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                          ****** CLOSED APPEALS 2012 ******


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Appeal Closed
chronic eye problem - $510.60


 TC was treated by  Kirrawee vet and was on Famcyclavir for an extended period. This is a very expensive medication >$100 box, but was recommended by the specialist hospital to treat cats with Herpes virus. He has  recovered well with Kylie’s tender loving care.
Any donations towards his vet bill will be gratefully received.

Donations for TC

TC says thank you so much to the kind donors below
17/01/2013  $50.00   Sid & Jenny Leumeah -In memory of their friend's mum - Jean Fiegel

15/01/2013    $50.00     Smita    Glenwood
15/01/2013   $10.00  Dawn   Paddington   My lovely rescued former racing Greyhound, Lucy, and I are donating what we can afford from our meager food budget because we want to help the less fortunate animals. It's not much but we hope it will help.
17/01/2013    $25.00     Margaret    Kogarah    Monthly Donor
17/01/2013    $15.00     Melissa    Jannali    Monthly Donor  for sponsorship of cats and kittens in care.
18/01/2013    $100.00   Judith    Karangi
22/01/2013    $25.00     Daniela    Russell Lea
23/01/2013    $25.00     Michelle Kate Northwood
26/01/2013    $30.00     Katherine    Warrawee    Monthly Donor
15/02/2013    $25.00     Leisa Monthly donor

12/02/2013    $25.00     Melissa C    Neutral Bay     Monthly donor
12/02/2013   $25.00    Daniella L    Smithfield  I would like to give this gift to celebrate Valentine's Day - for Matthew xoxo
14/02/2013    $25.00     Daryle R     Quakers Hill  Monthly donor
17/02/2013    $25.00     Margaret S   Kogarah       Monthly donor
17/02/2013    $15.00    Melissa P    Jannali        Monthly donor  For sponsorship of cats and kittens in care
26/02/2013    $30.00     Katherine T    Warrawee    Monthly donor
27/02/2013    $60.00     Leonie    N    Chipping Norton    I would like to give this gift to celebrate the joy that our rescue dogs have given us.  I believe that saving a dog in need and giving them a second chance at finding a loving family is important.  Our two boys have changed our lives and while we do spoil them I think it is well deserved
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Appeal Closed
Treatment for skin condition - $424.39

Donations for Sophie

 Sophie sends thanks and purrs to the kind donors below

Jan 2013  $100.00 Joan
01/01/2013    $200.00     Peter    Sydney    I would like to give this gift in memory of Mandy
03/01/2013    $50.00     Sophie    Kirrawee    
12/01/2013    $25.00     Melissa     Neutral Bay  Monthly Donor
14/01/2013    $25.00     Daryle    Quakers Hill    Monthly Donor
15/01/2013    $25.00     Yvie    stanmore
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Appeal Closed
Xray and consultation  - $264.60

Maxie sends hugs to the donors below

03/10/2012    $50.00     Julie    Mortdale
12/10/2012    $25.00     Melissa     Neutral Bay  Monthly Donor
14/10/2012    $25.00     Daryle    Quakers Hill      Monthly Donor
17/10/2012    $25.00     Margaret    Kogarah       Monthly Donor        
26/10/2012    $30.00     Katherine    Warrawee    Monthly Donor
12/11/2012    $25.00     Melissa     Neutral Bay     Monthly Donor
14/11/2012    $25.00     Daryle    Quakers Hill      Monthly Donor
17/11/2012    $25.00     Margaret    Kogarah        Monthly Donor
26/11/2012    $30.00     Katherine    Warrawee     Monthly Donor
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Appeal Closed
Tooth extraction and teeth cleaning - $300.00

Melody sends grateful thanks to the donors below

 26/11/2012   $100.00   Marilyn    Engadine       "I would like to give this gift to celebrate Our beautiful Sasha and Handsome Benji"
26/11/2012    $100.00     Suzy    Neutral Bay
29/11/2012   $100.00   Carol    Engadine   "I would like to give this gift to celebrate Our beautiful Sasha and handsome Benji"
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Appeal Closed
was critically ill with ruptured bladder
Total cost  $6,500.00
“Hi, I’m Kit Kat. Everyone says I’ve a very brave boy.”

