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Can you help these pets listed below?  Any donation you can make towards their vet costs will be gratefully received & acknowledged in their appeals.

To donate online,  please click below

Please quote the pet's name, your surname + initial. A tax receipt will be automatically given.

BSB Number: 112-879 
Account Number: 003 823 117

Internet Transfer preferred
 Please use the pets name and your Surname & Initial as the reference to ensure funds are directed towards the correct pet's appeal
1.    If making an internet transfer (EFT), please click  here to email a copy of the internet transfer receipt to Lucy,

2.    If making a bank deposit, please attach receipt to
Remittance advice - Sponsorships and non specific Donations and mail to SPR&A , PO Box 434, Sylvania NSW 2224
Please complete the Remittance Advice form with your contact details to enable us to reconcile your donation and issue you with a Tax Receipt    
3.   Cheques to be made out to Sydney Pet Rescue & Adoption Inc. and mailed to SPR&A, PO Box
434, Sylvania NSW 2224

We and our pets would like to say a big thank you for your generosity.
Your donation will be listed under the pet you are helping.

Donations $2 and over are tax deductible


We love our pets and aim to give them all the necessary care they need to get them back on their feet and ready to find their furever homes. All are vet checked, vaccinated, de-sexed, flea/worm treated. Some need emergency vet treatment including surgery.
We also have boarding fees when foster care is unavailable.
Our adoption fee does not cover all these costs which is why we need to constantly fund-raise and we rely on your generous gifts to enable us to keep on saving these wonderful animals.

Maintaining a “No Kill’ policy is expensive..but worth it.
Every life is precious to us.

15/3/20 TC seriously ill in hospital - costs $12,000

SPR&A'S beloved rescue boy TC is seriously ill in hospital at Sydney Veterinary Emergency and Specialists (SVES), Rosebery. He has been there since middle of March.
10/4/20 We unexpectedly found out that he has a serious heart and renal condition. He is such a brave and precious little boy. He was alert and happy to see me today, however his condition has worsened tonight. Please pray for our special boy and consider supporting us if you are able.
If you would like to support TC and us through this challenging time, please consider a tax deductible donation towards his treatment costs of $12,000

THANK YOU to Dr Michael Linton and the team at SVES for their dedicated care of TC. They have kindly subsidised the cost to assist us.
675 Botany Road, Rosebery NSW 2018

Thank you, Michelle Alber (president SPR&A)

Update 12/4, Sadly TC deteriorated suddenly and in spite of everything that could be done, he passed away. RIP little one.
Any amount you can donate to help us cover his large bill is greatly appreciated.

Grateful thanks to the following generous supporters
6/4/20 $50 Mary Rose
31/5/20 $228 PayPal Giving Fund

8/8/18 POSSUM to undergo radioactive iodine treatment for Hyperthyroidism- Estimate $2k.

8/8/18 Possum was losing weight a while back. Following treatment at University Veterinary Teaching Hospital Sydney she was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. As a temporary treatment option she was treated by applying special cream to her ears twice a day,.
Starting 9/8/18 Possum will undergo radioactive iodine treatment which should cure her permanently, as it did for our Melody a while back. She will be there for a week.
She needs to be in isolation whilst having the treatment, and so unfortunately we won't be able to visit her.
She is being a brave little girl.

Here is a link to info on hyperthyroidism, and radio-iodine treatment, readers are encouraged to be alert to any symptoms in their own cats.

We would be so grateful if you can help towards the cost of her treatment. Any amount no matter how small will be greatly appreciated.

Grateful purrs from Possum to..
19/06/2019   $500.00      Olive E B bequest

4 August 2017 Benny rushed to SASH

Benny was having trouble defecating and urinating.
SASH ran various tests and advises that he is constipated, is anaemic and has a kidney condition. Further tests pending. He is gradually improving.
He will be seeing an Internal Medicine Specialist tomorrow.
His medical condition is still being investigated. 

Benny needed intravenous fluid therapy, in addition to several enemas for constipation. His stools have subsequently returned to normal and he now has a strong appetite.
Benny had an ultrasound and has been diagnosed with stage II chronic kidney disease most likely due to congenital kidney abnormality. Unfortunately this is an irreversible and progressive disease and he needs to be monitored closely.
His current treatment is a Renal specific diet and Semintra medication for life. This will help to slow down the progression of the disease
He will be visiting the vet again in 2 weeks for a renal profile (blood and urine test)
He is now back home with his sister Charlotte and his foster carer who is taking good care of him.
December 2017
Benny’s kidney condition has been confirmed as congenital ie he was born with it. He has done really well with his treatment, and he has put on about half a kilogram. He eats well, and is a happy boy. He needs to be on medication for the rest of his life, and he also needs to remain on a prescription renal diet. Benny will probably need at least 6 monthly check ups. We need to keep fundraising to cover Benny’s unexpected treatment costs and special diet.

We would be very grateful if you can help us with Benny's expensive treatment costs and ongoing medication.
Benny sends purrs to thank you for your donations which will be listed below.

26/12/18  Sadly Benny had to be PTS  when he succumbed to acute renal failure and could not be saved.  He is dearly missed by us all.
12/12/2017   $200.00      Nikki H, in memory of dear Eloise, adopted some years ago from SPRA.(& $200 for KitKat)
31/12/2017   $100.00      David H donation in lieu of Christmas Raffle tickets
31/12/2017   $400.00       proceeds of Christmas Raffle Tickets
26/03/2019  $1235.00     from Jens fund for mistreated animals
01/03/2019   $120.00      Ellie L. to help with Benny's vet bill
01/03/2019     $30.00      Ellie L. to help with Benny's vet bill
19/06/2019   $500.00      Olive E B bequest

Closed Appeals

19 June 2017 Kit Kat needing urgent treatment estimated cost now over $10,000

Poor little Kit Kat has had a challenging time over the last 3 weeks. He has had to have some enemas, due to his Megacolon problem, and unfortunately at the same time, he  also had an abscess. He became very sick on Monday morning and had to be rushed to Kirrawee vet where he was treated, before being rushed to SASH on Monday night. He has a very serious acute kidney condition at present, but he is continuing to improve. SASH thinks that his illness is probably due to the effects of medication and anaesthetics, as the poor little fella needed a serious of procedures, and increased medication over the previous weeks, due to his conditions which occurred simultaneously.

