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Greyhound Racing Ban in NSW

 SPRA Letter to Mr Baird 13 July 2016.pdf

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Racing Editor Opinion - Leader 26 July 2016.pdf

SPRA Letter to the Editor 26 7 16.pdf

SPRA promotes the prevention of cruelty to animals, and therefore SPRA supports the Ban on racing in the Greyhound Industry.
SPRA encourages everyone to read the Commission’s report which led to the ban.

Click on the following links for more information

Special Commission of Inquiry into Greyhound Racing Industry in NSW, including ndustry Commission Report, Fact Sheet, FAQ and more:

RSPCA’s explanation of the issues, and their response to the Ban:

RSPCA’s position on other Greyhound industry issues:

Letter to the Editor - SMH 10 August 2016.pdf
Letter to the Editor - The Daily Telegraph 10 August 2016.pdf

Update 10 August 2016
ANYONE caught organising a greyhound race after July next year will face a maximum $11,000 fine or up to one year in jail under new laws which will shut down the greyhound racing industry in NSW.
Moving to push the new Greyhound Racing Prohibition Bill through parliament as quickly as possible, Liberal MP Duncan Gay successfully moved to declare the legislation Urgent as it was tabled in the Upper House today.


Please, sign their online petition now to stop these barbaric acts of cruelty connected with the Chinese fur trade

2,000,000 Defenceless Cats and Dogs
Skinned Alive Every Year in China

That's 5,479 Every Day, 228 Every Hour or Nearly 4 Every Minute
All Dying in Excruciating Agony
Please Volunteer Your Help

With Your Help, We'll Win! We'll Save the Animals Together.

Check their website to see ways you can help
Contact the Campaign Director by email addressed to
[email protected]

was on the George Negus show
Monday 3rd October 2011 at 6:30pm Channel 10

Is this worth an animals torturous death ?
(fur was tested as Dog fur)

Petition for low cost/free desexing to RSPCA & government

Please sign this petition now and make  your voice heard

rspca-gov desex me now: HIGH VOLUME-LOW COST- FREE DESEXING Petition | GoPetition



Sign the petition here

Please make your voice heard, write to council and the Leader requesting that council put an end to their support of circuses, and stop the use of public land by circuses. 

Dear Ms Wallace,

Thank you for your letter. I am well aware that the conduct of circuses with performing animals is still a legal activity in NSW. This does not mean that it is right and good. Gambling, prostitution and smoking - for example - are all legal in NSW. This does not mean that they are right and good.

The objections to performing-animal circuses are moral and ethical and based on abundant evidence of behind-the-scenes cruelty to animals (which a pre-arranged veterinary inspection will, obviously, never encounter) and detailed, professional studies of performing-animal circuses which have concluded that animal welfare needs can never be satisfied in these situations (the Zoo-Check 'Performing Prisoners' report - available on the net - assembles all the detailed, expert evidence for this conclusion).

It is for these moral reasons that performing-animal circuses are banned around the world and around Australia (in some 40 local government areas). The ACT banned them decades ago. In the short time since I wrote to Council, Belgium has introduced legislation to ban them entirely from that country and the major city of Winnipeg in Canada banned them last week. The UK is set to ban them throughout that country in 2015 (they have been banned in Scotland for years) and when the legislation was introduced in the House of Commons a few months ago, all 600 MPs voted for a ban: there was not one negative vote or an abstention. And Colombia joined with several other nations in South America by banning them last month.

What we are requesting of Rockdale City Council is not - in spite of what some critics will say and, of course, the circus owners, whose livelihood depends upon using animals for performance - an extreme animal-liberationist agenda, but the way of the world today, in enligthened and progressive societies around the world.

All animal welfare organisations, including the RSPCA, are opposed to wild animals in circuses. When polls have been taken of the general public, opposition to performing-animal circuses routinely comes in as being in excess of 80%.

By continuing to approve performing-animal circuses on Council land in Rockdale, Council is, in effect, ignoring all the expert opinion, the moral and ethical arguments and the undeniable progressive movement, around the world, that is waking up to the fact that life in the circus is no life at all for animals consigned to captivity, transportation, cruel training and unnatural performance for their entire lives for the idle amusement of human beings. Circuses with human performers (such as Cirque du soleil) abound and are justly popular. Those performers have a choice whether they will perform or not. The animals have no such choice and must, under the whip, do their owners bidding, day in, day out, for their entire lives.

It is a moral disgrace that Rockdale City Council continues to ensure the survival of performing-animal circuses by allowing such circuses to use Council land year after year.

I would appreciate it if you would send this letter to your Councillors, none of whom has responded to the letter I sent to them a fortnight ago on this matter.

