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                               ***** CLOSED APPEALS 2013 *****



Appeal closed 31/1/14

November 2012 Appeal for SAMSON
For vet, including specialist care, and cremation costs $1,412.35

  27.11.12 – We got an urgent call from a private rescuer last week advising that she had rescued an abandoned  mother cat  about to give birth 4 wks ago. Sadly two kittens had passed away and the third one, a dear little ginger boy named Samson was seriously ill  and needed urgent vet care. The rescuer had already tried various agencies and rescue groups and no one was willing or able to help her.

 SPRA was touched by the rescuer’s kindness and the plight of this tiny kitten who, though he was seriously ill, was trying so hard to survive. We called the RSPCA to see if they could assist the rescuer with low cost vet care, as she was unemployed. We were advised the only option would be for her to hand the kitten over to them and they would automatically euthanase him. In view of how hard little Samson had fought to survive and how hard the rescuer had worked to look after him and to hang in there in the search for help for Samson, we felt that it didn’t seem fair to hand Samson over to be automatically euthanased.
SPRA had Samson treated at a local vet clinic, which diagnosed flea anemia.
 The rescuer had de-flea'ed and wormed him but even a few fleas can make a tiny kitten seriously ill. Samson had a vitamin B and glucose injection, but he was still in urgent need of specialist care. He was rushed to SASH on Sunday where the emergency vet advised he needed a blood transfusion. They considered it was worthwhile doing this, and little Samson rallied well in the early stages. We were hopeful that he would make it, but unfortunately this was not to be. Sadly we got a call on Sunday evening to advise that he would not make it and we had  to make the sad decision to put this little boy to sleep.

 We are comforted to know though that we made sure he got the best care possible and at least for a while he had improved and was more comfortable. We did our very best to give him a chance at life, and we did our best to help little Samson’s rescuer. Samson’s life was precious and he was worth it. We hope you will think so too, and that you will be able to kindly assist us with a tax deductible donation towards his medical expenses. You can read more about Samson on our Rainbow Bridge pg.

Samson’s rescuer is also working hard, putting out donation tins, to raise funds to help with his appeal. We thank her for her love and support of Samson.

Donations for Samson

Our grateful thanks to the generous donors below

4/12/12  $500 from Lyn  "in memory of my beloved Sylvie (darling wee silver tabby) and Sam (wonderful elderly tabby boy) who have both passed away" 



Appeal closed 31/12/13
Total cost $3080

Hewie and Louie were in emergency boarding at Pet Active for 22 weeks.  - we would be so very grateful for any donations to help cover their boarding costs

To donate online by credit card,  please click on the link below
Quote Hewie-Louie & your surname + initial.

Hewie                               Louie

Introducing Hewie and Louie, two sweet and gentle Papillion crosses who are best buddies. Hewie and Louie are quite shy but are easily handled and respond to kindness. Because of their lack of confidence we do consider them special needs and they would require a patient and quiet foster or adoption home.

Donations for Hewie & Louie

Woofs and grateful thanks to the kind donors below x x x
15/08/2012   $10.00     Bianca    South Hurstville    For Hewie and Louie
September 2012 $470 – from Kaye in Bowral (who surrendered them)
from cake stall and Lucky Number sales.
March 2013    $950  donated to Hewie & Louie's boarding costs
28/03/2013   $50.00     Kaye     Bowral

total received $1480



Appeal closed

27/3/13 Appeal for ALLIE & kittens
treatment costs $608.40

15/3/13 Allie, a shorthaired tabby torti, was rescued with her 5 newborn kittens from Renbury pound and as typically happens with pound rescues,  had cat flu incubating. Symptoms developed within days, which is why we had to make the decision to take the babies off mumma and syringe feed them in order to give them the best chance of survival. Sadly the tiny kittens were just not strong enough to survive it, even with around the clock syringe feeding and care from our dedicated carers and the best of vet care..We tried so hard to save them.
Thank you to carers Jess and Vicki who have worked so hard syringe feeding the kittens around the clock, and volunteer Allie who was helping Jess.