I visited Kit Kat at SASH last night and he was bright and happy to see me. He ate his dinner and was happy to cuddle. See the photos of him giving Nurse Courtney kisses and cuddles.
Dr Justin advises us that these conditions can improve over 2 to 3 weeks, so we can only hope and pray that Kit Kat will make a full recovery. SASH is taking very good care of him, and anxiously watching his Creatinine levels, which are an important indicator of renal (kidney)health. The night Kit Kat was rushed to SASH, this was sky high, over 1000! Today it is down to 740. SASH says he is eating fairly well, and was very active and playful today, which is also a good sign. Whilst Kit Kat is responding well to treatment so far, his condition is complex, and still very serious.

29/6/17 Update from Michelle,
Kit Kat is still being cared for at Kirrawee Vet Hospital following his release from SASH last Sunday afternoon. He had a serious adverse effect to Metacam, a drug that he was on, which resulted in an acute kidney injury.
He is making remarkable progress, but only time will tell how good he will get. I’ve been visiting him each night, and he looks noticeably better each night. Eating better and cuddly. KVH said he was playful yesterday, so that’s a good sign.

At the time of emergency, Monday night a week ago, his Creatinine level was over 1300, about 5x higher than normal. It is now down to 330. We are hoping it will come down under 200. SASH says that recovery normally happens over a period of months. In the meantime he needs to be given fluids daily under the skin. He is still getting additional syringe feeding, but may not need that too much longer, as he’s starting to eat well

21/7/17 update from Michelle
Kit Kat has been doing very well following his acute kidney injury, resulting from a reaction to Metacam.
Following a week in hospital at SASH, then a Week at Kirrawee Vet, I have been taking him back to Kirrawee Vet daily for the last 3 weeks for fluids to be injected under the skin. Today his blood test was in the normal range. It’s an enormous achievement for little Kit Kat, after his Creatanine levels being 5x normal at the time of his emergency. We need to see how he goes this week off the fluids, then another blood test in a week. SASH says that readings can fluctuate during the first two months of recovery. He has been such a brave little boy. The nurses at KVH have been very kind, and gave him treats every day.

25/8/17 Update from Michelle
Kit Kat will need a prescription Renal diet for life, plus ongoing blood tests, which will gradually become less frequent, plus 6 monthly ultrasounds.
He has done remarkably well following intensive oral fluid therapy which I am continuing to keep up at least for the 3 months following his injury, as this is the window of opportunity which SASH says is the time-frame in which his kidney enzyme levels may still improve. It’s labour intensive and I am still supplementary syringe feeding him 3-4 x day.
He looks good and seems normal other than his eating is still patchy.
We don’t know what will happen though when I eventually stop or reduce the fluid therapy. His kidney enzyme levels could shoot up again. At the moment his levels are fairly stable, and put him in the category of a mild kidney condition, which can essentially be managed with diet and medical monitoring.

His treatment, including special Renal diet has probably cost us about $10k so far which is severely impacting our finances.We are really in need of your help and any donation no matter how small will be gratefully received.

December 2017

Kit Kat has continued to do well. His kidney condition has been fairly stable over the last few months. He has been left with a mild kidney impairment which we can so far manage with a renal diet and periodic medical monitoring. He has done so much better on a low fibre diet, which we discovered was better suited to his megacolon condition.


WARNING: Metacam (also known as Meloxicam) fits into the classification of drugs called NSAIDS. A literature review confirms that cats are generally sensitive to NSAIDS. Be aware that the product leaflet says that an oral dose of this drug should not be given following an injection of the same drug. If your vet wants to give an oral dose following an injection, say no, ask for a safer form of pain relief, ie not a NSAID, and ask a specialist for a second opinion.

Help Needed
If you would like to support Kit Kat with a tax deductible donation towards his appeal, you can donate and receive an automatic receipt at this link:
Please mention that your donation is for Kit Kat, and email Lucy so we can list your gift under Kit Kat’s Appeal.
Caring is Sharing. Please share Kit Kat’s story.

We would like to thank Dr Justin Wimpole and the Staff at SASH, and Dr Seta Krikorian, Drs Bill, and Simon Ilkin and the Staff at Kirrawee Veterinary Hospital. Everyone has worked hard to look after little Kit Kat in his time of need. SASH and Kirrawee Veterinary Hospital have also kindly subsidised Kit Kat’s treatment, and our doggie Caesar’s cancer treatment to assist SPRA.

SASH Small Animal Specialist Hospital
Open 24 hours, every day
o    Level 1, 1 Richardson Place, North Ryde  
o    (02) 9889 0289

Open daily 7am - 8pm Weekdays, 7am - 7pm Weekends
540 Princes Hwy, Kirrawee
(02) 9521 6422  (02) 9119 7189

Your kind donations to help pay his ongoing costs are greatly appreciated- Any amount no matter how small will help and be listed below.
Kit Kat sends you all grateful purrs
22/06/17 $500.00 Bill & Gillian A  We donated this for Kit Kat as Gillian had a rescue cat that had similar problems and we admire what you guys do.
23/05/17  $100.00 David H
22/06/17  $500.00     Gillian  B      This is for Kit Kat to help with operation costs
23/06/17  $500.00     WAYNE & JOANNA  E    Kit Kat and  $500 to Caesar
24/06/17  $500.00     Lynette  E     I would like to give this gift in memory of our beautiful Sylvie
24/07/17  $300.00     sale of handmade quilt by Margaret Coe, bought by Michelle A
02/08/17  $650.00     sale of chocolates
25/12/17  $200.00      Louise M  this is for Kit Kat
01/12/17  $200.00     Wayne&Jo E   THIS IS TO ASSIST WITH THE REQUEST FOR FUNDS TO HELP COVER VET BILLS (& $200 for Benny)
12/12/17  $200.00     Nikki H     in memory of dear Eloise, adopted some years ago from SPRA.
31/12/17  $100.00     John F  donation in lieu of Christmas raffle tickets
31/12/17  $300.00      proceeds from Christmas Raffle tickets

January 2017 Caesar having ongoing Chemo & had 4 new lumps removed

01/01/2017   $50.00 Julie W
01/02/2017   $50.00 Julie W
01/03/2017   $50.00 Julie W
01/04/2017   $50.00 Julie W
06/04/2017   $100.00 Shirley F
01/05/2017   $50.00 Julie W
22/06/2017  $120.00 Shirley F
23/06/2017  $500.00     WAYNE & JOANNA  E    and  $500 to Kit Kat
01/08/2017  $50.00  Julie W
01/09/2017  $50.00  Julie W
12/09/2017  $100.00 Shirley F
31/12/2017  $403.00 proceeds from Christmas raffle tickets
31/12/2017   $30.00  Wendy S  donation in lieu of Christmas raffle tickets

