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Commenced 4 June 2011 and is planned to run until live export is banned.  .

Two historic bills will be voted on in parliament on 18 September. Please contact your local Federal representative and Senators, and urge them to support these Bills. A full list of Members & Senators is available at

 Please support our fundraising stalls at
Cronulla Mall,  9am - 2pm  - 17 Sept 2011.

Donations of books, cakes and plants appreciated. Volunteers needed.
More details: Please contact Kelly 0410 401 201 or [email protected] or Simone on 0414 362 921.
scroll down the page to see photos from 2 July stall

Cruel roping slaughter of Australian steer in Indonesia
Thank you to Animals Australia for these images

We are raising money to fund ads to tell the story of animals like Bill, Tommy, Arthur, Brian & Dudley who have suffered horrendously as a result of Australia?s cruel Live Export trade..
 We can only afford to run these ads if we can get the funds donated to cover them. We will be working in with Animals Australia to support their campaign to ban Live Export.

Please donate to help us continue running these ads
see below for ways to donate

All donations of $2 and over are tax deductible.

Click here to view our first ad in St George & Sutherland Leader 16/6/11
Click here to view our second ad in St George & Sutherland Leader 30/6/11
Click here to view our interview in St George & Sutherland Leader14/7/11 about banning meat from our events
Click on this link Pet Rescue to view our ad which will be running at the Alpine Festival in Sydney 22 July - 11 August
Our ad will run Mon - Thurs 12:00 -10pm and Fri ? Sun 10am - 10pm
Click here to view our ad in St George & Sutherland Leader 11/8/11 (note change of venue as below)

Ban Live Export National Rally

For ALL Australians against animal cruelty

Support the legislation to end live export
Inspiring speakers

Animals AustraliaRSPCA Australia

visit for latest updates

Sunday Aug 14 2011, 2:30PM
Martin Place
(see map

Speakers: Lyn White - Animals Australia Investigator,
Peter Stevenson - Compassion in World Farming Policy Advisor,
Senator Lee Rhiannon, MC Clare Mann.

Live entertainment: The Black Spurs

Who should attend?
If you care about animals and want to see an end to cruelty, then this event is for you. Live animal export is undoubtedly the cruellest trade in Australia. Sending millions of animals to be killed in countries where they suffer brutal treatment and where there are no laws to protect them is indefensible. This is your chance to join with others at a family-friendly event to rally for a kinder future free from live export.

Why August 14?

Historic bills to end the cruel live export trade will be voted on in parliament on Thursday August 18 2011. This is your opportunity to join with other caring Australians to show public support for this important legislation.

What will happen on the day?

  • Hear from Animals Australia investigator Lyn White, RSPCA campaigners, leading politicians, and other inspiring speakers
  • Mass petition and letter signing
  • Other campaign activities

Thank you to Animals Australia and RSPCA for Bill, Brian, Arthur, Dudley and Tommy?s original story and images.


To Bill, Tommy, Dudley, Arthur and Brian and the many hundreds of thousands of other animals like you who are the  victims of cruel live export trade, we will help tell your story.
You did not die in vain. We will join forces with others who care passionately about your plight.
We will not stop protesting until the cruel live export trade in Australia is banned completely.
We will always remember you.



Stage No 1, $5k by the end of June 2011

Please help us blitz our target!
The more money we can make?
the more we can help tell  Bill, Tommy, Dudley, Arthur and Brian?s story..
Please give generously.

Please help the animals and donate now at
You will be given an automatic receipt by Gofundraise.

Donations of $2 and more are tax deductible

Please see other options for making a donation below.

Thank you to Animals Australia for these images


To make a tax deductible donation to our Ban Live Export Appeal, please click here.
You will get an automatic receipt. Alternatively you could make an internet transfer to

BSB: 112-879, Account number: 456837415
Reference: use  BAN LIVE EXPORT  with your surname & initials

Once your transaction is complete, you should copy the internet transfer receipt and retain for your records. If you would like a receipt for tax purposes, please forward a request, with proof of donation to: SPRA, PO BOX 1169, MENAI CENTRAL, NSW, 2234 or email to [email protected]

Donate by mail
You can post a cheque donation ? please do not post cash. Cheques should be made payable to: SPR&A Emergency Appeals Fund. Address above.

Thank you for your support
Thank you to Animals Australia for these images

For more information about live export, and to stay up to date with the campaign, please visit the Ban Live Export website.

Stay informed - Read the FACT SHEETS including Bill, ,Brian, Dudley  Tommy and Arthur?s story  click here.
Read about how the Australian Government has spent tax payer funds on the cruel restraint boxes which encourage and reinforce torture and brutality of our animals in Indonesia. These restraint  boxes would give rise to a prosecution under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act if used in Australia. Read about how the Australian government knew about the cruelty to Australian animals and ignored the problem. They are only doing something now because of media attention and public pressure. And it?s an unsatisfactory response?just a 6 month temporary suspension on live export to Indonesia. What about the other animals transported to other destinations who suffer similar cruelty. What about the horrendous conditions animals suffer en route and the enormous number of animals who die and who are injured before they even arrive? 
We need your help to keep this issue in the news and to keep the pressure on our politicians.