26/8/12 Kit Kat was critically ill with a ruptured bladder. SASH concluded that he must have jumped or fallen with a full bladder, causing a tiny hole in his bladder. Poor little Kit Kat was so ill, he nearly died, but with SASH’s expert care Kit Kat made it through his surgery on 29/8/12  and he has now fully recovered. He was so amazingly brave. He was only hours away from death when delivered to SASH, and at midnight on the first night, SASH advised his test results were off the scale. We were all so worried. The next morning after treatment, his results were back to normal!
Kit Kat finished his recuperation at Kirrawee vet where everyone gave him lots of care and attention. Dr Joanna said “What an amazing little cat!” And he is too.
He is now back home and enjoying life again. he is due to go back for a check up shortly,


Kit Kat sends hugs and purrs to the wonderful & generous people below

Sept 2012 - $250.00 Chris (donated from her Lucky Numbers prize)
15/09/2012    $200 - Christine from Illawong   
19/09/2012    $50 - Vicki from Padstow

October 2012  $40 – Kaye from Bowral
October 2012  $350 - Game 2 prize money donated by Chris to Kit Kat’s appeal

02/10/2012    $20.00     Katherine     Warrawee    I am hoping this small extra amount can help with the vet bills for Kit Kat.  I hope he is feeling better and wish him all the very best, a speedy recovery & a loving home.
21/10/2012    $200.00     Jacqueline    Gymea
31/10/2012  $50.00 Teagan R
05/11/2012    $1000 - Jannece from Oatley
Nov 2012 $1260 - ticket proceeds from a Halloween Party held by Ben, Andre and Nat.
Nov 2012 $50   Dane  
Nov 2012 $30   Serena  
Nov 2012 $40   Geoffrey
Nov 2012 $150 Madeleine
Nov 2012 $50   Amber  
Nov 2012 $20   Michelle  
Nov 2012 $50   Matt  
Nov 2012 $90   Melissa 

November 2012 - $700 collected from staff at TNT Mascot
20/12/12 - $1,000.00 Marie from Rydalmere
17/12/2012    $15.00     Melissa P    Jannali        Monthly Donor  For sponsorship of cats and kittens in care.
26/12/2012  $30.00   Katherine    Warrawee    Monthly Donor
04/01/2013  $160      Aon Charitable Foundation (on behalf of Julie P)
04/01/2013  $300      Lanis
18/01/2013  $390.00  anonymous donor

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Appeal Closed

emergency tooth extraction and cleaning - $476.20


Poor Dawn had to have one of her teeth extracted and the others cleaned.. She is now eating well again.

- purrs and thanks from Dawn to the kind donors below

12/12/2012    $25.00     Melissa  Neutral Bay     Monthly Donor
14/12/2012    $25.00     Daryle   Quakers Hill    Monthly Donor
16/12/2012    $50.00     Julie       Mortdale
17/12/2012    $25.00     Margaret  Kogarah        Monthly Donor
21/12/2012    $100.00   Suzy      Neutral Bay
21/12/2012    $50.00     Helen     Marrickville
24/12/2012    $50.00     Tom       Warabrook
24/12/2012    $50.00     Lauren    Berala
26/12/2012    $25.00     Lily         Rockdale
15/11/2012    $25.00    Leisa
15/12/2012    $25.00    Leisa
    $25.00    Leisa
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Appeal closed
Poor little  Twinkle had mouth ulcers. She was treated at Kirrawee vet and recovered well
Costs Approx $350


Twinkle sends hugs and purrs to thank the lovely people who have donated below xxx
02/10/2012    $10.00     Katherine     Warrawee    I am hoping this small extra amount can help with the vet bills for Twinkle.  I hope she is feeling better and wish her all the very best, a speedy recovery & a loving home.