May 2015 More surgery needed for our lovely Caesar

Appeal for Caesar
new operations needed
Costs to date $14,000
appeal closed

Our lovely Staffy boy Caesar has been through so much, and just when we thought his treatment was complete, and he was ready for a new home...another blow. He needs more surgery, which is scheduled for Wednesday 13/5/15. He has a partial cruciate ligament tear of his hind leg, and needs this to be repaired. Also, he needs further surgery to remove a tumour from his eye, and unfortunately our ophthalmologist believes his eye needs to be removed in order to get sufficient margins. Poor Caesar had been for vet checks at close intervals but unfortunately the issue with his eye was not picked up in time to be able to save his eye. He also needs to have a CT scan to check that there are no secondary tumours anywhere else. He needs to have the scan first, and if that is clear, the SASH specialists will proceed with both surgeries. We are praying for a clear CT scan on Wednesday.

SPRA and Caesar need your help...The quote for his surgery  at SASH is $5,500-$6000 (after SASH's kind subsidy). We need your help to raise funds to cover these costs. If you would like to help Caesar, please consider making a tax deductible donation for his Appeal. See details for making a tax deductible donation at this link below. Every little bit helps, no matter how small. Please stay tuned for updates on Caesar's progress. Thank you in anticipation of your support.

13/5/15 Caesar had a full body CT scan which looks clear, no tumours found. Radiologist will review the scan and confirm.
Caesar has had his cruciate ligament surgery which was followed by his eye surgery.
Mark, Caesar's ophthalmologist, was happy with how surgery went today, but unfortunately was not able to save Caesar's eye. It had to be removed in order to get safe margins. He advised that pathology results will take about 10 days to get back. That will determine if the tumor was malignant or benign. So far so good. Hopefully the pathology may still indicate it was benign...that's what we're hoping for.
He is not sure how long Caesar will be in hospital at this stage. Probably more dependent on his leg.  An update will be coming from Andrew on how his leg surgery went.
Next update tomorrow, Stay tuned. 

14/5/15 Good news, Caesar will be discharged tomorrow.
Caesar is still on methadone 4 hourly and 2 lots of medication twice a day-anti inflammatories and antibiotics.
His leg surgery went well. His meniscus was not torn, and Dan advised this is a good prognostic indicator. He will need to be inactive except for toilet breaks for first 2 wks & after that 5-10 minute walks, increased by 5 mins per day, if he is progressing well.
His full recovery for his leg injury would normally take about 12 wks, if no complications. SASH will review him in about 10 days and then x ray at 8 week point.

15/5/15 Caesar is now recuperating with Kylie who sent us the above photos. Poor Little man. He is very brave and settling in well. He is in good spirits but adjusting to the loss of sight in his right eye.

24/6/15 Caesars doing well & next week we go back to the Physio
Our morning walks are getting longer, although the rain last week slowed the progress. He is doing his exercises but thinks he should be rewarded for sitting down. He has 3 exercises where only the last requires sitting down. The first exercise, he stands and I tap him on the rump forcing him to stabilise with his weak leg. The next 2 exercises are to improve his core (something we all need to do) & using treats move his head to either side & to the ground. The 3rd exercise is standing, then sitting (multiple times) which I'm told is the doggy equivalent of squats!

6.7.16 New Vet Costs $306.90
We also need to raise approximately $1600 for his follow up tests in 2 weeks

Poor Caesar was vomiting and lethargic, over the last few days and so needed to attend SASH for a review. He had a blood test and that was clear, which is great news. He had a small amount of blood tinge on his rectal exam. The vet has put  him on a bland diet, and we need to see how he goes over the next 2 weeks.
He will then need to have a follow up CT scan or xray and ultrasound.
Quote ? at least $1400 - $1600 (subsidised with SASH?s kind support).
Caesar is gradually feeling better, and eating better so we are hoping all will be well.
Caesar has recovered and is back to his happy self, he has had a CT scan and results yet to come.

11/8/16  Our brave Caesar had a new lump removed from his groin at SASH, as well as a CT scan.
Cost was $2408.37
We are waiting on results.
Caesar is now safely home & resting up after todays excitement.
He wants to thank you all for the loving care he has received. x x x x x

24/8/16 Caesar, our STAFFY boy had surgery at SASH today.
The plan was to remove his spleen, and two small tumours from his lungs.The need for this was identified on his CT scan last week.
It is a relatively big surgery, but the surgeon advises there is a 90% chance of a good outcome.
Quote is approx $6,000
4.22pm Caesar has just come out of surgery. Andrew, the surgeon, removed both the small tumours in Caesar?s lungs.
He was very happy with how the surgery went.
25/8/16 Caesar has recovered well and has been outside for a short walk.
29/8/16 Caesar is now back home with Kathy, his foster carer. Half his fur coat has been shaved off so he is staying warm and cosy indoors.

11/12/16  Dr Veronika, the SASH Oncologist, says that Caesar is doing great and his mast cell tumours (small skin lumps) have reduced in size. His blood work was unremarkable and he received his final dose of melanoma vaccine at the end of October. His condition is stable and his cancer is in partial remission.
His lymphoma test unexpectedly came back positive, but Oncologist Dr Sandra says that this is not terminal, and so not a great concern at this time.
Dr Sandra has given Caesar the all clear to go on Christmas holidays to Queensland, with carer Kathy for a week in December, which is great news.

