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Commenced 26th February 2011
Appeal is now closed and all funds have been distributed
Combined Online Auction
together with the Qld Flood Appeal

Commenced Thursday 1st September at 7pm
Sunday 11th September at 7pm
The auction raised $98.43
  Auction Items
Doll/Pet House (front and side entrances) (value $400)
Kindly donated Anonymously

Sea Levels voucher - Donated by Michelle Alber - Value $100
Sealevel Restaurant and Bar situated on the beach-front of Cronulla, New South Wales offers unsurpassed views and gives new meaning to the term beach-front dining.
This $100 voucher can be used on any of the delicious menu items including drinks.
Check out the amazing photos and menu at their website -

Black ladies fashionable Sisley Handbag Approx value $50 - $60
Genuine brand new Sisley handbag, still with tags and protective wrapping.
Adjustable strap, internal pocket.
Apx 400mm long, 230mm deep
Kindly donated Anonymously
Won by Milos

Scarf 1 - $20
Rich autumn coloured women scarf with hand crafted beaded tassels
Stunning orange, brown and pink hews make this wonderful scarf a great addition to any outfit.
The tassels have been hand made and beaded with care by one of our wonderful volunteers
Won by Tanya

Scarf 2 - $20
Luxurious ladies scarf with hand beaded tassels.
Warm floral colours with black background, an attractive accessory to almost any outfit.
The tassels have been hand made and beaded with care by one of our wonderful volunteers
Won by Vera

Set of 3 DVDs - Make an offer
Kindly donated by Melissa Pearson
Won by Heather
Snake on a Plane, Holy Man and Crimson Tide.
All brand new and in plastic wrappers.

Snakes on a Plane
An FBI agent takes on a plane full of deadly and poisonous snakes, deliberately released to kill a witness being flown from Honolulu to Los Angeles to testify against a mob boss.
Director: David R. Ellis
Writers: John Heffernan (screenplay), Sebastian Gutierrez (screenplay), 
Stars: Samuel L. Jackson, Julianna Margulies and Nathan Phillips

Holy Man
Eddie Murphy stars as an over-the-top television evangelist who finds a way to turn television home shopping into a religious experience, and takes America by storm.
Director: Stephen Herek
Writer: Tom Schulman
Stars: Eddie Murphy, Jeff Goldblum and Kelly Preston

Crimson Tide
On a US nuclear missile sub, a young first officer stages a mutiny to prevent his trigger happy captain from launching his missiles before confirming his orders to do so.
Director: Tony Scott
Writers: Michael Schiffer (story), Richard P. Henrick (story)
Stars: Gene Hackman, Denzel Washington and Matt Craven

Seaside Friends - Approx value $50
Size 300 x 370mm
Kindly donated by Margarette Looney

Margarette Looney is a Sydney-based artist, with work represented in both private and corporate collections throughout Australia. She has gained a National reputation for the diversity of her work across a range of mediums.
Margarette began her career with a Fine Arts Diploma at the Gymea College of TAFE, graduating in 1984. Her success as an artist has been marked by many prestigious exhibitions throughout Australia. Included in her impressive portfolio, Margarette has undertaken commissions for beautiful paintings and drawings depicting both private homes and commercial buildings, including several listed by the National Trust. Her passion for photography and painting has taken her to such places as New Mexico, Colorado, Italy, Sicily, Surrey, Kakadu National Park, far North Queensland and the Snowy Mountains.
In 2006 Margarette spent time photographing and painting in Italy, focusing on Venice, which resulted in exhibitions of 'Carnival' works in Sydney and Canberra.
Margarette was recognized for her artistic achievements in the Sutherland Shire Council of New South Wales Australia Day awards in 1991. Her career has been documented and is noted by Max Germaine in the 3rd Edition of 'Artists and Galleries of Australia' Vol.1, 1990.
Margarette has conducted a highly successful School of Art for 20 years in the Sutherland Shire, and is currently teaching Art at Sylvania Heights in NSW.

Tangerine Clivia lilies in 20-30 cm pots all in bud and estimated to flower in 1-3 wks.
All mature healthy plants with lovely dark green strappy leaves. These plants are generally easy to grow and like shade or filtered sun
Buy now at $12 each. Pick up from Sylvania, Sutherland Shire. 
Kindly donated by Michelle Alber
2 to Heather


1.The auction commences on Thursday 1st September 2011 at 7pm. The auction finishes on Sunday 11th September at 7pm..

2.All items will be auctioned on eBay.

3.All money raised from the auction will go to the Sydney Pet Rescue & Adoption CHRISTCHURCH EARTHQUAKE APPEAL FOR THE ANIMALS.

