liz and Alan 28/11/11
Hello from Guinness!
I have settled very well into my new home, making lots of friends around the neighbourhood and at puppy training classes.I am mostly a good boy (I try to be!), but I am very excitable and sometimes get a bit obsessed with playing with my toys.
I have a toy box, with lots of different toys and sometimes I even play (chew) the toy box. I am on my third Frisbee.
I love people. I like to say hello to everyone on my walk, especially children who always seem to be having heaps of fun.
I have escaped once. I was found with the lollipop lady at the local school who kindly called my mum and dad for me. I just wanted to try school out for a day and make sure the kids got across the road safely. Mum and I are looking forward to Christmas as I think I might be getting some new toys and I’ve heard rumours of a turkey too.
I do miss Darren and all my friends at Matraville but I am very happy with my new life.

NOVA (renamed TASHA)

Hi There,
My name is Tasha and I used to be known as Nova,
I was adopted by a family of 3 humans and 2 cats. They spoil me rotten ( the humans that is) and I love them heaps. I sleep wherever I like inside the house. I love to go for walks and go to the beach. I have lots and lots and lots of energy and I am always tiring my humans out. My favourite toy is the tennis ball and my favourite game with the ball is to accidentally (ha ha) push it under the bed so my humans have to get the baseball bat, lay on the floor and push the ball out from under the bed with it, I do this lots and it annoys them but they still love me, probably because I am so cute and I always have a big smile on my face all the time. I also like to eat pillows, cushions, blankets, cat beds and my bed.
My fellow animals the cats, tolerate me.  I love to tease them and chase them. The older one Max is grumpy but loves to put up his little cat paws and duke it out with me, sometimes his claws hurt me but I keep going  back for more, Jessie the other cat doesn't like me at all really he just hisses at me but I still chase him. Even though we have our fights, when it comes to bedtime sometimes we all end up sleeping together on the lounge or best of all in winter time when the fire is lit we all sleep together in front of it.  Funny isn't it.
I have a cousin that comes to visit from Canberra, he is a shih tzu and we play all the time and have a good time. I can't wait for him to visit again. The cats don't like him either. No pleasing them cats hey.
I have included 2 pictures - one when I was a baby and the other when I was ten months old. I will be one year old on Christmas eve. Yay! lots more presents for me. My name Tasha means Christmas in Russian. My owners didn't know that when they named me, what a coincidence.
Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas.

Woof Woof
Tasha  28/11/11


Hi Sonja,
Sending through some photos of our lovely Ranger..
He has been the most fabulous family addition we could have asked for. Ranger now resides with my mum and dad. He is loving the one-on-one attention from my dad in particular. As a retiree, you can imagine he has more spare time on his hands than he knows what to do with (much to my mothers dismay).. I think Ranger is the son my dad never had, and as a result has been spoilt rotten! I'm slightly concerned he will decide that living with my parents is a far better option as he is now an 'indoor' dog. It appears my dad is concerned primarily about the weather, therefore if there is even a chance of rain (let me tell you i've never seen someone check the weather forecast so frequently - all for the sake of where the dog sleeps!) Ranger is happily snoring in the loungeroom all night long.
It has certainly been a lifestyle change for dad however. The 630 am wakeup call of doggy breath is something he will simply have to learn to deal with if he insists on allowing Ranger the run of the house! Dad is a little upset that Rangers old sleeping routine is no longer in action. He used to put himself to bed at 7.30 every night, but now decides its much more fun in his new surroundings to stay up until the whole household has turned in for the night. Rohan and I had originally been somewhat offended when Ranger took himself off to bed so early. We felt it was a personal attack! It didn't take us long to realise it was actually quite a fabulous habit of his..
Unfortunately I don't believe Ranger will ever be a companion to felines of any sort. My dream for a cat and a dog in the same household has been dashed. I am forever hearing stories of Ranger and the local dog-chasing cat. It appears this particular feline delights in a little doggy torment. It waits outside its front gate for any unsuspecting dog to wander on past. Even crossing the street doesn't deter it and it proceeds to follow you hoping for some confrontation! Ranger, the poor darling is the biggest wuss I have ever met, and spends the entire walk down that street looking behind him, waiting for it to strike. I've really never seen anything like it. This cat is one determined creature!
We are slowly teaching Ranger to swim.. And when I say slowly, you can't truly comprehend the patience we have.. For an intelligent dog, he really is clueless! So far the only swimming that is ever achieved is when the tide is in and he is blissfully unaware of such fact. There is an unexpected 'plop' into the water, followed by some frantic paddling until he reaches solid ground. This is when his version of 'swimming' ensues. As seen in one of the photos, he waddles around refusing to get his tail or head wet..
He's an absolutely adorable, cuddly, sweet natured (and a little cheeky) boy and we love him to bits!
Thank you so much for allowing us to find such an incredible creature. We are blessed to have him.
Charlotte 27/11/11

Hi Sonja,
Merlin has been the subject of my latest hobby - taking lots of photo's!
He's been a super boy and a great addition to our family. He's very gentle with kids and adults and cats. Not so good with other dogs when he's on the leash still, but plays well when other dogs come for a visit.
We go for bike rides in the afternoons when it is cooler and he runs for miles!! We're pretty sure he's a Bull Arab type rather than staffie cross but I guess we'll never know for sure. He hates water and hoses so this last week while it's been raining he's been hiding on the deck, refusing to step on the grass, what a sook!
He turned two on the second of November and we've loved having him around, thanks to you guys for rescuing him.