Little Allie is a very sweet and gentle little girl, gorgeous & affectionate natured. She has been doing well although she had a high temperature at one point due to the cat flu.
Allie only looks about 6mths old although the vet estimates she is 18mths. she is so thin and her hips protrude badly. She only weighs about 2.5 kgs and needs to get to 3.5-4.kgs before we could even consider her ready for adoption.

Estimated costs to date are $581.50 - consisting of 2 visits to Kirrawee vet, for newborns emergency consult at Ingleburn vet and 2 consults at Bradbury vet. including special diet and Nutrigel to build up Allie and formula for the kittens
Total amount paid is $608.40
Any amounts you can donate to help cover Allie & kitten's vet costs and ongoing special diet for Allie, will be greatly appreciated and listed below.
Donations for Allie
Allie sends grateful purrs to the kind donors below

01/03/2013    $50.00     Deborah W    Newtown
14/03/2013    $25.00     Daryle    R    Quakers Hill    Monthly donor
26/03/2013     $30.00     Katherine    T    Warrawee  Monthly donor

28/03/2013     $100.00   Phayna     Auburn   For Allie and her kittens
28/04/2013     $31.00   raised by Natural Pet Store at the Kurnell Festival
13/05/2013    $350.00     Melissa C    Donation towards Allie's costs
17/06/2013    $25.00     Margaret S   Kogarah          Monthly donor


Appeal Closed
22 January 2013 - APPEAL FOR MOLLY
The Bravest Little Girl in the World. seriously ill in hospital
Please help Molly by donating to her appeal.
Medical costs to date $12,000

Dear little Molly passed away peacefully in her bed on 12.3.12.

Molly became sick and was taken to Kirrawee vet last Friday  last week. She had an ultrasound and biopsy. The results of the biopsy have been inconclusive. She had an X ray his morning which revealed large mass of unknown source. Very serious. Suspected tumour. Wendy had to leave work immediately this morning to collect Molly and rush her to Sydney University Hospital for a 12:00 appointment today with the oncologist. Molly needs emergency surgery.

I spent an hour or so with Wendy and Molly at Kirrawee vet last night. Molly has been on a drip, and was alert but obviously quite sick. We managed to get her to eat a small amount of chicken. Wendy is very heartbroken. She was planning to adopt Molly.

Molly is the sweetest and most gentle cat. We rescued her from Sydney Dog & Cat’s Home at Carlton, about 4 years ago, where she had been dumped after her owner died. She was part of a deceased estate, and the family didn’t want her or her mate Georgie. She was in shocking condition, at the time with a million fleas, and quite sick. She blossomed into the most wonderful loving little girl, and has been doted on over the last 4 yrs by her foster carer Wendy. She is about 12 yrs of age, which is not old.

23/1/12 6.30pm
Molly had a biopsy yesterday which was inconclusive. The oncologist has confirmed that she has two tumours in the region of the lung but these are not the biggest issue. She is in surgery today at at University of Sydney Hospital. She has been in surgery for more than 5 hours so far. The specialist has advised that she has a very serious bowel condition which he has not seen before. He has had to repair a significant section of Molly’s bowel. Little Molly is at high risk of infection, and the specialist says that at this stage she has a 50-50 chance of making it through to the weekend. Wendy her foster carer visited her in hospital before the surgery and she was bright and able to walk around. Molly is such a brave and precious little girl. Please pray for Molly to make it through the surgery.
Molly is out of surgery. She has a feeding tube in, but the specialist has never seem this aggressive bowel disease before. Time is against her, as it takes time for the culture to develop so they can try and diagnose her bowel condition. 
31.1.13 Molly back home with feeding tube
 Molly’s current status is that the two tumours in her liver still need to be biopsied to determine if cancerous or not. Her bowel is still in bad condition. The specialists consulted with a world renowned feline gastroenterologist in the US and even he is unsure what has caused all the damage to her bowel. She is still being treated with antibiotics but the underlying condition is unknown despite various tests. She still has a feeding tube in, but was well enough to come home last night. Molly is being watched carefully, and will be reviewed again soon. The specialist says that her bowel condition is the most worrying at present, and at this point they can’t promise anything. It all depends on how she responds to the antibiotics and if they can identify and treat the underlying condition. So far Molly has been responding better than expected since her surgery, so we are hoping she will continue to get better. When she is well enough, she will need to go back and have the tumours in her lungs biopsied.