4.If bidders have any questions they should contact us to clarify before placing their bid.

5.By placing a bid, the bidder automatically accepts the terms and conditions.

6.Auction items have an identified starting bid ranging from $1 - $500. The starting bid is effectively the reserve price. 

7.The winning bidder is responsible for shipping costs. The amount of the shipping cost will be identified in the item listing.

8.Payment - PayPal is the only method of payment that we accept.  PayPal lets you send payments quickly and securely on-line using a credit card or bank account. 

9.Payments must be made within 3 days of the auction ending.  If payment is not received within this time, SPR&A reserves the right to offer the item to the next highest bidder. 

10.Domestic Shipping - All items are shipped Australia Post within 10 days from the end of the auction. Resgistered Mail Is Optional. Tracking or Delivery Confirmation information is automatically included. 

11.If you are the winning bidder on multiple items, we will post items together to save you money. 

12.If you prefer registered mail please contact us at least 48 hours prior to the Auction End so that we can provide you with the additional cost, please include your suburb and postcode in your message. 

13.At the end of the Auction please select “Request Invoice” and mention you require Registered Postage, we will then add the Registered shipping cost to your winning bid. 

14.The shipping policy does not apply to Auction items listed as Pick Up only. Items which are fragile will be pick up only.

15.No International Shipping.

16. Returns – All items are offered in good faith and listed including their description and condition, to the best of our knowledge. We are unable to take returns. bidders need to be sure they have all the information they need to ensure they are satisfied with the item, before placing their bid

17.If you are  unhappy with your purchase please contact us ASAP before you provide feedback.

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors
Margarette Looney
Michelle Alber
Melissa Pearson


Sydney Pet Rescue & Adoption has established this Appeal to support rescue groups working to help animals affected by the Christchurch Earthquake. Sadly many people have lost their lives, their homes and their livlihoods.. This has had an enormous impact on their pets, many of whom have been injured and also become homeless.
The biggest needs at present are for money to cover emergency supplies of food, vet care and emergency boarding
Our hearts go out to the courageous people of Christchurch who have lost so much, and to their animals. Please help us to help them, by making a generous donation to our Appeal.
We hope to have raised enough to be able to distribute donations soon. We can only do this with your help, please dig deep! We want the animals and their rescuers and carers who are working so valiantly to save them, to have the benefit of your donations as soon as possible.. Please do all you can to help the animals, and their rescuers and carers, who have so bravely battled the Earthquake

Your support means so much. On behalf of the animals…. THANK YOU.


Cat Rescue Christchurch

Urgent message from Cat Rescue Christchurch
“Please help Cat Rescue Christchurch in the aftermath of the earthquake! We have 60 cats in our care and have had to cancel five upcoming fundraisers. As adoptions will be slim to none over the coming weeks, we will have these cats in our care for a lot longer than usual. Can you help Cat Rescue by making a donation towards our vet bills to care for our cats at this difficult time? We also now have in our care additional cats who have been rendered homeless by the earthquake and will be having to feed and provide vet care for them as well. Donations of any amount are welcome. Thank you for your support”

“Thank you for helping us.”

How you can make a donation

Donate online
You will get an automatic receipt.

Donate by internet banking
BSB: 112-879, Account number: 456 837 415
Reference: use 'EARTHQUAKE' with your surname & initials
Once your transaction is complete, copy the internet transfer receipt and retain for your records.

Donate in person
Any St George Bank-

BSB: 112-879,  Account number:  456 837 415

If you would like a receipt for tax purposes,
please forward a request, with proof of donation to:  click here to send email to Beth (treasurer)

Donate by mail
You can post a cheque donation – please do not post cash. Cheques should be made payable to: SPR&A Emergency Appeals Fund