25/10/12  $10.00  Cindy M
4/1/13 $340.00  Aon Charitable Foundation (on behalf of Julie P)
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Appeal closed
Taken ill suddenly - hospital stay + tests. Costs $1923.30
“Everyone said I was a sweet and brave little kitten.”.

29/7/12 Smudge had been vomiting throughout the night. It started suddenly without any apparent reason. He was taken immediately to the vet and stayed in hospital overnight. He is still bright but a little quiet and still some vomiting. Currently on fluids to help him feel better. Dr Leah and Kirrawee vet are taklng good care of him.
30/7/12 Smudge has been in hospital at Kirrawee vet all day. Was vomiting through last night and has been on a drip most of day,
Smudge has tonight been transferred to SASH where he is being put on a drip and will be having blood tests and an x-ray to determine the cause of his condition.
31/7/12 Midday
Little Smudge is being cared for by Dr Melissa at SASH. Melissa advised us this morning that. His first chest x ray is clear. He was tested for Feline Aids and Feline Leukemia and this test was also clear. He has a slight temperature of 39.5 degrees this morning. The biggest concern is that his white cell count is very low, putting him at risk of developing Sepsis which would be life threatening. SASH is doing further tests and will repeat his x-ray and do an ultrasound. The diagnosis is still unclear. Some possibilities could be an infection, a gastro bug, reaction to medication, or perhaps an underlying condition. Or he may have swallowed something possibly chewed off from a toy. It could even be related to a change of diet. At this stage little Smudge’s condition is serious but not life threatening.  SASH advises that he will need to be in hospital for at least 4 days. This will be expensive but little Smudge is worth it. We will be working hard to fundraise to cover his treatment costs which will be updated when SASH sends us the new estimate. We have checked with the new owner of Smudge’s litter mates and they are all well and happy in their new home.
31/7/12 4pm Report from SASH
Smudge is responding well to anti nausea medication and antibiotics and feeling better. He is walking around his pen, bright and alert, and talkative as usual. He has been eating some Science Diet a/d today.His temperature is back to normal. He has not had any more vomiting. He has tested negative for Feline Parvo virus, but this could always be a false negative so needs to be double checked by the lab.His white cell count which is very important, will be re-tested on Thursday. This was seriously low today. Smudge is being a very brave boy. SASH staff are taking good care of our little Smudge.
We have just received an estimate of the costs which could be around $3000
31/7/12 8pm Report from SASH
Smudge’s temperature is at the high end of normal. He has eaten tonight. No more other adverse symptoms noted
1/8/12 10am – Report from SASH vet
Smudge’s blood tests came back from the lab last night and they were much better than expected. His white cell count is higher than it was. He is eating well and behaving normally this morning..Vet Lisa says he has a good chance of making a full recovery. He needs to stay in hospital for a further 24 hours observation.
Smudge has recovered well and is now 100%. Hooray for little Smudge!

Smudge gives hugs and purrs to the lovely people below for their generous donations

30/06/2012    $500.00   Cheree    Bonnet Bay
01/07/2012    $50.00    Peter    Sydney    Monthly Donor   "I would like to give this gift in memory of Mandy"
12/07/2012    $25.00     Melissa     Neutral Bay  Monthly Donor

14/07/2012    $25.00     Daryle    Quakers Hill    Monthly Donor
17/07/2012    $25.00     Margaret    Kogarah      Monthly Donor
26/07/2012    $30.00     Katherine    Warrawee   Monthly Donor