Thank you to everyone who has been asking after Caesar and sending positive thoughts his way.

grateful licks and woofs of  thanks from Caesar for all gifts listed below

$50.00 Tricia F 'for Caesar's appeal'
Kathy D  'donation for Caesar'
Margaret H   'This gift is towards Caesar's surgery costs'
$100.00  Margaret C "donation Caesar"

$1000.00 from our Cronulla Mall fundraiser stall
$100.00 Amanda
$300.00   6/08/2015   Gary J

$500 21/12/15 from Santa aka Marilyn & Carol  'Merry Christmas'
$1000.00 09/01/16    from "Jen's Fund to Help Sad and Mistreated Animals."
03/07/2016    $50.00     Tim    G    Miranda        
05/07/2016    $35.00     Margaret S    Kogarah        
11/07/2016    $25.00     Deborah    D    Leichhardt     
12/07/2016    $50.00     Melissa C    Sydney         
14/07/2016    $25.00     Daryle    R    Quakers Hill    
19/07/2016    $50.00     Jordan    R    Mosman        
23/07/2016    $25.00     Jacqueline R    Caringbah    
26/07/2016    $30.00     Katherine T    Warrawee 
03/08/2016    $50.00     Tim    G         Miranda
05/08/2016    $35.00     Margaret S    Kogarah
10/08/2016    $50.00     Julie    B         Mortdale
11/08/2016    $25.00     Deborah    D   Leichhardt
12/08/2016    $50.00     Melissa C        Sydney
19/08/2016    $50.00     Jordan    R      Mosman
23/08/2016    $25.00     Jacqueline R    Caringbah
26/08/2016    $30.00     Katherine T   Warrawee
28/08/2016  $500.00     Kathy D
29/08/2016   $500.00     Michelle A

21/09/2016 $2000.00    Michelle A
24/09/2016   $680.00    Cronulla market stall
06/10/2016   $334.00   Entertainment Book proceeds
13/10/2016   $200.00 Nikki H -in Memory of Eloise our blue Burmese who we adopted through your organisation
11/10/2016    $500.00   Debbi    M        Eastlakes    For Caesar's Treatment
17/10/2016    $300.00   Lynette    E     Carlingford    For Caesar
22/10/2016    $500.00   Kathy D
30/10/2016      $20.00   Julie  L F         GILLES PLAINS    I would like to give this gift to celebrate Caeser and his speedy recovery and journey towards his forever home xx
17/12/2016   $3094.00  Christmas Raffle ticket sales
12/12/2016    $200.00 Kay E for Caesar
21/12/2016    $200.00 Louise M for Caesar
30/12/2016      $40.00 Sale of hand knitted mice from Shop


Costs $2,000
Appeal now closed

 13/7/15  Domino was rushed to Inner West vet tonight and then transferred straight away to SASH for urgent treatment as his bladder was completely blocked..
14/7/15 Domino is moving to Kirrawee Vet today and will be in hospital 2-3 days pending progress. He has a catheter inserted.
16/7/15 Hooray! Domino's catheter came out last night and he has been recovering well.

Domino is now on a Prescription urinary diet which hopefully will control his condition.

 Grateful purrs and head butts from Domino to all the generous people below

29/05/15      $20.00   Joshua   -Qiong's referral: kindly allot this donation to cover vet bills
20/05/15      $50.00   Melissa  -For Domino's vet bill xo
24/07/15    $300.00   Kirsten
09/01/16  $1000.00  from "Jen's Fund to Help Sad and Mistreated Animals."
03/09/2016    $50.00     Tim    G           Miranda
05/09/2016    $35.00     Margaret S     Kogarah
07/09/2016    $40.00     Margaret H    Gymea
11/09/2016    $25.00     Deborah    D  Leichhardt
12/09/2016    $50.00     Melissa C       Sydney
14/09/2016    $25.00     Daryle    R      Quakers Hill
17/09/2016    $20.00     Kshama    S   Cremorne
19/09/2016    $50.00     Jordan    R      Mosman
23/09/2016    $25.00     Jacqueline R   Caringbah
26/09/2016    $30.00     Katherine T    Warrawee
03/10/2016    $50.00     Tim    G            Miranda
05/10/2016    $35.00     Margaret S      Kogarah
11/10/2016    $25.00     Deborah    D    Leichhardt
12/10/2016    $50.00     Melissa C        Sydney
14/10/2016    $25.00     Daryle    R       Quakers Hill
15/10/2016    $30.00     Maesha     C    Wattle Grove
19/10/2016    $50.00     Jordan    R       Mosman
23/10/2016    $25.00     Jacqueline R    Caringbah
26/10/2016    $30.00     Katherine T     Warrawee

9/5/16 Appeal for Melody
needing lifesaving treatment for Hyperthyroidism
estimated cost $2,000

Appeal now closed

9/5/16 Melody was admitted to The University of Sydney Veterinary Teaching Hospital  in Camperdown for urgent treatment after being diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism.. She will be receiving  Radioactive iodine therapy
This condition is life threatening if not treated, especially as Melody's reading was off the charts.
Melody didn?t appear very sick, but couldn?t have been feeling well.
Dr Lara Boland has advised they have assessed her, and she looks better than most cats that come in with this condition. Dr Lara advises that Melody has as good a chance as any cat of responding well to this treatment which has a 95% success rate.
Melody is due to commence the radiation treatment on Wed 11th May, and will likely be in hospital about a week after that to recover.
Our grateful thanks to Dr Lara and the team at University Of Sydney Veterinary Teaching Hospital who we know will take the best care of our Melody.

Melody will have a follow up check in a month to see if the treatment was successful. Crossing fingers.

24/6/16 Melody looks like a different cat. Nice soft coat, normal looking face, and putting on weight, so the preliminary indications are good. She will have a blood test shortly which will tell us if the treatment has been successful.
Follow up Blood test results ? hyperthyroid level ? 27.  Back to normal. (Was 170 before treatment)
Melody is looking good again. Nice smooth coat. Has put on weight. Before treatment, her weight had dropped to 4.5 kg. Now ? would be over 5 kg
This is a great result for Melody thanks to Dr Lara and the team at University Of Sydney Veterinary Teaching Hospital.
Melody also needed two teeth extracted.

Information on Hyperthyroidism can be found at this link Hyperthyroidism in Cats

Any donations you would like to make towards Melody's costs will be very much appreciated.