18/2/13  From Sunday on Molly has deteriorated with severe vomiting and diarrhoea, which is not good.
There are not many medical options available to Molly because most of the drugs that will assist her, she cannot have because of the severity of her bowel.  The bowel has undergone significant surgery to repair massive tears allowing bacteria from the intestines into her blood.

Molly has inflammatory bowel disease and severe gastroenteritis.  This is the current problem she is being treated for.  Molly, by complete co-incidence also has another life threatening condition, 2 large tumours in her lungs.   These tumours are life threatening if not removed soon.  They cannot be removed until Molly’s overall health improves.  She needs to put on weight (around 2 kilos) and recover substantially from her bowel condition.  Unfortunately Molly is generally not eating and requires tube feeding which leads her to have diarrhoea and is irritable on the bowel.  Not ideal but better than her having no food in her stomach.
Wendy is very worried as Molly was very depressed this am and has returned to hiding in small places in the house.
9.3.13  It has been an arduous journey for Molly and Wendy. I have been doing my best to support. Molly’s case is very complex and it’s a tough  call for all working out how long it’s viable to keep Molly alive, with reasonable quality of life. Also tough to consider the decision to euthanase because whilst she has 3 masses in the region of her lungs, and on the basis of probability they probably are malignant tumours, it has not been possible for the specialists to definitively establish this yet. The first needle biopsy was inconclusive.
Wendy and I spoke with the surgeon from Sydney University Hospital yesterday and he suggested an option would be to try and get Molly into better condition  over the next weeks or a month with the view to doing another small needle biopsy..
It would be good if this was possible, but because Molly is considered a ‘critical' case, her progress and care needs to be monitored closely on a day to day basis, in order to see how long it is viable to keep her going.
Wendy took Molly to Kirrawee vet today, and the vet advised that she probably has some irritation in her oesophagus. She was given some medicine to assist this. Wendy will be liaising with the specialists again on Monday to discuss treatment.

The specialists at the University of Sydney Teaching Hospital have been generous with their time and effort in treating Molly, and caring and supportive of Wendy and myself as we try to grapple with Molly’s complex and critical condition. Kirrawee Vet Hospital has also been very supportive. Everyone is going the extra mile to help Molly. Wendy was also able to get input from Consultant Veterinary Oncologist.Dr Angela Frimberger which has been helpful.

Funding Molly’s treatment…help needed

Molly’s treatment has been very expensive. It is around $12,000 so far. As her foster carer was in the process of adopting Molly and preferred to make the decisions regarding treatment, she elected to pay for Molly’s treatment. Had she not done this, SPRA would have been in for a very big expense. In view of the fact that Molly’s carer and new owner is kindly covering the costs, we are running an Appeal for Molly to assist with her treatment expenses. We invite our friends and supporters to help support Molly’s Appeal. Any contribution, no matter how big or small would be warmly appreciated.

Dear little Molly passed away peacefully in her bed on 12.3.12.

