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"All we want is to be a part of a loving family"
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"There are many intelligent species in the universe,
they are all owned by cats.
" ~Anonymous~

Cats & Kittens available for adoption
All the cats listed on this page are available for adoption now
If you are interested in adopting any of our lovely cats, please first complete & return our CatMatch form
We will follow up with you when it is received.
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Foster Carers needed !

Do you know someone who would like some companionship and lives in a quiet household who could open their heart to a cat who just wants to be treated with a little kindness?
Do you have experience with timid cats and enjoy the rewarding experience which comes from fostering a rescue cat, giving them love and attention and seeing them come out of their shell and snuggle up with you for cuddles and pats?

We are seeking new foster carers to join us, both short term and ongoing, for a number of gorgeous cats, some of whom are naturally outgoing and a few who are shy and just need a little extra kindness and patience.
If you would like to foster one of them, you can download our foster carer application form here -
Foster Carer Application Form.doc

Kittens ASH(microchip 900006000270410) & YODA(microchip 900006000267761) (brothers) looking for a home

ASH is a beautiful, sensitive and calm soul. He is very inquisitive and observant. He’s a caring and protective brother to little Yoda. He loves playtime, and to be close to his human, but equally enjoys his independence. He loves to show affection and has only love in his heart 💓

YODA, the cuddlebug, loves people and is in his element when being cuddled. He is adventurous and full of life. Yoda wears his heart on his paws – a huge heart for a little man. He wants cuddles all the time, except when he’s busy playing. He got his name Yoda as he used to sit dozing with his ears hanging down.

Kittens MONTY(microchip 900164001892605) & his sister COLA(microchip900164001892817 ) looking for a home

                                                  COLA                                                                                                   MONTY

Monty is a very inquisitive boy. he is quite a character and full of mischief. He loves to explore everything and take care of his sister Cola (calling out to her when he misses her). They were born November 2019
Cola is very elegant "little panther" and a bit shy. She loves to rumble play with her brother Monty and is happy to snuggle in for a cuddle when picked up. Cola and Monty are looking for a loving furever home where they can stay together and keep each other company.

Timmy Microchip 982 000 167 726 142. Bailey (Microchip 982 222 167 730 300) born 30/4/12

"can you offer us a place in your home ? We would love to join your family !"
Would you like to sponsor us?

Timmy and Bailey are very smoochy brothers who are looking for a home together as they are closely bonded. Timmy is slightly more shy than Bailey and would suit a family without noisy children.

Bailey - short haired handsome tabby with classic tabby circles, has a black nose. Very smoochy boy and is very adventurous.
Timmy - short haired tabby with Tiger stripes. Looks like Bailey's twin but has a white nose. Smoochy boy once he knows you.Timmy loves his food.

Both have tested negative to FIV/FELV

Previous sponsors
December 2014-June 2015  Grace Lee at $40 each per mth

POSSUM Jnr (f) born approx 29/6/08 (microchip 982 009 106 001 129)


Hi! I'm looking for a foster carer who is experienced with shy cats.  I would love a quiet female household with no young children. I would like to be your only pet so I can get to know you better.

Would you like to sponsor me?
Full sponsorship $40 per month. Half sponsorship $20 per month. 
Sponsorships are tax deductible 

Possum with her 'mouse'

2019 Possum is a very sweet and gentle girl, but timid, which makes finding a suitable home challenging.
She has made good progress with her current foster carer together with some foster brothers and sisters..
She loves to snuggle up with them, and to go outside in the cat enclosure.
She had hyperthyroidism and was treated successfully for that  in 2018.

Possum is a lovely medium-haired black and white cat with a glossy coat and yellow-green eyes. She was rescued from the pound as a kitten. Possum is a timid cat initially and is looking for an experienced single person or couple who will give her time to build trust and confidence. She would benefit from a quiet environment without children or too many other animals. Once settled, she is clever, faithful and loving, lies upside down to have her chin stroked and adores being brushed all over. Possum is bright and likes to play games. She has a very dear personality with a happy purr. Indoor living would suit her well and limited exposure to the sun will protect her pink nose from skin cancer. Possum has blossomed so much and is now looking for a gentle and loving home.

Possum has tested negative for FIV

Jan 2009 - Many thanks to the clients from AhCat Pet Sitting Service for their kind donation of cat food for Possum Jnr. Yumm & purrs from Possum x x x
Oct 2012 $40 Thank you to Kaye in Bowral for her kind donation
August 2015 Possum had a half Sponsorship of $20 per month from Kshama Shetty...purrrr


IZZY (f) born approx June 2010 (microchip 900 012 000 811 697)

New home or foster carer needed
please complete a foster carer form above if you are interested