Visit to Cat Rescue Christchurch with our donation

Recently Melissa from Sydney Pet Rescue & Adoption visited Cat Rescue Christchurch in Christchurch, New Zealand and presented them with a payment of $1013.00 NZD ($800.00 AUD). This money was raised from the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal. Whilst in Christchurch, Melissa had the opportunity to visit some of the foster carers and foster cats in care - Below are their stories. Cat Rescue Christchurch volunteers Jess and Danielle G (in photo) work hard to look after many foster cats and to raise funds for the charity. Jess commented that since the earthquakes on September 2010, February and June 2011 they have had an influx of unwell kittens due to the mother cats being so stressed during and after pregnancy. The mother cats are not eating and therefore not producing milk for their newborns. There has also been an influx of cat flu due to the stress on the cats and kittens.
The money they have received will be used on ever increasing vet bills and medication for the unwell cats and kittens affected by the earthquakes.
Information about the cats and kitten visited - Cat Rescue Christchurch
Ginger Teddy
Ginger Teddy had a very bad case of cat flu and a bad ear infection that was left untreated as his owners did not want to pay his vet bills. After having him for a year they no longer wanted him so we took him in. After a course of antibiotics he is much better but because he was so sick (probably for a long time) he is still sneezy due to damage in his nose and will need six monthly vaccinations.
His temperament is very laid back and he is a super smooch. He likes to be held and sits in your arms. He is looking for a caring home with lots of people to love.
Big Teddy  (the ear tipped adult fluffy Tabby)
Big Teddy was a cat that cat rescue de-sexed maybe a year or so ago and he was fed by caring people in the St Albans area of Christchurch. He could not really be handled. After our June 2011 earthquake Teddy was picked up by the SPCA. They recognised the ear tip as being one of Cat Rescue Christchurch cats and gave him to us. He was skinny and not in his usual area. We believe he was frightened from his home after the quakes and could have been lost for while. The people that looked after him could not be contacted. After much love and care our foster carer Danielle.G was able to get him to trust her and he is now quite friendly but still very shy. He is looking for a loving quiet home.
Roxy (White with tabby patches kitten)

Roxy had a bad bowel blockage but she is now on the mend and we are hoping she will be ready for adoption soon. Roxy was rescued from a backyard where her mother is a stray. She is extremely mellow and has the cutest wee face. She looks like she has some Persian in her.

Rio (tabby kitten with ringworm on nose)
Rio has a bad case of ringworm which is taking a long time to heal, as you can see on his nose. He has an amazing story as he is a panleukopenia virus survivor. He was extremely sick and one of the few in his litter to survive. Rio and his siblings were rescued from living behind a petrol station in flax bushes. Rio is a face smoocher and will be looking for a forever home once his ringworm heals.

Chloe (Danielle G's torty ear tipped cat).
Chloe was rescued from a slaughter house just out of Christchurch. Most of her colony was unsocial and could not be handled but were well fed and given shelter by the men working in workshops near the meat works. Chloe was de-sexed (and ear tipped) and was going to be put back with the colony but we noticed she was a little different. She had problems balancing and would fall over! After a few more vet checks and tests it was found that she had cerebellar hypoplasia causing her to loose balance.
Danielle.G decided to adopt her as her own and pay her huge vet bills, and has nursed her back to being a very happy cat. She still has ongoing medical needs and it takes a lot of patience and care to keep her healthy. She is such a friendly cat now and absolutely loves her mummy.


$30.00 10/9/11 - Anonymous
$50.00 31/8/11 - Anonymous
$500.00 22/8/11 - Anonymous  Congratulations on your great work. It is devastating to see the place you grew up in so badly affected, and the ongoing stress experienced by so many, but especially much loved pets being displaced and frightened by ongoing shaking.
$30.00  29/7/11 - Beth Roffe
$50.00  2/3/11 - Anonymous     With best wishes to the animals and animal carers in Christchurch.
$50.00  26/2/11 Margaret Morris - To the Earth Quake victims in Chrischurch NZ. My thoughts are with you. Please stand strong and take care of each other during this terrible time. Please look after animals who do not understand what is happening.
$50.00  26/2   L Broch  Letting the animal victims know that we care about them. I know this much needed money will be put to good use.
$100.00  26/2  Anonymous - Thinking of all the homeless and injured animals. So simply forgotten, but in need of so much support and love. Please show your support. Big meows and purrs from Geordie & Chanel
$100.00 26/2  Michelle Alber  - Benny, Mitzy and Coco Alber are sending purrs and head butts to all the cats left homeless by the Christchurch Earthquake.Please show them you care, by making a generous donation xoxox

Rescue Organisations
$42.45 SPRA donation tins at Petcare 2000 - 4/6/11
$53.10 SPRA donation tins at Petcare 2000 - 9/5/11
$133.55 SPRA  19/3/11 & 26-27/3/11  Petcare 2000 fundraiser stall -Big thank you to Dianne and Kylie for their support and helping collect donations
$50.00 SPRA  12/3/11 Petcare 2000 fundraiser stall
$69.55 SPRA  5/3/11 Petcare 2000 fundraiser stall
$71.20 SPRA  26/2/11 Petcare 2000 fundraiser stall.- Big thanks to Dianne Drake for watching over the stand

 2012 - Melissa will be taking the balance remaining to Cat Rescue Christchurch.on her coming visit to Christchurch.
July 2011 - $800 has been given to Cat Rescue Christchurch. Thank you Melissa for taking it with you on your recent visit there.

Your support means so much.
On behalf of the animals…. THANK YOU.