11/08/2012  $411.00 was raised by Gail and Angela at their Nutrimetics party. Angela, the Nutrimetics consultant, kindly donated her commission.
01/08/2012    $100.00     Rebecca    Engadine    For Smudge
01/08/2012    $250.00     Natalie       Parramatta For Smudge
03/08/2012    $100.00   Kathy    Logan Village QLD    I would like to give this gift for Smudge

01/08/2012    $50.00     Peter    Sydney    Monthly Donor I would like to give this gift in memory of Mandy
13/08/2012    $25.00     Melissa     Neutral Bay
14/08/2012    $25.00     Daryle    Quakers Hill    Monthly Donor
17/08/2012    $25.00     Margaret    Kogarah      Monthly Donor
26/08/2012    $30.00     Katherine    Warrawee    Monthly Donor
02/09/2012     $44.00    CD Cronulla
01/09/2012    $50.00     Peter    Sydney
Monthly Donor  I would like to give this gift in memory of Mandy
06/09/2012    $50.00     Melinda    Lidcombe  I would like to acknowledge the tireless, valiant efforts of the staff who make their little corner of the world a better place xoxo
12/09/2012    $25.00     Melissa     Neutral Bay 
Monthly Donor
14/09/2012    $25.00     Daryle    Quakers Hill   
Monthly Donor
17/09/2012    $25.00     Margaret    Kogarah      Monthly Donor
26/09/2012    $30.00     Katherine    Warrawee 
Monthly Donor
02/10/2012    $20.00     Katherine     Warrawee    I am hoping this small extra amount can help with the vet bills for Smudge.  I hope he is feeling better and wish him all the very best, a speedy recovery & a loving home.
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Appeal closed
October 2012 Appeal for OREO
Surgery on his injured tail
Cost >$500

Oreo had an open wound on the tip of his tail when rescued. The vet thought it might die and need to be amputated but after giving him a long lasting antibiotics it appears to be getting better. The vet will monitor it and if it doesn't completely recover he will need the tip amputated.

Oreo sends hugs to the following people for their kind donation xxx
$500 - part of ticket proceeds from a Halloween Party held by Ben, Andre and Nat.
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Appeal closed
Infection after his de-sexing operation
costs are approx $256

27/7/12 Bear became ill with a high temperature and needed antibiotics and anti inflammatory shots and some pain relief. He is staying in hospital till at least monday.
30/7/12 Bear has recovered well and is due to go home to his foster carer tonight.
2/9/12 $256 from CD
- lots of hugs and kisses from Bear x x x
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AXEL - Boarding

Appeal closed
Can you help us with a donation towards Axel's boarding fees ?

Axel has been in boarding since beginning of April awaiting a foster carer.
His boarding fees to 17/6/12 were $910

26/10/11 Axel is a large boy who’s also a big sook. Very gentle and loves people and other dogs, he also LOVES his blankie, so would make a great lounge lizard for a lucky family. He’s a very friendly boy and very obedient and already knows how to sit, stay and drop and will wait for food until told. Axel is very eager to please so will make a willing participant for any further training. He’s a very soft, gentle soul and is so gorgeous in nature you will never regret taking him into your home
Axel is currently in boarding waiting for a new home or foster carer.


 Donations received to date
Axel sends lots of woofs and thanks to the generous people below x x x

22/5/12  $50  Charlotte Moore  A small donation on behalf of Ranger 
22/06/2012    $50.00     Michelle    Dundas Valley    
24/06/2012    $250.00   Margaret    Fairfield Heights    
26/06/2012    $30.00     Katherine    Warrawee    Monthly Donor
28/06/2012    $75.00     Penny    Illawong                     
29/06/2012    $280.00   Natalie    Parramatta    
29/06/2012    $50.00     Sonja    Northbridge

27/07/2012    $115.00   Suzy    Neutral Bay

17/6/12 Axel has been transferred to a new carer with Fetching Dogs. Contact Sonja 0421 617 948
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Appeal Closed
December 2011 APPEAL FOR LEMON
broken leg - Xray & treatment costs $450
 Poor Lemon had a fall and after the X ray was done, we found that she had broken her fibula (bone below knee)  Pete at Chatswood Vet says Lemon has been an extremely lucky little girl.
Pete applied a bandage to be on for 2 weeks and gave her medication for pain..
Lemon had to be confined somewhere where she can’t move around much so she could rest the leg.. 