Would you like to sponsor me?
Full sponsorship $40 per month. Half sponsorship $20 per month.
Sponsorships are tax deductible 
Izzy is a tiny little short-haired dark tortoiseshell with big green eyes and a fiery orange stripe down her nose. She is a delicate and softly spoken little thing who enjoys being with people. While she can be a little timid with new people she quickly warms up to everyone and loves a good pat, cuddle and ear scratch.
Izzy had a bit of a rough start to life. She was rescued with 5 kittens who had to be hand raised as Izzy needed an operation for a blocked intestine to save her life.  It was touch and go for a while, but she's a tough little thing and came through it well. she was very skinny and underweight. She improved greatly in just a few weeks, although she appears to be naturally small and slender.
Izzy has an adorable little miaow that sometimes is barely audible. When it can be heard, her miaow sounds more like a squeak, which had led to the nickname 'Pipsqueak'.
Izzy is very content to live inside and enjoys sitting up high and watching people. She can also keep herself amused and is happy to spend the day by herself . Izzy loves to have a play and chase, but her favourite thing to play with is long shoelaces.
Izzy would make a great companion and would fit easily into any household. She has had a rough start in life and appreciates the simple pleasures of a comfy bed, a bowl of food and a warm lap to snuggle on.
Izzy has tested negative to FIV

23/7/15 Izzy had a half sponsorship from Michael Fidlehouse @ $20 per mth..Purrs & hugs

DOMINO (m) sweet & affectionate boy (microchip 900 012 000 719 553) born Oct 2008

Would you like to sponsor me ??
Full sponsorship $40 per month. Half sponsorship $20 per month.
 Sponsorships are tax deductible 

Domino (m) is a splendid medium-haired white cat with a few black markings on his head and body, a black tail chequered white underneath and lemon-yellow eyes, born approx October 2008
His current carer says - Domino is an incredibly affectionate and placid cat. He adores company and likes to be cuddled and stroked.  He has a gorgeous soft, long and fluffy coat and appreciates a brush once a week. He has the calmest temperament of any cat that I have met and likes to follow you everywhere you go. At bed time he walks himself to his bedroom and waits anxiously to be tucked in and kissed good night. He is best suited for a family who is happy to pay him attention and in return will be by your side and be a beautiful companion.

Domino seems to have the traits of a Turkish Van, as you can see from this article .
Domino has tested FIV negative

Nov 2010-
Our grateful thanks to Margaret for her donation of yummy cat food - purrs from Domino & Penny x x x
04/03/2016  $100.00  Sylvia R  for Domino towards his dental expenses. Purrs and hugs from Domino xxx

CLEMENTINE born Nov'09 (microchip 900 012 000 719 466),
DASH born 25/10/10 (microchip 900 164 000 000 326)

I need a Sponsor

Full sponsorship $40 per month. Half sponsorship $20 per month.
Sponsorships are tax deductible 

Clementine and her day-old kittens were rescued from death row.

Clementine (F) is a slender and elegant black and white cat. She has a lovely black coat (chocolate-brown in the sunlight), with a white blaze, bib, stomach and front paws, and enormous yellow-green eyes. Clementine is a gentle and friendly young cat with a quirky little personality, who likes company and a little space to explore. She was very thin when rescued but has since put on a little weight and is in good health. She has been a fastidious mother and plays lovely chasing and wrestling games with the kittens. Clementine is sociable with the other foster cats and very relaxed with human visitors, and is looking forward to her own special and loving home.
10/11/10 - Clementine has been tested and is FIV negative.
and is ready to find her new furever home

Dash (M) is a short-haired black and white boy.He was rescued with his mum Clementine from Death Row with his brother Indigo who has been adopted.
Clementine and her kitten Dash have similar personalities. They walk lightly on this planet. Both are rather shy with people (Dash more so than his mother) so if you are planning to adopt one or both of them, you will have to be patient to gain their confidence.  Being gentle is the key to gain their hearts. Once they warm to you, they are very engaging and gentle. If they are not both adopted by the same person, they will probably do best as the only pet in the household.

Nov 2010-Our grateful thanks to Margaret for her donation of Breeders Choice and kitten food- purrs from all of us x x x

CHOO CHOO (m) born 18/10/11, (microchip 982 000 167 861 437)

I need a Sponsor
Full sponsorship $40 per month. Half sponsorship $20 per month.
Sponsorships are tax deductible  

Choo Choo & TC were rescued at 2wks old with their mum Izzy  They had to be hand reared with their siblings as Izzy was too sick to care for them.

Choo Choo was hit by a car in May 2013. His carer had let him outside against our strict indoor only policy. He had a fractured pelvis and spine. He also needed to have his whole tail amputated as it was 'dead'
He is not able to toilet independently although he does try. He needs to be manually expressed daily and is getting loving care from Michelle for as long as he needs it.

Otherwise he is a happy healthy boy,

Would you like to sponsor one of our foster pets?
If you are unable to adopt or foster, you can still be of great help to a particular pet

This will help us out greatly as we rely on donations to keep going. We will show your donation in the pet's listing..
Full sponsorship - $40 per month goes to help with the foster pet?s food, flea/wormer and medical expenses.
Half sponsorship $20 per month.
For sponsorships of 3 months or more, we will provide a Sponsorship Certificate.

Sponsorships are tax deductible.

Sponsorship enquiries, please click here to email Michelle

Thank you so much if you can help

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