To order the free Animals Australia "The Live Export - Indefensible Action Pack" which includes leaflets, petitions, stickers and sample letters - Click here 

To send a letter to Prime Minister Julia Gillard asking her to act to protect Australian animals from further brutality by ending this cruel trade once and for all -
Click here

To send a letter to Joe Ludwig, the Minister for Dpt of Primary Industries asking him to act to protect Australian animals from further brutality by ending this cruel trade once and for all - Click here

To send a letter to your Local Member asking them to support a total ban on Live export  - Click here

To Sign the petition at the Animals Australia website - Click here           

To find our more ways to help - Click here

On behalf of Bill, ,Brian, Dudley Arthur and Tommy and all the other animals who have suffered so horrendously under Live Export, we thank you, in anticipation of your support.

Sydney Pet Rescue & Adoption Committee

Thank you to Animals Australia for these images


Rescue Organisations (date order)
Sydney Pet Rescue & Adoption
11-13 June $152.60  SPR&A Ban Live Export Days at Pet Care 2000 Caringbah - Big thanks to Jane, Gail & Simone, Goretti, Tina & 11 yr old daughter, Lyndall , Gillian , Robyn , Kelly & Michelle
4-5 June ?  $326.65  SPR&A Ban Live Export Days at Pet Care 2000 Caringbah -Thank you to Melissa, Michelle, Kate, Marilyn and Carol for helping on our fundraising and petition stand.

Individuals (date order)
17/8/11    50.00  Brian Stone   Upsetting
22/6/11    30.00  Kerri Wright   It has to be stopped
19/6/11  100.00 Anonymous  Australia's Shame! Ban Live Exports.
17/6/11    50.00  Jordan Rivkin
17/6/11  100.00  Anonymous
17/6/11  100.00  Mariette Blackmore     The people who were complicit in this cruelty should be charged - I'm talking about the Australians who knowingly carried out, or condoned this vile trade - and that includes the whole chain from farmers to exporters, to politicians. How do you sleep at night? Do you even have a conscience? You are a blight and a disgrace to Australia. May you get what you deserve, as you will .... eventually.
17/6/11   30.00  Louise Cook
15/6/11   50.00  Kelly Harri
  9/6/11   30.00  Alison Barr
  9/6/11 500.00  Lynette Eggleston   I would also encourage those who are able to support Animals Australia by their website-either through regular donations, or purcahse of bags, t shirts and other merchandise that can add awareness. This is a horrendous abuse that has gone on for years and we did not know. Now we do, we MUST rise up to stand for justice for those who cannot speak for themselves. I cannot assist at the weekend but strongly support this campaign-also through personal letters to local MPs, the Prime Minister and Minister of trade. Thanks, Lyn Eggleston


Hello to all our Ban Live Export Stall Helpers and Supporters

We had a great day at our Stall at Cronulla Mall last Saturday 2nd July.
We made $659, which was pretty good considering we apparently had to compete with a big Zumba Festival at Miranda Fair on the same day.

We were there to set up at 8.30am and ran the stall until about 3.30pm, and had a steady stream of customers, who were keen to chat to us about live export, as well as search out goodies on our stall.

Our cooks out did themselves with all sorts of fabulous tasty treats which looked like they had just come from an elegant French patisserie!
We had scrumptious chocolate brownies, yummy muffins, delicious chocolate cream tarts and profiteroles (most of which went in one go!) .
Delectable rocky road and more! We sold the small goodies for $1 and the big goodies for $2 each.

Carol, our talented craftswoman kindly donated several lovely handmade and beaded scarves for us to sell.
Clancy kindly donated some clever handmade recycled bags, made from stock feed bags (We loved that idea)!
We had lots of great books, DVDS and a good selection of plants..

Thank you also to Faye our local artist who kindly donated some lovely handmade cards and children’s books.

Pam did a great job with her clipboard duties, out and about talking to the public and getting more signatures on our petition.
We got another hundred signatures on our petition to ban Live Export, for Animals Australia.

The Leader came down and took some photos for a story about SPRA’s Ban Live Export campaign which is likley to be in the Leader tomorrow.

Many thanks to:
Kelly who co-ordinated our roster
Melissa who organised our printed flyers
Our generous cooks and donors including Faye, Lisa, Tania, Kate S, Kate, Carol, Dianne, Halina, Sarah
Our hard working helpers on the stall, including Beth, Kate,Carol, Wendy, Lucy, Michelle, Jane, Pam

Our next stall will be on 6 August 2011 - hope to see you all there
NATIONAL  DAY OF PROTEST – was held on Saturday 18th June 2011

Some photos from Sydney

12noon - Parliament House in the following States and Territories - QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS, SA, NT. Town Hall, Fremantle, WA.
Regional and rural protesters to meet at Local Government (Council) buildings

Organiser: Dr Patricia Petersen (with support from Animals Australia and RSPCA)
Contact: [email protected]>

High profile figures including the Dalai Lama were invited to speak, Federal and State Senators, Federal and State MPs and Mayors.

This national event is "apolitical" in that all politicians, all political candidates from all parties are urged to attend and participate in it. Politicians who oppose live exports and wish to speak on the day are invited to contact Dr Patricia Petersen.

Please be brave and stand up for what is right. Please support the ban on live export!

More details at

This protest is not being planned by SPR&A but we will support it in any way we can.