Lemon sends lots of woofs and thanks to the generous people below x x x

17/05/2012    $25.00     Margaret    Kogarah
22/05/2012    $50          Charlotte A small donation on behalf of Ranger 01/06/2012    1/6/2012  $50.00     Peter    Sydney   Monthly Donor  "I would like to give this gift  in memory of Mandy"
08/06/2012    $100.00    Natalie  Baulkham Hills    
09/06/2012   $50.00   Kathleen    Ingleburn   "I would like to give this gift to celebrate my adopted puppy Leon"
12/06/2012    $25.00     Melissa     Neutral Bay     Monthly Donor
14/06/2012    $25.00     Daryle       Quakers Hill    Monthly Donor
17/06/2012    $25.00     Margaret    Kogarah         Monthly Donor
25/06/2012    $100.00   Sally    Chatswood  
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Appeal closed
Feb' 2012 - MOLLY
Abandoned in her twilight years
Treatment costs $1900
Melanoma on Molly's head        

Little Molly was sadly lost and abandoned in her twilight years and sat in the pound waiting for a new home.
She had a myriad of health issues, being 10 yrs old and neglected and had no real prospects for a future and was due to be euthanized.We helped a lovely girl, Billie, rescue Molly and she is now an integral part of a loving family. Due to Molly’s age and neglect, she suffered from blindness in both eyes due to dry eyes, which has luckily cleared up now but her other health issues required surgery. Molly had  lumps on her mammary glands and head (4 in all), 1 of which turned out to be a melanoma. Due to the cancerous nature of melanoma, Molly underwent further tests including x-rays, ultrasounds and biopsies along with blood work to see if the cancer had spread. With a weight lifted, we happily report that she has the all clear now and is improving every day and enjoying her loving care.

Molly's vet bill has been growing and growing. We now need your help to help Molly recover in full and find her furever home so she can live her years out in a loving and peaceful home. 

more photos of Molly showing how she has improved


TO DONATE ONLINE please click on this link below

please quote 'Molly Dog', your surname + initial


17/05/2012  $500 Molly says a big thank you to the lovely Angela for her generous donation "This gift is a donation for "MOLLY DOG"  in memory of my dog muffler... Good luck Molly"

01/06/2012    $25.00     Lana    North Narrabeen    This is for 'Molly Dog' to keep improving xx Love from Lana, Jason and Moose

 SPRA has generously subsidised some of Molly's vet bills
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Appeal Closed

NEEDED MAJOR SURGERY Gingie's Total treatment costs came to $1958.00

On Wednesday 22nd February 2012, little Gingie was brought to the Animal Referral Hospital (ARH). Sydney Pet Rescue was contacted as Gingie's microchip has been recorded against the charity however we are unable to locate his record/owners in our system.
The very kind Daniella who picked this little guy up off the road on her way home from work. She said that when she found Gingie he was desperately trying to climb up an embankment, but of course he couldn't manage. ARH said he has a lovely temperament, sweet and affectionate and that he deserves a chance. They didn't realise though how extensive the injuries were as the x rays had not been done at that stage. 

He is in bad shape but not currently life threatening. He has a badly broken jaw and a shattered pelvis. SASH thinks they could put him back together and he would have better than 50% chance of a good outcome following surgery and intensive rehabilitation but the rehabilitation period would be long and challenging. He would not be able to go to the toilet  independently possibly for some weeks and he would likely need to be syringe or tube fed for a while. The intensive nursing period that the charity would have to take on could likely last for months.