Thank You to Molly’s treatment providers for their expert care of Molly

Thank you to oncologist Dr Peter Bennet, Professor Julia Beattie, and surgeon Dr Alberto Gines from the University of Sydney Teaching Hospital 
University of Sydney Teaching Hospital    24 hr Emergency Service
University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Sydney (UVTHS)
Evelyn Williams Building B10
The University of Sydney NSW 2006
Phone: (02) 9351 3437

Thank you to consultant oncologists Dr Angela Frimberger and Dr Tony Moore.
Veterinary Oncology Consultants,
379 Lake Innes Drive
Wauchope, New South Wales 2446, Australia
Telephone: +61 (2) 6585 3192
Fax: +61 (2) 9012 0397
Email: [email protected]

Thank you to Drs Melinda Salter and Simon Ilkin and the team at
Kirrawee Veterinary Hospital    7am – 7pm 7 days
540 Princes Highway, Kirrawee
Ph 02 9521 6422

Thank you to our kind supporters in anticipation of your support.
Michelle Alber
President SPR&A

Donations for Molly

 Molly sends grateful purrs and thanks to the kind donors below

 9/1/13           $15.00  Debbie F
23/1/13          $40.00  Marie C - for Molly
23/01/2013    $100.00  Ellen    Hornsby  -  for Molly
23/01/2013    $25.00    Jacqueline    Warrawee   I would like this money to go towards Molly's vet bills please

14/2/2013      $45 Ben sent you a Valentine donation
14/2/2013      $20 Sheridan sent you a Valentine donation
12/3/2013      $150 Natalie - for Molly's treatment expenses
23/3/2013      $200 Michelle - “For Molly..the bravest and and most precious little girl in the world. you are in our hearts always. Love from Erich & Michelle & the Alber cats. xxx
25/06/2013    $150.00     Lorna    B    Waitara        for Molly's expenses



Appeal Closed
Brave little man, seriously ill in hospital

Medical costs to date $8406

14.12.12 Benji is a dear little Maltese dog. He and his owner suddenly found themselves in a state of emergency on 12.12.12 when Benji suddenly became seriously ill. His owner rushed him to the nearest vet where it was confirmed that he was very seriously ill and needed urgent specialist care. Unfortunately, his owner had lost her job and was not able to afford the urgent life saving treatment that Benji needed. There was no other way for his owner to afford treatment costs and no other source of help. If SPRA did not help, Benji would die.

What his owner says about him: Benji is the most precious little boy in the whole world. He had already been through so much, having been a cruelty case, and beaten up badly some years ago before she rescued him from the RSPCA. This makes him even more special and deserving of our help. 

 SPRA was touched by his owner's dedication to finding a way to help save him. So we decided on compassionate grounds that we would assist with Benji's costs via an Emergency Payment to the vet hospital to cover Benji's needs as far as we may be able to afford to do so. We are combining this with this Appeal for Benji. Benji's owner will work with SPRA on fundraising activities to gradually raise all the money back to cover his medical costs,

 Benji is now in hospital at SASH, where he had emergency surgery last night to remove his spleen and gall bladder. This poor little man was diagnosed with Peritonitis, resulting from his leaking gall bladder. SASH advised that, whilst he is still very seriously ill, he is doing reasonably well following his surgery. The next 3 days are critical for him. This little man has a fighting spirit. We hope and pray that he will be alright.

Saving Benji will be very expensive, as is typical with complex surgical cases like this, and we are desperately trying to raise enough money to ensure that we can afford his medical expenses without jeopardizing emergency funds which could be needed for our own foster pets should anyone become seriously ill. Hence the reason we need to raise funds quickly.
Benji's costs to date are approx $4000, and we calculate with the estimates for treatment that we have been given that they could get to $6000-$7,000
It's very tough for us to afford this cost, and we can only help Benji with your generous support.

Update 17.12.12 SASH advised today that Benji needs to go back into surgery to try and repair a leak. Dr Andrew advised that he seems remarkably good considering the seriousness of his condition.
There is no alternative to the surgery. If he does not have the surgery he will likely die. More surgery means a lot more cost of course. Dr Andrew is hopeful that he can fix the leak, and Benji is trying so hard to be brave. Having come this can we say no?  We are hanging in there for now and hoping that support with his appeal will make the costs manageable.