Yours sincerely,

(Professor) Barry Spurr
University of Sydney

BARRY SPURR | Professor of Poetry and Poetics
Department of English | Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
N431, John Woolley Building A20 | The University of Sydney | NSW | 2006                  
T +61 2 9351 2689  | F +61 2 9351 2434    
E [email protected] | W

Director, BA Advanced Honours degree | Chair, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Board
Executive Member of HARN: Human Animal Research Network


You can make a real difference!
…and help these Critically Endangered elephants survive!

for more information go to


Join Animals Australia campaign to save greyhounds from export to Macau

Join Animals Australia & support their campaign

A primary export destination for greyhounds from Australia is Macau, with hundreds of racing dogs facing cruel conditions in this region of China. In Macau's greyhound racing stadium, the Canidrome, these dogs are kept in cages so small they can barely turn around and must literally run for their lives on the track.

Greyhounds from Australia were killed at the Canidrome at a rate of more than 1 every day in 2010. Nearly all of these dogs were healthy and not even five years old. All they had done wrong is fail to finish in the top three for five consecutive races.

Despite acknowledging its concerns about the welfare of Australian greyhounds in Macau, Greyhounds Australasia is refusing to stop sending them there. With an ongoing supply of dogs from Australia, this unethical practice can continue, and is even threatening to expand.

Macau is the only place in China where greyhound racing is currently legal. But with racing industries from around the world pushing for the legalisation of greyhound racing on mainland China many more greyhounds are at risk.

The Australian government can help stop this cruel practice by banning the export of greyhounds. Please call on Minister for Agriculture, Joe Ludwig, to stop Australia's export of greyhounds.

Please send an email to Macau's Chief Executive (the head of the government of Macau), Dr. Chui Sai On, to call on him to close the Canidrome and ban greyhound racing in Macau.

  SPR&A is sick of cruelty to animals!
If you are sick of it too, then...
Please ! help the Bobby Calves!
Please consider dairy alternatives. It is easy!
Read about the Dairy Industry's dirty little secret!
The Dairy Industry's callous treatment of Bobby calves was exposed on the 7PM Project on Channel 10 Wed 2/2/11
If you missed watching it, you can read about it on Animal Australia's web page which also has a link to the programme
This practice is cruel and disgusting!

UPDATE: The public consultation is now closed. You can still give a much-needed voice to bobby calves by taking part in Animal Australia's online campaign here.

" WITH A LITTLE FAITH' a story of courage & the will to live

The story of Faith, the 2 legged dog who walks like a human

Flying your Pet Overseas
Please take a few minutes to read this story if you are considering overseas travel with your pet..
Please sign the petition at the end.

EBC 46 - cancer treatment
is getting amazing results with animals

more information via the links below

The Animal Justice Party is now registered.
Please join them to help the animals

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win
Mahatma Ghandi

Help us stop the commercial killing of Brushtail Possums in Tasmania!

Dear Friend,

The Tasmanian Government is about to authorise the commercial killing yet again of Brushtail Possums for export to Asian markets. There is no excuse for this brutal and unsustainable trade, which the Department of Primary Industry, Parks, Water and Environment plans to actively promote and expand (see their website here).

The abattoir where possums are killed was secretly filmed by Animal Liberation in 1999 and revealed immense cruelty and suffering. You can watch this video by clicking here (WARNING: Graphic content).

As many letters are needed as possible, so please take action today by visiting our site

The World League for Protection of Animals, Inc
‘Working for the rights of all animals, both native and non-native, since 1935’
Address: PO Box 211, Gladesville, N.S.W. Australia 2111
Web:, Email: [email protected], Ph: (02) 9817 4892
*Registered under the Charitable Fundraising Act, CFN 12896
**All donations over $2 are tax deductible

Petition to ban sales of kangaroo products by the EU Parliament

Dear All

The following was posted in the KIAA newsletter (NEWR) to it's members issue number 56 - May 2010

"Kangaroo Petition 

Please remember to sign the petition in support of kangaroo products in the EU.  The forces calling for a ban on sales of kangaroo products by the EU Parliament are getting active.  It?s vital that EU politicians are not led to believe that the general public support this call Please get all your friends to sign the petition calling on EU Parliamentarians to recognize the ecological importance of the kangaroo harvest.  This petition now has 25% as many signatures as the ?anti? petition which has been running for much longer.  It?s important this momentum be maintained."


They clearly are very worried which makes it all the more important that we maintain our advantage.

Everyone you know and especially and importantly those in the EU, relatives, friends, Cyber contacts, whoever they may be, should be encouraged to sign OUR petitions.
We have now joined forces with VIVA and placed a facebook page on the internet as well as petitions and letters to MEP's in the European Parliament.

Figures just in show that we now have over 10,000 supporters (62% from EU) but we will need many many more for this to work.  The seal ban was brought in when over 300,000 people complained. With what we all know of the kangaroo industry we should easily be able to get that many.