Update: 26th February 2012.
Sadly we had to make the hard decision today to put the beautiful Gingie to sleep. His bone marrow was not regenerating.The specialist could not work out why. He was developing medical complications which would have been on top of the surgical problems with his badly broken jaw and shattered pelvis. His poor little body was just too damaged. Despite all this he still continued to polish off every bowl of food. It was a tough decision but the specialist said that this was the best decision for Gingie. It seemed we had no choice.

Rest in peace little man. We are all thinking of you as you bound through the meadows of Rainbow Bridge, chasing butterflies and rolling in Catnip.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all the wonderful and caring staff at the Animal Referral Hospital, Kirrawee Vet and SASH. Your support and care throughout this heartbreaking time has been much appreciated by all.


We desperately need donations to cover the vet care provided to Gingie.
Can you help?


 A massive heartwarming THANK YOU to those who have donated so far -

20/02/2012    $250.00     Natalie    Putney    I would like to give this gift in memory of our beloved Yogi who brought us so much joy in his 5 years on this earth.
23/02/2012    $30.00    Helen    Enmore        Gingie
24/02/2012    $100.00    Nevenka    ALEXANDRIA    GINGIE
24/02/2012    $1,000.00 Lynette    Carlingford    for Gingie's medical bills
24/02/2012    $30.00     Daniela    Yagoona    For Gingie
14/3/2012      $200.00 from CD 
15/03/12        $100  Anonymous
12/05/2012    $25.00     Melissa     Neutral Bay
16/6/2012      $223.00   Jen     Cronulla
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AXEL bitten

Appeal closed
 December 2011 APPEAL FOR AXEL
 treatment costs - $600

Axel had an accident when he was bitten by a dog and ended up at Chatswood Vet needing antibiotics, surgery and stitches.
After his treatment, Axel is now recovering well in his foster home.

Axel sends lots of woofs and thanks to the generous people below x x x

01/04/2012    $50.00     Peter    Gilmore    Sydney    I would like to give this gift in memory of Mandy
12/04/2012    $25.00     Melissa     Neutral Bay
17/04/2012    $25.00     Margaret   Kogarah   
20/04/2012    $50.00     Melissa     Neutral Bay  
26/04/2012    $30.00     Katherine   Warrawee
18/05/2012    $260.30     Peter    North Sydney
24/05/2012    $100.00     Julie    Mortdale
26/05/2012    $30.00     Katherine    Warrawee   
Monthly Donor
30/05/2012    $20.00     Elise    Camperdown
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appeal closed

Leia is our most special bunny- her transformation from frightened, sickly bunny cramped in the pound and forgotten about was truly inspiring. She is the most affectionate and quirky character you will meet.

Leia has endured some tough trials, and now she is being tested once again. Leia has had a severe allergic reaction to fleas. These fleas are super resistant to treatment and have caused Leia so much grief and frustration she has self-inflicted wounds on her body. Leia has had a collar on but managed to free herself of her collar whilst her carer was away. She required stitches all down the side of her body and has been recovering in hospital. This has been very stressful for her and those who love her.

Leia is seeing specialists, vets and being boarded whilst we try to figure out how best to treat this extreme condition. 

These costs are large for a not-for-profit charity, run on generosity and volunteers.

If you can give small or big, we would appreciate it. 

If you are able to donate time to fostering, transporting, any bunny products (puppy/kitty Advantage and Revolution are greatly appreciated) then contact us on 0405175511 or contact the rabbit co-ordinator on [email protected]

Thank you from this little angel in advance, please keep her in your positive thoughts.

