Sydney Pet Rescue & Adoption Inc.

Every Life is Precious to Us

How you can help our abandoned pets

Sydney Pet Rescue & Adoption has found loving homes for lots of abandoned pets. This has not been possible without the help of our dedicated team of volunteers.  Can you help us to save even more lives?

Summer is kitten season and Christmas & New Year see lots of kittens and cute puppies given as gifts only to be dumped, once they are no longer so cute, on the streets or at the pounds to be put to death.

We are always desperate for more foster carers to enable us to rescue more of these innocents from certain death, so we can find them secure & loving homes for life.

Please tell your friends to adopt a rescue pet instead of buying from a pet shop.

Please read below for lots of different ways that you can help.

Remember all donations of $2 and over are tax deductible,
and every donation makes a difference.


This is a great opportunity if you want to help but are unable to adopt or foster a pet

A regular monthly donation is a great help to us as it is predictable income that assists us with planning ongoing support for our rescued pets.

Full sponsorship - $40 per month goes to help provide the pet’s food, flea/wormer and medical expenses which can be quite expensive.
Half sponsorship - $20 per month.
For sponsorships of 3 months or more, we will provide a Sponsorship Certificate.
Sponsorships are tax deductible.

Sponsorship enquiries, please email Michelle on [email protected]

To make a monthly direct debit donation online
from your bank account or credit card click here
 You will be issued with a receipt automatically and and a tax record will be sent to you at the end of the financial year.

Specify the name of the pet you would like to sponsor, with your name & any comments.
Your generous sponsorship will be noted in the pet's listing.


We are always in need of the following items for our rescued pets in foster care.

  • Quality Cat/Kitten food, dry & tinned, is especially needed in summer when we always have lots of kittens in care.
  • Royal Canin Babycat for our kittens & BREEDERS CHOICE litter needed for our sick cats & new kittens.
  • Quality dog food, dry and tinned
  • Flea treatment for cats & kittens (Revolution or Advocate), dogs & puppies. Also worming treatment products..

  • Heartworm tablets for dogs
  • Quality Litter e.g. Breeders Choice, OzPet
  • Litter scoops,  -covered or open litter trays/recycle crates

  • Pet Carry cages.
  • Scratching posts

  • Holding pens for newborn kittens with mums.
  • Basket/box/beds to sleep in
  • Small clamshell wading pools are great as dog beds

  • Food and water bowls - stainless steel preferred.
  • Bedding - Polar fleece blankets for cats and kittens – These are easy to wash and dry quickly. Can be found at Op Shops like Smith Family & discount stores.

  • Old Towels           
  • Kennels                     
  • Collars & id tags, leads and harnesses  for dogs and cats (cat collars must have safety elastic inserts)

  • Toys  (e.g. for cats- ping pong balls, fabric mice, foil balls – No toys with parts that could be chewed off and swallowed)
  • Pre-loved items in good condition are very welcome.

We can organise a pick up if you are unable to deliver to us.

If you can help, please ring our enquiry number 1300 455 390

Thank you so much 

Can you help us save more lives by being a short or long term volunteer foster carer?

If you can provide food and litter and have transport, please complete & return the foster carer form

Download Foster Carer Application Form.doc


Do you have a car? Can you transport a pet?

We need help in collecting rescued pets from pounds, moving them between foster carers and to/from our Adoption displays at Pet Barn Kogarah and other locations.

Download Volunteer Applicaton Form.doc

Can you sell fundraiser chocolates to help us raise funds?

We have a variety of Cadburys chocolate bars, Freddos, Natural confectionary Dinosaurs, and others.

Download Volunteer Applicaton Form.doc


Cash Donations are gratefully received and 100% of your donation goes directly to pay for vet bills, rescue and upkeep of our pets

(Donations $2 & over are tax deductible)

Download Remittance advice - Donations  for details of our bank account and address for posting of cheques

To donate online, please click below

 Goodwill wines
Buy and raise money for Sydney Pet Rescue
$20 from every 12 bottle case goes to Sydney Pet Rescue & Adoption
Our pets feature on the labels.

You can help save a life!

Click here to see posters of some of our rescued pets looking for homes and one poster advertising for Foster Carers.
Please, take the time to download, print, hand out and display these posters  at your local shops, schools, workplace or community notice board.
Thank you for your help!

Can you help to fill our animals Wish List?

Mmm, lots of yummy food please, we love Hills Science Diet, Eukanuba, Nutrience, Royal Canin etc.
Flea & worm treatment, heartworm tablets for dogs !!


Nice comfy bedding and clean litter like Breeders Choice, Oz Pet please !


We would be so very grateful for cash donations to help us pay some vet bills for our current pets that are under treatment!

I'd like a family of my own purrlease !   

On behalf of our rescued pets

we thank you for your support