Donations for Melody
Melody says thank you so much, and sends you lots of purrs and headbutts x x x

13/5/16   $50.00  Lily P to help little Melody
23/5/16   $15.00  Debbie F

02/6/16   $10.00  Lisa P
03/6/16   $40.00  Kathi D
04/6/16 $200.00 Kay E
17/6/16   $70.00 Shirley F        
22/6/16 $100.00 Sylvia R
24/6/16   $30.00 Carol C
29/6/16  $200.00 Louise M
30/6/16  $300.00 Michael (Puss n Boots)
28/7/16  $200.00 Deb C
18/8/16  $100.00 Deb C
6/10/16  $300.00 Entertainment Book proceeds
13/10/16 $200.00 Nikki H -in Memory of Eloise our blue Burmese who we adopted through your organisation
17/10/16 $200.00   Lynette E     Carlingford    For Melody

30/4/13 Appeal to help with Melody's emergency boarding costs
$6720 to 14/3/15

 Melody sends purrs, licks and headbutts to all the generous folk who have donated below

Donations for Melody's boarding  - 

December 2014
$250.00  from Marilyn and Carol
$2,266.00 from our Christmas raffle
$477.80 from Easter 2015 Mini Auction



MELODY (f) (currently boarding at Puss n Boots in Dural)

I am looking for a special Foster Carer or furever home with someone who understands my needs

Dec 2014- Hello, my name's MELODY. I'm a special needs pussy cat, and I've been in long term emergency boarding for such a long time, patiently waiting for my turn to have a foster family, or forever home. I only have one wish for Christmas...someone to give me a chance to be their foster pet, even if only  for a while. I would love to be part of family, even if only for the Christmas holidays. My family, SPRA love me and they worry about me being in boarding so long.  Can you help me?  

This is my story....I'm a pretty blue and white girl born approx 2007. Sydney Pet Rescue and Adoption took me into foster care  when my family planned to take me to the pound, when they were moving to the US.
SPRA took me in because they knew that being a special needs pussy cat, I would have been put to sleep at the pound straight away. Lots of people don't realize, but pets surrendered to the pound by their owners can be put to sleep straight away. Hard to believe..but that's what happens. Anyway..I was one of the lucky ones. At the time my family surrendered me, I was very overweight and a sad pussy cat. Sydney Pet Rescue thinks that I was likely a cruelty case. It took a long time, with kindness and patience from my foster carers, to help me learn to trust people, and for me to get down to my ideal weight, but I did!

We learned that I am one of those pussy cats that prefers to be an only cat, though I might be ok with one other laid back pussy cat. We also learned that the sort of home or foster home that I do best in is a quiet patient caring home, without children or other pets, though one other laid back pussycat might be ok too. Because of my special needs, it's been so hard for me to find just the right foster home or forever home. I did really well with my last foster carer, and I showed that I have a sweet affectionate side. I used to love to sit beside my last foster carer on the sofa or especially to roll about on my lambswool and to play with my mouse. I was happy and my confidence really grew when I was with her.

I had to go into emergency boarding at Puss n Boots more than a year ago when she couldn't look after me anymore. Puss n Boots have taken excellent care of me, but I've been waiting such a long time for my turn to have a foster carer or forever home. I just know there's a foster home or forever home for me...somewhere. If you are an experienced cat carer and have room in your heart, and your life for a little girl like me, even if only for a while, please contact my family, Sydney Pet Rescue & Adoption on 0403 254 960 for more information Thank you for reading my story. Love from Melody x
PS. I come with a hamper of Goodies and good support from my family SPRA.
PPS. Even if you can't take me, if you could take one of SPRA's other foster cats, that might free up a space with an experienced foster carer for me. I'll keep my paws crossed. :)



January 2015 Appeal for TWINKLE
follow up with specialist at Sydney University Teaching Hospital
Cost $1012.08


2/1/15 In view of Twinkle being a mature cat, and having had some intermittent vomiting, she had a chest x ray and ultrasound done under anaesthesia at Kirrawee vet. The x ray showed some changes in her intestine, which indicated the need to have this further checked out by a feline specialist.
Cost $463- Thank you to Twinkle's foster carer, and now forever home for donating this cost.
Thank you to Kirrawee Vet Hospital for subsidising Twinkle's treatment to make this more affordable for SPRA.

7/1/15 Twinkle was seen by Professor Vanessa Barrs at University of Sydney Teaching Hospital, who did some tests and advised that she could have mild pancreatitis, or food intolerance or inflammatory bowel disease like her mother. As a result, Twinkle has needed to start on wet Royal Canin food, in addition to her usual Royal Canin dry food.
Cost $549.08
Thank you to Professor Barrs for her expert care and to Sydney University Teaching Hospital for subsidising Twinkle's treatment, to help make this more affordable for SPRA.

N.B If you notice your cat vomiting more than once a month, even if only bringing up their dry food, it is important to consult your vet. Vomiting can happen for various reasons, including food intolerance or in one of the worst case scenarios...cancer. Do not dismiss food intolerance as unimportant. It results in discomfort for your pet, and can lead to much more serious, and costly  problems. Your pet is depending on you...please err on the side of caution and ask your vet...and ask for a referral to a feline specialist if your cat is indicated to have a significant condition, or if you are still concerned. A specialist can potentially contribute a lot to getting the best possible health outcome for your pet.

P. S It's a great idea to consider getting Pet Health Insurance so you have peace of mind that you will be able to afford potentially large costs if your pet gets sick.

If you don't have pet insurance and get caught short with treatment costs, ask your vet about using Vet Pay, a form of credit.

Donations for Twinkle

$463- Thank you to Twinkle's foster carer, and now forever home for donating this cost. 


January 2015 Appeal for DAWN
follow up with specialist at Sydney University Teaching Hospital
Cost $1249.42
2/1/15 In view of Dawn (Twinkle's mum) being a mature cat, she had a geriatric profile blood test, chest x ray and ultrasound done at Kirrawee vet. The x ray showed some changes in her intestine, which indicated the need to have this further checked out by a feline specialist.
Cost $939- Thank you to Dawn's foster carer, and now forever home for donating this cost.

Thank you to Kirrawee Vet Hospital for subsidising Dawn's treatment to make this more affordable for SPRA.
540 Princes Highway, Kirrawee 2232

7/1/15 Dawn was seen by Professor Vanessa Barrs at the University of Sydney Teaching Hospital. She did some tests and advised that Dawn has evidence of a digestive tract disorder, with the most common cause in a mature cat generally being a food allergy or inflammatory bowel disease. Low grade lymphoma could also be a cause, though less likely. As a result, Dawn has needed to start on wet Royal Canin food, in addition to her usual Royal Canin dry food.
Cost $310.42
Thank you to Professor Barrs for her expert care and to Sydney University Teaching Hospital for subsidising Dawn's treatment, to help make this more affordable for SPRA.
65 Parramatta Rd, Camperdown NSW 2050

N.B It is increasingly important to be alert to changes/symptoms as your cat ages. All cats should have an annual vet check and vaccination, including having their teeth checked, and cleaned if your vet thinks this is needed. When you cat gets to 7-8 yrs, of age, it is also a good idea to consider getting a geriatric blood profile test done, and to also ask your vet about whether any other screening tests would be helpful. It is important for owners to be aware that there can be significant underlying conditions with no symptoms being exhibited, hence screening tests can be helpful especially as your cat ages. Your pet is depending on you, so be alert to any changes and consult your vet without delay if you notice any symptoms or behavioural changes.