BIG bunny kisses from Leia from all of those who have donated so far...
03/05/2012    Narelle $257.00    Clare and Leia you are both champs - get well soon sweetie Lots of love to you both. Narelle and Terry    
16/03/2012    Nicola $30.00        
03/03/2012    Joelle $20.00    Momo & Sunny Hope that leia gets better soon :)    
03/03/2012    Gemma $30.00    Love to Leia from Gemma, Merlin and Odin x    
02/03/2012    Mary $100.00    lots of love to leia....your target will be met!    
02/03/2012    Jobe $13.00    I hope Leia can find her Han Solo soon!    
29/02/2012    Carrie $50.00    lots of love from Carrie and the Mabbits    
28/02/2012    Madhura $50.00    Hope this helps in some way or other!    
28/02/2012    Jacqui $100.00    I wish I could donate more, my best wishes for you and Leia, the cutest kitchen bunny in the world.    
28/02/2012    Clare $50.00    For my angel Leia, my first rescue.
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appeal closed
X-ray & treatment for tail injury - cost $300

25/1/11 Poor Moby has an injury towards the top of his tail possibly caused by a fall onto his tail. He was taken to Dr Bill Illkin at Kirrawee Vet Hospital where he has had an X-ray and was given a pain relieving injection. He also had to have 2 enemas as he was constipated, possibly related to his tail injury. He  has been prescribed rest and needs to stay in a pen till his next vet visit in a weeks time.
4/2/11  Moby had a recheck today. He is recovering well. He is gaining more movement on his tail and the swelling has reduced significantly.  Dr IIlkin advised to still keep him on the pain killer and constipation medicine until they finish and Moby will recover with time. Moby does not need to be in confinement any longer and he is very happy to get his freedom back.

Moby sends lots of purrs and thanks to the generous people below x x x

14/12/11 $150 from Jen of Cronulla
17/6/11  $100 from Jen of Cronulla
25/5/11   $50 from Iris
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Appeal closed
treatment costs $868.00

Lola is a very sweet girl who has not had the best start to her life, healthwise. Just before we rescued Lola from the pound, everyone thought she was pregnant because her tummy was so huge. One of our carers kept visiting Lola and didn’t believe she was pregnant,so she was checked by a vet and it turned out the poor girl was severely blocked up and couldn’t go to the toilet, and had a raging tummy infection because of it. Lola would have probably died form her infection if it had not been caught in time.

When we first got her into care, her tummy infection was so bad, it took a few courses of antibiotic to settle it down and get rid of it. Then the sweet girl got the most horrid rashes and skin irritations and was very itchy and pink under all that white fur.
She was seen multiple time by the vet and given antihistamines, antibiotics etc. The skin irritation never completely went away but settled down a lot.
Lola was recently desexed and then suffered a complication and had another severe infection. This landed the poor girl at SASH for specialist treatment and she was touch and go for a few days. Happily, Lola has recovered from all these issues and now has been adopted into a great new home, with a new name LAYLA, where hopefully, she’ll live out the rest of her life free of health issues.

Lola sends lots of woofs and thanks to the generous people below x x x
September online donations via Our Community website- thanks
12/09/2011    $25.00     Melissa     Clare    Neutral Bay     (monthly donor)
14/09/2011    $30.00     Ryan    Sengara    North Fremantle WA           
17/09/2011    $25.00     Margaret    Sui      Kogarah          (monthly donor)
27/09/2011    $40.00     Rosie    Armstrong    Rouse Hill    Congratulations to all in your organisation for all the hard work you do for the creatures who don't have a voice - quiet achievers who are making a big difference
October online online donations via Our Community website - thank you
08/10/2011    $100.00     Melinda    Phillips    Lidcombe - In loving memory of Ping, my beloved little cat-son, on what would have been your 10th birthday. May it help save a life, when I couldn't save yours.
12/10/2011    $25.00     Melissa     Clare    Neutral Bay     (monthly donor)
17/10/2011    $25.00     Margaret    Sui    Kogarah    (monthly donor)
19/10/2011    $100.00    Sam Chiappalone    Liverpool           
25/10/2011    $500.00     Naomi    Hatch     London, Ontario Canada - I would like to give this gift to celebrate The Wedding of Greg and Naomi Hatch  
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