 Please circulate the above information, get everyone to sign the "call to action" and sign up for either the EU facebook page or for residents of Australia, our sister facebook page.


Thank you so much for all your support.

Kind regards

Philip Woolley

440000 Joeys EU Campaign Director.


Sites to sign up to:-




For EU Citizens and those outside Australia please join:-


For Australian residents please join our Sister group on facebook at:-


Photos - Kangaroo Slaughter Protest 7/7/10 in Sydney

click here for more photos from AAP

Can you please dress in black to signify the mourning of all the poor kangaroos and joeys who will have sadly been massacred by then.
The world needs to know what is happening.
We have to be their voice.

As the Canberra government prepares to kill another 1900 kangaroos in its nature reserves as part of their annual massacre, the real death toll from this  slaughter may reach 3000.

"Due to recent good seasons in Canberra, many female kangaroos have been observed with two joeys in their care: one in the pouch and one at foot. So for every female killed in coming weeks by the ACT government, two joeys will also die, pushing the death toll closer to 3000",
said Nikki Sutterby, CoOrdinator, Australian Society for Kangaroos.

"In good conditions like we have now, female kangaroos can have two joeys that are dependent on her; one in the pouch, and an out-of-pouch joey. These ‘at foot’ joeys are still drinking their mothers’ milk and reliant on her for protection and love. They move like grease lightning and will not be “humanely” dispatched as the RSPCA has been pontificating hourly on the news bulletins. They will run off in terror, and be left to die terrified and alone from exposure, stress, starvation or predation",

said Ms TIga Williams, local kangaroo carer.
Killing was set to start last night, Sunday 20th June, on Mt Painter in Cook.



[email protected]  
PH 02 6205 0104

Prime Minister Rudd
PH 02 62777700


[email protected]

 [email protected]



PH; 0417 354 408


SPRA supports the prevention of cruelty to animals, and we encourage you to help save the joeys.


2009 Nature Conservation Council of NSW

The Labor Government is once again doing deals with the Shooters Party. Media reports suggest Labor has made an offer to allow hunting in 13 national parks in exchange for the support of the two Shooters Party MPs in the NSW Upper House to help pass government legislation.

Tell the government that you won't stand by as they sacrifice our national parks to blood sports. Shooters are not conservationists. Killing native wildlife is their form of recreational pleasure. Only the power of public opposition will remove this legislation from the negotiating table.

Please email the following MPs and express your strong opposition to any deal that would allow shooting in national parks:

Premier Nathan Rees - [email protected]
Environment Minister John Robertson - [email protected]
Opposition Leader Barry O'Farrell - [email protected]
Shadow Environment Minister Catherine Cusack - [email protected]
Christian Democrat, Fred Nile - [email protected]
Independent, Gordon Moyes - [email protected]

“Stop shooting in our national parks”!
Make your voice heard
Donate to WIRES and help stop recreational shooting of native species in our National Parks and the introduction of private “Game Lodges”.

The Game and Feral Animal Control Amendment Bill 2009 goes before the NSW Parliament in early September and will allow shooting under the guise of feral animal control. The Bill also
allows for the shooting of native species, including the re-introduction of duck hunting in NSW which was banned in 1995, and the setting up of “Game Lodges” on private land.

Since the introduction of Recreational shooting in State Forests of NSW in 2006, which includes bow hunting, WIRES has seen an upsurge in native animals wounded by arrows. Whilst it may only be a small percentage of Recreational Shooters who are responsible for these injuries, the acceptance of the proposed bill will encourage and suggest public acceptance of those who enjoy inflicting pain and death on animals.

You can help by :

• Donating to the work of WIRES
• Attending public meetings and showing your opposition
• Writing to, or meeting with, your local member of Parliament and expressing your opposition.
• Sign the petition to help send a message

Log on to  and follow the links to donate, find a public meeting, sign the petition or download a letter to send or email to our politicians to make your voice heard.

Please help WIRES in preparing for the busy summer season, training leaders and carers, planning for natural disasters like bushfires and in defeating this proposed bill.

Warm regards,

Stan Wood
WIRES – Chair

Animal “Regulation of Sale” Bill.

Sydney Pet Rescue & Adoption supports CatRescues' very important initiative. We would appreciate your support
Good Morning

Some time ago you sent an email to your local MP, requesting that they vote yes on the Animal “Regulation of Sale” Bill.

Today, we heard back from him. We quote “So far, all we have received is an email from yourself and another from a person who also lives outside the electorate. Mr Greene will always respond to his constituents and welcomes emails or letters from them on State matters such as this one.”

We think he needs reminding. The purpose of this email is to ask if you can again assist this cause. Well over 140 constituents from your area also wrote to the Minister.

You can call his electorate officer (see below) to share your thoughts with him on the Animal “Regulation of Sale” bill.