Have a good Chrissie,
Cheers, Kate  26/11/11



PIPPA & LAURA (ex Thelma & Louise)

Hi all,
I thought I’d send you some recent photos of Thelma and Louise (renamed to Pippa and Laura).  They have both fully grown into small cats.  They are doing well and have not had any bouts of cat ‘flu since the early days.  I am so happy and grateful that I had the privilege of adopting them.  Their relationship with each other is a delight to watch.
Anne  20/11/11

Hi Michelle
Here he is - this photo was taken in March 2010 - his tummy now hangs a bit over the windowsill !!
This is his favourite spot on the kitchen windowsill. You will notice a bowl there - he will only drink his water from there or the shower floor....
I am not sure if he had his pen and paper fetish with you but he certainly does have one now. We cannot leave any pens or paper lying on the table, if he finds the pens they get thrown around the unit and any paper just gets chewed up and/or shredded.
Overall he is still a very loveable boy particularly when it suits him!!

Jenny 11/11/11



Update from Clare, September 2011
Belle is currently living her days with a wonderful family where she is spoilt for space, attention and love. She has a room to herself attached to the family's kitchen and where dad is close by as he works from home. It is the two girls Maya and Lulu who take care of her the most, cleaning her litter trays and feeding her hay and greens, watching her when she is in the outdoor playpen and giving her lots of pats down on her level. These girls have done so much research and asked so many questions to make sure they care for Belle properly and are respecting her as a bunny- it is very refreshing to meet two very intelligent and compassionate girls who aren't interested in a rabbit as a toy. As a result they have earned Belle's trust and tell me that she runs up to them when they enter the room and bows her head for pats. We wish Belle the best for her new life!



TIFFANY(ex JAZZY) & HARRIET(black/white)

Hi David,
Here are a couple more photos of the girls.  Harriet has to be one of the most photogenic cats I've ever seen.    Tiffany continues to settle in, she can still be quite flightly but on her terms is the most affectionate cat I've ever owned.  She is happiest with humans when they are lying in bed - maybe she feels threatened with our height.
I have been feeding her some meat which she demolishes.  She now weighs 3.4 kg (although she still feels like a feather) up from 2.7 when she came.  Harriet on the other hand was 5 kg when we got her, ate us out of house & home & quickly went to 5.5.  She is 5.8 at the moment & when weighed at the vet last week had only put on 20 gms in the last year
Cheers, Margaret

Hi David,

This is Tammy  (Tim Tam).  On May the 16th, it is my first anniversary of being with Pam and Mike. I have a lovely home and a garden where I climb trees, get on roofs and capture lizards.  I stay around with Pam and Mike most of the day as they are retired and always at home.  I have to be inside by 5.30pm to watch T.V. and play soccer with my little ball. In the late afternoon we all sit at the bottom of the garden (see the photo ) and relax.  I sometimes get there a bit early but I always know my seat.  It's the one in the middle. I have tried to be good but when I forget and do a bit of nipping they are very patient and forgive me because they know my early life was not too happy. They say I'm a good companion. 

I thought you would like to see some photos of me.
Special meows and maybe just one love nip

Tammy Ashby  29/4/11



ABBY-dark torti

11/3/11 Abby has settled in well. Here she is being groomed by Matt's other cat Ginger who came with him from the USA

Just thought I send you a small upgrade on Poppy's condition as it will be 4 weeks tomorrow that she moved in.
She is a very clean cat without hardly any bad habits. When I am in the living room Poppy would be somewhere around and if I go to bed Poppy will follow soon after. Most of the night she sleeps in my bed, some nights she seems to stay there all night.
Another thing I very much appreciate is that she does not act demanding. She never came up to push me for food unless she knows I am actually working on it. If it is weekend and I sleep in, she never comes to wake me up, she would stay on the bed until I get up, even if this happens at 11:00 am.

Best regards,  Bernd



Dear Michelle,
I hope you still remember Eloise.  She has had a trying time  with her Gingivitis, after many many trials and tribulations we are at a point where it is manageable at last, still have to see the vet at least twice a month if not more. Anyway after one of her treatments we discovered she has diabetes. She now has an insulin injection twice a day.  
Boy has she become a fussy eater. Have to cook her little delicate meals.  Loves cream .  She is very happy and much loved. She spends much of her day on my husband lap as he works from home. This is what they do (picture) Loves the T.V. Eloise has become a little fatty now, very spoilt  and much loved.  Milo has had his 19th Birthday. He was given 6 weeks to live 92 weeks ago. Has a tumor in the pituitary gland and is totally blind but manages his way around very well. Eloise cuddles up to him in the afternoons. Won't tell you what my vet bill has been to date.  Ha Ha Eloise is worth every penny.  Lots of love from all of us.     
Nikki  Feb 2011


SAMIE (Assisted rehoming)
Today Leoni and Samie were happily sunning themselves on the daybed together while watching the skinks run around (see attached).

kind regards, Meryl