Donations for Dawn

 $939- Thank you to Dawn's foster carer, and now forever home for donating this cost.


Appeal closed


Your generous gift towards his costs will be greatly appreciated by Caesar & all of us

costs to date approx $6609.20


25/6/13 Caesar is having surgery at Kirrawee vet today to remove 2 lumps & have his teeth checked & cleaned.
The vet thinks one is a skin tag on his right elbow and the other one is likely a cyst or possibly a melanoma above his right eye..
Fingers crossed it is just a cyst.

25.6.13 Caesar had surgery at Kirrawee vet to remove a skin tag, and sample a tumor in the region of his eye. Fortunately, this was confirmed as benign but because of its size and location, it needs to be removed by a specialist.
Caesar had 6 loose & infected teeth out, and his teeth cleaned. The vet advised this would not have any adverse impact on him. Cost $600

3.7.13 Mel and Kerry took Caesar to SASH for his appointment with ophthalmologist, Dr Mark Billson. Mark has advised that he feels that it should be possible to remove the growth without any significant impact on his vision or comfort. He will have two remaining lumps removed. One looks like a skin tag. The other one needs to be confirmed by pathology following its removal at the time of Caesar having his eye done.

24/7/13 Caesar had his surgery at SASH today,
Mark, our ophthalmologist, removed the tumour in the region of the eye and was pleased with the outcome. He said that it made the eye opening slightly smaller, but that this should stretch a  bit over time.
When they had clipped Caesar they also found & removed some more lumps in other areas and they’re still awaiting pathology. SASH advised that these tend to be common in Staffies, so less concerning, though we need to see the outcome of the pathology. Caesar has a bucket collar on to prevent him rubbing the stitches.

25/7/13 Caesar is being collected from SASH at 3pm today. He will need to return for a check up with the ophthalmologist in one week.The eye tumour has proved to be benign, and the  other tumours that were removed were all low grade. Cost  $2828.10

14/8/13 Recheck and Cytology. Cost $55
Kirrawee invoice $707.80

29/8/13 Caesar had an ultrasound today, and it revealed a tumour in his spleen. The vet suspects that the tumour is malignant and that this is the reason that the lumps have been popping up on his skin, but this has not been confirmed as yet.She says that typically two thirds of these tumours are malignant and one third are benign, so there is still some hope for Caesar. He will be having a fine needle aspiration of the tumour on Monday 9th Sept,and further treatment will be determined from there. If it is benign, then it may be possible for Caesar to go onto treatment to manage/prevent the lumps on his skin. We are hoping and praying that the tumour will be benign. Caesar is such a brave little man. He has no visible signs of illness and seems like an active, happy dog.

9/9/13  Fine needle aspiration done - cost $407

12/9/13  Caesar’s histopathology results following the fine needle aspiration they took of the mass in his spleen say it is not a mast cell tumor, which is what they expected.
This is very encouraging. However, they cannot rule out some other kind of malignant cancer. The vet will need to follow up further with the pathologist and advise me after that. Please say some prayers for Caesar. I saw him at the clinic on Monday and he is his usual boisterous, happy self, so we now just have to wait for further information. 

19/9/13  Caesar’s last lot of test results were inconclusive. Kirrawee vet advised today that the next step is to get a biopsy of his spleen to determine if the mass is benign or malignant

20/9/13  Dr Seta removed the mass from Caesar’s spleen today. The surgery went well and Caesar was his usual brave self. He is resting peacefully in hospital. We are awaiting pathology results on the mass, due middle of next week. All paws crossed that it will be benign. Cost $841.40

28/9/13 Great news, the tumour is benign. 

Caesar has had his last lump removed at Kirrawee vet - cost $514.20.  He is now on anti-histamines to stop any further lumps occurring

March 2014 - Caesar has a clean bill of health and is looking forward to finding his forever home.

6/3/15 Caesar is booked in for more surgery next week at Kirrawee Vet Hospital on 12/3/15 to remove 2 more lumps that have appeared.

12/3/15 Cost  for this latest surgery is $655.70 which includes a generous discount.

A big thank you also to KirraweeVet Hospital who are generously subsidising Caesar's costs to help make his treatment costs manageable for us.

Kirrawee Veterinary Hospital    7am – 7pm 7 days
540 Princes Highway, Kirrawee
Ph 02 9521 6422



If anyone would like to put out some donation tins to help raise money for Caesar's vet expenses ,  please email KYLIE for information. Your name will be listed under Caesar's appeal 

Please consider supporting Caesar with a tax deductible donation, which you can make at this link 

Please quote 'Caesar + your surname + initial.

Thank you for your help

Donations for Caesar's vet bills and emergency boarding costs  

Caesar sends grateful licks, kisses & tailwags to thank his kind donors below

28/06/2013    $100.00   Julie W
07/06/2013    $100.00     Claudia H
01/06/2013    $250.00   Tim D
11/06/2013    $300.00   Paul & Christie T
17/06/2013    $1,000.00  Kylie
27/06/2013    $50.00     Julie    D      Mascot
27/06/2013    $100.00   Que    L       Edensor Park
27/06/2013    $100.00   Penny    G (H)    Illawong
28/06/2013    $100.00   Lisa    G      Woolooware
04/07/2013    $100.00    Julie B        Mortdale
09/07/2013    $200.00    Ilona M      Sydney South
12/07/2013    $25.00     Melissa  C   Neutral Bay    Monthly Donor
14/07/2013    $25.00     Daryle R     Quakers Hill    Monthly Donor
16/07/2013    $25.00     David M      Cabramatta    I would like to give this gift in memory of Delvi
17/07/2013    $25.00     Margaret S Kogarah
15/08/2013    $30.00     David    m
20/08/2013    $500.00   Debbi    M
18/10/2013    $200.00    Timothy   R
18/12/2013    $25.00     Celeste C   Waterloo    for CAESAR
15/02/2014    $100.00   Carol & Marilyn
Dec     2014    $250 from Marilyn and Carol

April    2015    $3000.00  from Easter Mini Auction

 Important message for pet owners
It is important for owners to generally run their hands over their pet's body at least once a month to check for any lumps, and to have these reviewed by a vet straight away if any are detected. It could save your pet's life.
As in humans, early diagnosis and treatment could potentially mean the difference between life and death for your pet. Your pet is depending on you to attend to his/her needs as soon as possible to ensure the best possible outcome.