Update 19.12.12 Dr Andrew Marchevski just called to advise they are really pleased with Benji’s progress. He has done very well so far following his second surgery. They took his drain out today and there has been no further accumulation of fluid in his abdomen. He started to eat last night.
Maria, his owner visited him last night and Benji was even able to leave his pen to have his visit in SASH’s visiting room. This little man is a miracle .

Update 21.12.12 – Dr Andrew rang from SASH advising that Benji is doing well and getting stronger every day. All his test results are back and they are all clear! Benji is eating well now, and weighs 5.1kgs, a little underweight but this is understandable in view of his major surgery and not being able to eat for some days. He is still being monitored, but Dr Andrew is very pleased with his progress.
Benji will be able to return home on Monday. Benji is our little Christmas miracle!

Update 24/12/12 - Benji went home this afternoon from SASH

Costs to date are now $8,406 (including SASH’s generous subsidy). His owner, Maria has been busily putting donation tins out to raise money to help cover his treatment costs. If you would like to help Benjy and Maria, by helping put out some donation tins, please email [email protected]

Please help Benji by donating to his appeal.

Our grateful thanks to Small Animal Specialist Hospital  (SASH) at North Ryde for their expert treatment and generous support of Benji. There is no way we could afford to support Benji's treatment if not for SASH's generosity.

Small Animal Specialist Hospital (SASH) is located at 1 Richardson Place, North Ryde 2113 (parking on site)  Tel: 1300 368 430 
(Emergency service 24 hours a day)

We encourage all pet owners to please take out health insurance for your pets. For most people this is the only way that they can afford the large costs that can be  required for specialist care. Pets are family members, and they deserve health insurance just like their owners. If you love your pet, please take out pet insurance today so you will have peace of mind that you and your pet will not be caught out in an emergency like poor little Benjy.

Please help us to help Benji by making a tax deductible donation today. We would be most grateful for donations of any size to assist with Benji's costs. 

Donations for Benji


Benji sends grateful woofs and tailwags to thank the generous donors below

18/12/12 $40 from Olga on behalf of Katrina

22/12/12 “I have just read about dear little Benji. I have had to cancel my holiday and so will donate $400 towards Benji’s medical expenses, and $100 for Maria to buy special comforts for Benji when he comes home. I will also put a donation tin out for Benji’s Appeal. Thank you to Maria for rescuing Benji when he was cruelly treated. I am pleased to help Benji in memory of my own pets who have passed on.
Merry Christmas Maria  and Benji You are both in my prayers. I will light a candle for you and Benji at mass tonight.
Come on all you Mr and Mrs Santas..dig deep in your big red sack and help little Benji. He has fought so hard.
Let’s show the Christmas good will. Love from Kaye x x x”

29/12/2012       $15.00      Halina
17/12/2012    $40.00     Olga    Crows Nest     I would like to give this gift to celebrate This is for emergency medical care for dogs
17/12/2012    $100.00     Olga    Crows Nest
17/12/2012    $20.00      Tanya B for Benji
30/12/2012   $25.00     Katherine    Warrawee    I would like this to go towards helping Benjy's medical costs. I know it's not much but I hope it helps. So pleased he's home for Xmas.
30/12/2012     $75.00     Julie    Mascot    Help Benji's vet costs
31/12/2012    $600.00    Debbi & Liz    Eastlakes    We would like to give this donation towards Benji's medical bills, and wishing him a wonderful long healthy life ahead. Love Debbi & Liz xxx
31/12/12       $60.00      Jenny G for Benji
2/01/2013       $50.00      Teagan for Benji's fundraiser
11/01/13       $50 raised from donation by Maria of 2 cat scratchers and a dog bed.
07/01/2013   $50.00     Deborah    Newtown    Get well soon Benji!
12/01/2013   $200.00  Anabel    Newport       I would like to donate to Benji thanks