Tim Martin
Electorate Officer - Kevin Greene MP
Minister for Sport & Recreation, Minister for Gaming & Racing, Member for Oatley
8 Ormonde Pde Hurstville  NSW  2220
Tel: 9580 9349  Fax: 9580 9103

As you are probably aware the new Animal “Regulation of Sale” bill has been released. This resolves many of fringe issues and is a workable and real solution,
Please help us to remind our politicians to listen to the will of the people. We appreciate your feedback and support.

CatRescue NSW Limited

[email protected]



Good Morning,

Recently you may have signed an online petition urging state government to introduce mandatory de-sexing into NSW. This is going well.

 Importantly, new legislation has been proposed to stop pet overpopulation

 Within the next few months NSW politicians will be asked to vote on the Animals (Regulation of Sale) Bill.  If introduced, this legislation will help protect companion animals from exploitation, cruelty, and suffering, and will dramatically reduce the number of cats and dogs killed each year in council pounds.

A CatRescue Project – CFN20088, A DGR with Charity Status
 Every year, more than 60 000 healthy animals are killed in NSW Pounds . . .
meanwhile tens of thousands more are bred and sold for money by the Pet industry.

Say "NO" to sale of animals in Pet Shops
Your help is needed to give support to City of Sydney MP Clover Moore, in her bid to ban the sale of pets from pet retail outlets and interconnected issues relating to this appeal.

Please download and sign the attached petition and return it to:-
Clover Moore MP, 58 Oxford Street, PADDINGTON, NSW, 2021.
Click on link to download Clover Moore petition.pdf

Petition Calling for
Animals Not To Be Sold in Pet Shops

To the Honourable Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of New South Wales.
The Petition of the people of New South Wales brings to the attention of the House:

Most puppies and kittens sold in pet shops are bred in ‘mills’ where dogs and cats are kept in sub-standard conditions and continually bred until they die.

Cute puppies and kittens displayed in pet shops cause impulse purchases of pets who are then dumped when people realise the time, cost and responsibility of caring for a pet.
The RSPCA received approximately 133 000 abandoned in 2002/03.

The undersigned petitioners therefore request:
- A ban on the sale of pets from pet retail outlets;
- A ban on advertising that uses the display of animals or their pictures to promote impulse buying;
- That the sale of pets be restricted to qualified registered breeders and pounds;
- Detailed information on responsible ownership provided before sale, including an animal’s expected lifespan, growth, dietary and exercise
 needs, and the cost of ownership.



Please sign our petition calling for a moratorium on commercial and non-commercial kangaroo killing in NSW, SA and QLD.
Kangaroos are being killed in areas where they are quasi extinct.
Learn more at

Our petition is based on government statistics showing that kangaroos are quasi-extinct across most of those hunting states (i.e. less than 5 kangaroos per as defined by the Murray Darling report) until a full independent enquiry is carried out determining the risk to kangaroo species, and the results presented to the public.
Due to the drought and other factors, kangaroos have declined up to 70% across the nation from 2001-2006 and in SA and NSW most of the hunted species are at the lowest recorded numbers and yet the quotas are still very high.

Menkit Prince (member of Friends of the Pound)



Sponsored by: Julie-Anne Turner

To all my friends, family and organisations,

Due to the recent seizure of 101 poodles and other dogs in appalling conditions from a property south of Brisbane on Wednesday 9 January 2008, I have started a petition:

If you saw the news, the RSPCA and Police in QLD raided Waterford Boarding Kennels and Cattery. All of the dogs were in poor condition, with matted fur clotted with urine and faeces, ear infections, and some infested with maggots. My heart aches for the dogs and I am still wondering how they are progressing since being in the great care of the RSPCA?  It deeply saddens me that those poor dogs have been mistreated.

From this occurrence, I am so against puppy farming or back yard breeding as you could call it, which is not monitored strictly by local and animal health authorities. 
My wish is for authorities to look into the matter further and stop puppy farming of poorer quality.  


Save our animals from imprisonment and inhumane cruelty and allow them the opportunity to live a wonderful life. 
So please join in the fight to ban puppy mills by signing my petition today!

Thank you.


 PAWS UP acknowledges organisations who are doing the right thing by our companion animals.

 PAWS DOWN draws attention to those who are not seeming to do the right thing by our companion animals



PAWS UP to the Faculty of Veterinary Science at the University of Sydney who advise " Faculty policy does not permit the use of live, non-survival, dogs for practical instruction; Live dogs have been replaced with cadavers for surgery practical classes.
These cadavers are unwanted dogs that have been humanely killed as part of routine pound operations. It is important to stress that the University has absolutely no influence over their supply. Instead of being incinerated immediately by the pound, the cadavers serve as a valuable teaching resource. Support by concerned citizens for this form of teaching initiative would benefit veterinary students Australia-wide"