June 2015 Appeal Closed

Surgery needed for blocked bladder
Cost $770

 Our lovely Domino has been in Kirrawee Vet Hospital this week having surgery for a blocked bladder. He is trying hard to be very brave. He is miserable but eating well. He has been very lucky,that his foster carer was attentive to the signs and realized he needed to see the vet urgently. We hope he will be coming home this weeknd. Domino is much loved by his foster carer Laila.
Domino's treatment is estimated to cost approx $700. Any donation you can make towards his vet bill will be greatly appreciated.

Domino is now back home with his carer. He is now on a prescription Urinary diet.

NOTE: The first signs of this potentially life threatening condition are difficulty urinating. It is critical for owners and foster carers to be aware of this symptom and to seek vet attention at the first signs of a problem. Early signs are straining to urinate and only being able to urinate small amounts. Within approximately 24 hours a cat may not be able to urinate at all.
If a cat is unable to urinate for 12 hours, it's a serious problem requiring vet review . Our vet has advised us that the cat's bladder gets enlarged and if not very quickly addressed the bladder will rupture and the cat could die within minutes. Our vet has advised that to prevent the problem, it is critical that cats drink plenty of water, so a good idea is to locate water bowls throughout the house. It is also a good idea to feed one wet meal a day, along with one dry meal.

Donations for Domino's vet bills

 Domino sends grateful headbutts, purrs and hugs to all the generous donors below

29/06/15   $345.00   Louise - for Domino's vet bill

December 2014
$75.00 Anonymous

$350.00 Caroline


May 2015 - Appeal now closed

surgery to remove all of his teeth
cost to date $2618

  Our dear little foster cat Paddington has been having treatment to address bad gingivitis over the last few months. This condition is associated with his positive FIV status. We have tried various traditional and natural therapies with limited improvement, so the specialist recommended that all his teeth needed to come out in order to satisfactorily address the problem. He underwent a very big surgery at Kirrawee Vet Hospital for 3 1/2 hours last week. He needs further surgery to remove the remainder of his teeth in about a month when his mouth has healed. The specialist believes that this was the only way to help Paddy's sore mouth. Paddy is such a brave and special boy. He never complains and is smoochy and affectionate as always. His foster carer Kylie has worked hard to care for him throughout his treatment and gives him all the TLC he needs to help him through this challenging time.

Paddy's treatment has cost about $1700 so far with more invoices pending.

Feb 2015 Paddy has had the remainder of his teeth extracted. His mouth, which was very inflamed and painful before his surgery, has since been slowly improving. Paddy has been such a brave boy throughout his long period of treatment, including his two surgeries. 

Final cost is $2618.05

Please consider a donation to help brave Paddy.. Any amount will be gratefully acknowledged below.

Donations for Paddington's vet bills


Paddington sends purrs, headbutts and hugs to his wonderful donors below

$145.80 Thank you to our generous supporter Angela Palisi who kindly ran a Christmas Nutrimetics fundraiser for us and thank you to those who supported the event. Angela kindly donated her commission which will go towards Paddington's surgery

$75.00 anonymous
$400.00 from Kirrawee Vet Fun day

$100.00 from Sylvia in memory of Krishy and Sharnee, Sylvia's beloved furbabies ...thank you
$50.00 from Laurine
$360.00 from Qiong

$250.00 from Julie Nov - March ($50 per mth)
$300.00 from Louise

$50.00 from Julie
$887.20 proceeds from Mini Auction
$15.00   from  Tamara        donation for Paddy vet bill


Appeal Closed
from January 2013
Appeal to help cover emergency boarding costs for the pets below until new carers are found
we need to have reserves to ensure we can accommodate pets in an emergency or when carers are sick or unavailable at short notice.

We will be grateful for any amount you can donate towards their boarding costs.

17/1/13 Toby & Ollie were in boarding until 16/2/13 - $570.00 (covered by Margaret's kind donation - $430 remaining)

16/2/13 Timmy & Bailey were in boarding till 16/3/13 - $478

13/3/13.Maxie was in boarding until 13/4/13- $345

16/3/13 Moby was boarding in Ingleburn until 26/4/13- $135

30/4/13 Melody currently in boarding - $3360 to 14/3/14

15/5/13  Savannah & Domino were in boarding to 22/6/13 -$633

29/5/13  Possum  was in boarding until 11/6/13,- $402.60

24/6/13 Benny & Charlotte were in boarding till 29/6/13 - $80 

07/8/13 Timmy & Bailey were in boarding until 10/10/13 - $1074 (incl transport fees)

06/9/13 Toby & Ollie were in boarding until20/9/13 - $274 (incl transport fees)

Nov/Dec 2013 Dandelion & Grace $312.20

08/1/14 Benjy & Davy $434

As at April 2014 -Total Boarding fees paid  $8097.80
- minus Donations received $1905.00
= debit balance


We are very grateful for the generosity of our supporters below.

16/1/13  $1000.00 Margaret H - This gift is in memory of my mother who passed away late last year and loved animals as much as I do. I would like the donation to go towards the boarding and care of Toby & Ollie and Benny & Charlotte - or wherever it can be used.
(Note: This amount will cover boarding costs for 60 days for 2 cats)

February 2013 $300.00  David H
05/03/2013    $50.00     Julie    B        Mortdale   
17/03/2013    $25.00     Margaret   S  Kogarah    Monthly donor
17/03/2013    $15.00     Melissa P  Jannali    Monthly donor- For sponsorship of cats and kittens in care.

