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Every Life is Precious to Us


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Reply sydneypetrescueandadoption
1:46 AM on August 18, 2018 

Unfortunately I have had to close guestbook for comments at present due to multiple spam comments.

Reply caroline
1:17 AM on September 12, 2014 

I would just like to say a big thank you for your good work.  I adopted scotty from sydney pet rescue and adoption in 2010 and he's come out of his shell so much and has brought me so many laughs and smiles.  unfortuanly scotty doesn't like other cats (!) so i can't adopt another worthy cat who needs a home.  but i pledge to only every have rescue pets and encourage all my friends wanting a pet to do the same. :)

Reply sydneypetrescueandadoption
2:58 PM on August 1, 2014 

Hi Megan, Thank you so much for your kind words. Yes it is so hearbreaking that some people just don't care what happens to their 'once loved' pets. I just wish we could wave a magic wand and save them all 'sigh'

Ken is one of the lucky ones to have found his home with you. Hope you enjoy your visit here in November.
All the best, Lucy

Reply Megan
2:51 AM on August 1, 2014 

Good afternoon and warm greetings to you all! I will be visiting Sydney in November from New Zealand and will make a  small donation into your bank account when I arrive in Sydney. Keep up your amazing work. I just love reading your poems section and admit shedding a tear when I read some of the very sad poems. Gosh, I wish people would realise that a pet is for life not just abandoning it when their circumstances change! Kind regards Megan and rescue cat 'Ken' in New Zealand!

Reply sydneypetrescueandadoption
10:42 AM on July 4, 2014 

Thanks Megan, we are lucky to have our amazing volunteer foster carers and other helpers who generously donate their time and money to enable us to continue in our work.

Reply Megan
2:55 AM on July 4, 2014 

Keep up your awesome work! You are all amazing!!!  Megan in New Zealand

Reply John Lyle
11:16 PM on October 31, 2013 

Thank you for dedicating your lives to help animals in need.

Reply sydneypetrescueandadoption
8:22 AM on January 30, 2013 

Hi Lauren, We don't have a central shelter. Our president lives in Sylvania and our pets stay with foster carers in different areas, mostly southern suburbs and St George area. If you download our Volunteer application form, (on the forms and contact details page) it will give you more information and the contact details for Carol who can advise you further.

Regards, Lucy, Website manager.

Reply Lauren
3:53 AM on January 30, 2013 

hey what's the address? i can't find it anywhere... is it near Miranda?

btw if it's close to Miranda i would love to become a volunteer there but how old must i be to become a volunteer?

Reply sydneypetrescueandadoption
2:56 AM on January 29, 2013 

Hi Tanya, That is kind of you to care for this cat. First thing to do is to take this cat to your nearest vet to see if it has a microchip, in which case the owner can be contacted. Also put up notices around your area in case someone is looking for it. We don't have any foster carers available unfortunately and don't have a shelter building.  You can try Cat Protection Society  to see if they can help you, otherwise your only option will be to take it to your local pound I'm afraid.especially if it is not desexed. I'm sorry I can't help you more.

Lucy, Website Manager

Reply Tanya
9:00 PM on January 28, 2013 


I found a lost cat in our yard around a week ago. It looks like it's homeless, I feed it but I can't keep it at home. And I think this cat needs some medical help. I can't just look at her and leave it like this. Can you tell me if you can take her or many any other organisation, I just don't want her to be killed in a regular shelter. Please, contact me [email protected]

Reply sydneypetrescueandadoption
9:16 AM on November 27, 2012 

Lauren says...

Just wondering if you guys keep other pets such as fish...

Sorry, only cats, dogs and rabbits

Reply Lauren
6:36 AM on November 23, 2012 

Just wondering if you guys keep other pets such as fish...

Reply Sydney Pet Rescue & Adoption
10:06 AM on October 4, 2012 

Please note. The Guestbook is for comments only and is not reviewed regularly..  If you are looking for a pet, please go to our Adoption Forms page for information on who to contact. Thanks.


Any SPAM will be deleted.

Lucy, Website Manager


Reply Sarah
1:08 PM on July 16, 2012 

looking for a cat with cerebellar hypoplasia sorry for short and sweet but i have wrote this 5 times and it wont submit please email [email protected] if you can help thank you 

Reply Mingzi
9:54 AM on June 24, 2012 


sorry to disturb u

i found a lost cat several days ago, she follow us to our house and sleep on the sofa. i have already post some notices around the place whr i found her, but no one contact us yet, i am a international student in MQ universty and currently finish my study. i will move to city in this week. so it is hard for me to give the lovely cat a warm home. if we still can not find her owner, can u help me to find a good home for the cat or tell me what should i do.

Thx a lot!!!

Reply sydneypetrescueandadoption
3:01 PM on March 27, 2010 

Hi all, due to the Guestbook being inundated with spam, I had to make it available to members only. If you become a member, you will be able to post comments.

Cheers, Lucy

Website Manager.

Reply Lily
8:06 PM on October 15, 2009 

Hi Lucy,


As a result of having some time on my hands (unusual I know) and the fact that I received an email about the Christmas Raffle from SPRA, I decided to have a comprehensive look at the website. Not all of it as I had seen some of it before.


The website really is a testament to you - it really is fantastic - better than any other I have seen from an animal charity. Its interesting, colourful, detailed, comprehensive, fun and most of all does a brilliant job of tugging at the heartstrings with all of the photos of and descriptive stories about each animal.


I know this takes considerable time, effort and devotion to get it just right and cuts into your retirement hours more than you would like every now and then BUT the fact that you keep it going with such determination and gusto is a testament to you. I wish I could give you an Award for the work you do in this regard as it is often just taken for granted that these pages and images just happen at the flick of a button but I know that the true time taken is worth many more hours than someone with a full-time job works. And what's more you do it all for gratis and foster three cats to boot.


There's not many heroes in the world today that I admire but I have to say that aside from Michelle (who I know devotes every waking moment to all of the many other aspects of running this charity) and my Mum (may she rest in peace) you are a true hero to me for enlightening the plight of the animals you so lovingly bring to the attention of the world via this website.


Well done, you unsung hero and congratulations on your efforts - they are truly fantastic!


PS. I know there has always been talk of getting a new professional website up and running. Unless the current format was adopted exactly as it is, it would be an injustice to move away from the book style website that it is because it is so fantastic. I just love it!


Cheers, Lily

Reply sydneypetrescueandadoption
9:49 AM on September 1, 2009 

:) Hi Sev, Banjo is definitely being adopted once all the paperwork has been completed.

We are No-Kill so when you don't see the pets on the available pages, they will have usually moved to the Adopted  Pets page.

Cheers, Lucy, Website Mgr.

Reply Sev
7:30 PM on August 30, 2009 
Hi there i have been viewing your website for sometime now and 'fortunately' dont see many of the animals for too long on the website (which im guessing are rehomed quickly..) this is also unfortunate for me :( however.. i have been interested in Banjo (the black lab) but it says that adoption is pending to Mitchell. Does Banjo have a new home or is the website just not updated for him. please let me know Thanks!