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 Animal Aid : Bushfire Appeal - Domestic Pet Rescue 
Providing a safe haven for any domestic pets affected by the Victorian bushfire disaster.

Wildlife Victoria Inc : Wildlife Victoria Urgent Bushfire Appeal 2009 
Wildlife shelters are being inundated with injured animals.

Bushfire Emergency Appeals

Dogs' miraculous survival lifts spirits in Alexandra-read story
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Some photos & news from Animal Aid
Visit their website for the full coverage of their operations during the bushfire.    Ph: 03 9739 0300
Bushfire Update - 20/03/09 - Hooray, we got her!! The mysterious and elusive grey cat that has been sighted in Marysville by several people over the last couple of weeks, and mentioned in a previous update (16/03/09), has finally found safety with us. Much to the delight of her anxious owner Stephen.

Stephen was beside himself when Lynn our Cattery Supervisor rang him to say that we finally had his beloved cat Stardust. We have been in regular contact with this case as we seemed so close and yet so far, we kept him informed as to our progress and he was very proactive in assisting in what ever way he could. He is beating a path to the shelter as we speak to see and touch her in person.

I can hear you saying 'how can you be so sure that it is his cat?' Well this cat has a very distinctive eye condition that is unmistakable. Lynn tells me that when she first spoke to Steven, he kept asking over and over, are you sure her eye is deformed? He just couldn't believe what he was hearing it seemed too good to be true. He won't be taking her home just yet but she can stay with us until he has some more permanent accommodation sorted out.

After much rumor and speculation, it is actually official; Marysville residents are permitted to return to what is left of their homes. They can now finally face the reality that the residents from the many other fire affected areas have already had to come to terms with. They have a huge hurdle ahead of them and Animal Aid will be there to support them through this very difficult phase.

stardust tie_a_yellow_ribbon

17/2/09 - To recap our efforts over the last few days - we have treated many horses, some alpacas, a pig, goats, rescued two Greater Gliders and various birds, treated puppies, been visited by the Army - all at our Emergency Vet Clinic in Toolangi with volunteer Vets. At our shelter clinic we have treated dogs,cats and wildlife, collected and distributed medical supplies and been assisted by many fantastic volunteers.We are also supplying those caring for wildlife with food and transportation.

Bushfire Update - 6/3/09 (6.30pm)
There is still so much happening at Animal Aid and still so much to do, that each day it is hard to pick and choose what are the most important things to tell you about. One thing that has been quite a stand out is that we have been asked to begin a cat trapping program in and around the Marysville area. We have been one of the first outside agencies allowed in since the devastating impacts of the fires.

We have heard that the general consensus is that nothing would have survived such an intense blaze, but this does not seem to be completely true. We have already heard several remarkable stories from various locations, one amazing account of survival is that of two cats from Marysville. As soon as he was allowed to go back home, a Marysville resident raced back with the glimmer of hope that his two little pussy cats, might have made it. To his great relief they greeted him enthusiastically on his arrival, a few kilos lighter, but otherwise unharmed.

Marysville feels like a bit of a ghost town and so far our traps have not been successful but we won't be giving up just yet. There is just too much physical and reported evidence to indicate that there are animals out there and we will continue to work with the residents and authorities until we are satisfied our help is no longer needed.

It would not have been possible for us to spare two staff members and our van to do this vital and potentially life saving task without your continuing support. This is an example of the kind of work that is going to need to be done over the next few months and we are here to do it.


    * Financial aid for the ongoing support that Animal Aid is supplying to the fire affected communities and their animals.
    * Hard feed for horses and other pet livestock

Currently we have enough small animal food and bedding but keep checking with us as this can change very quickly due to the amount of animals being housed.

You can Contact us on 03 9739 0300

Vet Emma rehydrating Greater Glider & treating Blaze the foal

Garfield having his burns treated     -      Kookaburra receiving treatment

Beofe recovering from severe burns - Volunteer Ben looking after some of the smaller victims of the fires

To the animals of the Victorian Bushfires, and the rescue organisations trying so valiantly to help you –
You are not alone. We are with you. We think of you constantly……..your pain and suffering, your courage and strength, and  the will to go on, in the face of such tragedy. You are in our hearts and in our prayers.

Below is a Pledge List of other animal lovers and supporters who also stand with you wanting to help you. Know that we care and will support you in any way we can.  Sydney Pet Rescue &Adoption 13.2.09.

These are just a few of the many caring people that we are aware of, who have donated their time and money..
Yvonne with family & friends raised $325.45 from a cake stall at Paddington Markets on 14th Feb. Funds going to Animal Aid.

Marilyn, Carol and Sasha from Woronora donated $100 

Cash donations
$300 was raised by Sandra with the help of her family, friends and co-workers at 'Harbour Data Services & Tradevent Registrations' who gave kindly to the appeal
Donations of services