11/04/2013    $150.00   Cynthia
15/04/2013    $25.00     Leisa Walter        monthly donation    
23/04/2013    $120.00   Macquarie Foundation    monthly donation
23/05/2013    $120.00   Macquarie Foundation    monthly donation
28/06/2013    $100.00   Julie W

Total donations $1905 


Appeal Closed

seriously ill with a fractured spine & pelvis after car accident

Cost to date - $4804.45
Please pray for our little Choo Choo's recovery


11/5/13 Here is our little man who is in hospital at North Shore Veterinary Specialist Centre after being hit by a car. His foster carer was letting him outside despite SPRA's strict 100% indoor policy.
He has a fractured pelvis and spine. He is not able to toilet independently at this stage. He will need to have his whole tail amputated, as the vet says it is "dead."
Dr Sarah says it is a waiting game to see if this may improve. Choo Choo will see a specialist tomorrow, so hopefully we may know more then.
North Shore Veterinary Specialist Centre is taking good care of our precious little boy. Dr Sarah says he is such a lovely little cat, and he is being so brave.
We hope and pray that he will be OK.

13/5/13  I spoke to vet Bronwyn this morning.
Choo Choo is still not able to toilet independently at this stage. Bronwyn says that amputating his tail would likely improve the chances of his nerves improving, and hopefully this may improve his chances of being able to toilet independently. They will possibly amputate Choo Choo’s tail tomorrow.
Bronwyn says that he also has a right knee injury, but this may improve with cage rest.
He will need 6 weeks of cage rest to recover from his fractured pelvis.
14/5/13 Dr Bronwyn just rang to advise she is about to do Choo Choo’s surgery to amputate his tail. They have also found that he has a hole in his abdominal muscle as a result of the accident. She will repair this at the same time.

16/5/13  Choo Choo’s surgery went well, however the specialist has advised that there is only a slim chance that Choo Choo will be able to toilet independently. This is heartbreaking news but we remain hopeful as any improvement will be long term. 
Choo Choo will be moving to Kirrawee Veterinary Hospital from tomorrow with Dr Bill Ilkin, to commence his rehabilitation, . Our little man will need ongoing pain relief, and at least for the time being, assistance to go to the toilet. He may stay there for a few weeks or so. . His recovery is expected to take several months.
Cost to date is $2,692.85

  Choo Choo has been transferred to Kirrawee vet and will need 6 weeks of care, also treatment with a Physiotherapist. He needs to be expressed 4 times per day which is not easy as he is still in significant pain and needs pain relief.

Choo Choo has made some improvement during the time he has been at Kirrawee vet.
Other than his toileting issue he is happy, healthy and active. I have been visiting him in hospital most days. As soon as I open his pen door he jumps into my lap. He is such  a sweet and gentle cat. Sadly, he still can’t urinate independently and so needs to have his bladder expressed manually twice per day. The vet does not think he will improve any more, but we would like to give him some more time to see if there might be some more improvement.
Choo Choo tries hard, getting into his tray and scratching, but he can't generally toilet in his tray, though occasionally there is something there. The vet has started to give me daily lessons on how to manage his bladder, but it's difficult to learn. The vet has two people assisting when they do this. I have to be able to learn how to do it by myself. It is a difficult skill which is likely to take some time to learn. Choo Choo can't go home from the vet until I can manage this. If I can't manage to express his bladder, euthanasia is currently indicated to be the only option.
It is heart breaking to know that this has all come about only because his carer was routinely letting him outside, against our 100% indoors policy, resulting in him getting hit by a car.
Everyone at the Hospital loves Choo Choo and he gets lots of cuddles. They all  say he is a wonderful patient and and a very special little man.
10/8/13  Choo Choo has now come home to Michelle as she has learned how to express him. We are still hopeful that his condition will improve over time.
Jan 2014 Choo Choo is staying with Michelle as he still needs to be expressed daily poor boy
Cost to date is $4804.45

North Shore Veterinary Specialist Centre have kindly offered us a generous discount in order to make Choo Choo’s treatment costs manageable. We thank them so much for their generous support of our little boy.
A big thank you to Dr Sarah, Dr Bronwyn and staff at the North Shore Veterinary Specialist Centre
64 Atchison Street (cnr. Oxley St)  Crows Nest NSW 2065   PHONE: 02 8999 7808
Open 24/7, 365 days a year

A big thank you also to KirraweeVet Hospital who is generously subsidising Choo Choo's costs to help make his treatment costs manageable for us.

Kirrawee Veterinary Hospital    7am – 7pm 7 days
540 Princes Highway, Kirrawee
Ph 02 9521 6422

Donations for Choo Choo' medical bills
Any amount however small will be greatly appreciated
Donations $2 & over are tax deductible
Choo Choo sends grateful purrs to all the following kind people

20/05/2013    $25.00     Michelle    Sandringham  For Choo Choo  xoxo
18/05/2013   $100.00   Clare M Lilyfield     I'd like to donate this to help with Choo Choo's recovery from his injury. We loved fostering him and hope he recovers well!
17/05/2013   $20.00     Lily P    Rockdale     For Choo Choo
14/05/2013   $1,000 - a very generous donation from the Camperdown Cat Family
11/06/2013   $300.00 - Michelle A for our brave Choo Choo
12/06/2013  $1,000 - "This donation is for our friend Choo Choo in memory of our beloved friend Rupert who passed away 2 years ago today. With licks and purrs from Bassey, Ava, Kiki, Frida and Zelda; and, extra licks and purrs from your best friend, your brother TC, who is missing you very much".
24/06/2013    $100.00   Lanis C for Choo Choo
28/06/2013    $100.00   Julie W for Choo Choo
17/01/2014   $400.00   Debbi M I would like to give this gift in memory of In loving memory of my little Daisy 1/2/98 - 19/10/13
15/02/2014    $100.00  Carol & Marilyn

28/02/2014    $100.00   Amanda   J- I would like to give this gift in memory of Jen Jones, still loved and missed every day
12/05/2014    $50.00     Melissa     C
12/06/2014    $50.00     Melissa    C
12/07/2014    $50.00     Melissa    C
30/07/2014    $100.00   Suzy        B
12/08/2014    $50.00     Melissa    C
12/08/2014    $50.00     Melissa    C
23/08/2014    $500.00   Melissa    C
12/09/2014    $50.00     Melissa    C
16/09/2014    $100.00   Louise     H
17/09/2014    $100.00   Bronwyn  G

12/10/2014    $50.00     Melissa    C
12/11/2014    $50.00     Melissa    C
27/11/2014    $100.00    Louise    H
27/11/2014    $100.00    David     M

19/12/2014    $100.00   Amanda J - I would like to give this gift in memory of Jen Jones, still loved and missed every day

12/12/2014    $50.00     Melissa  C