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Every Life is Precious to Us



If you are interested in adopting one of our pets - Please complete and return one of the forms below first, and we will contact you after that to discuss suitable pets.
Your answers will help us to match you up with the right pet for your circumstances
Our aim is to achieve a good match for both the adoptive family and the cat.

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CATS Cat Match adoption Application.doc - For more information, please contact DAVID ph: 9693 5684 (weekdays 7.30pm-9pm, weekends 9am-9pm)  Click here to send David an email

DOGS Dog Match Adoption Application.doc - For more information, please contact MICHELLE Mob: 0403 254 960 , click here to send Michelle an email




Please be aware that many rental properties do not allow pets. Adopting a pet in these circumstances can not only jeopardize your lease and potentially make it more difficult for you to find future pet friendly rental accommodation, but it potentially jeopardizes the future security of any pet you may adopt under these circumstances. We strongly recommend that for both the pet's and your own sake that you do not adopt a pet if you do not have secure 'pet friendly' accommodation.
We have seen too many of these pets surrendered, ending up once more on Death Row at the pound when their owner had to move.

Are you willing and able to meet the costs that are likely to be necessary to care for your pet over its lifetime?
Your cat may live to 20 years or more. Your dog approx 15years. Ongoing costs include - Food - estimate 10-$25/week for quality food.,
Annual vaccination and vet check - estimate $60-$100.,
Regular flea, worm & heartworm treatments - estimate $12/month.
If your pet needs veterinary care, estimate $50-$55 per consultation before medication and any other treatment.A significant health issue could easily be $500. Specialist care could easily be $1000 or more if your pet incurs a significant illness or accident.
Holiday boarding can be expensive. 


Note: Medium & Long haired cats will need more time for extra grooming.

Special needs - Shy cats just take a little longer to settle in with a new owner, but once you win their trust they make lovely pets. They are ideal as indoor pets, in a quiet household with no young children, & possibly with another friendly cat.
-We will extend the trial period for these types of cats to give them more time to settle in.

Cats should be kept indoors when owner is away from home and at night for their safety
 N.B. Cats with fair features & pink noses need to be predominantly indoor cats to avoid sunburn and skin cancer.
Cats with fair features & longer hair can be ideal for apartments)

2 cats provide company for each other when you're not available. They tend to play together, snuggle and smooch together. 2 cats don't take much more time to look after than one, and you can always buy food in bulk which could be a bit cheaper. Don't forget though, that 2 cats may mean double the cost for routine care such as vaccinations, worming and flea treatments.

Balconies - Cats will climb up onto railings and can jump very high. They can roll over when sleeping and fall off. We advise to completely enclose your balcony with netting or a trellis to protect their safety if you intend to give them access.

About our policies:
1.   We have a No Kill policy. This means there is increased pressure on us to keep finding homes for our rescued animals. By adopting one of our rescued animals, you are potentially opening up a space for us to rescue another pet from death row.
2.   All the animals we re-home are vet checked, vaccinated, de-sexed, micro-chipped  and wormed.
3.   We screen potential adoptive families to ensure an appropriate match between rescue pets and new owners.
4.   We offer qualified adoptive families a trial period prior to finalisation of the adoption.
5.  We monitor progress of adopted animals post placement to confirm rescue pets and their new families are progressing well.
6.   We are willing to take our rescue pets back should the placement not work out during the trial period. Thereafter subject to our capacity at the time.
7.   Should the adoptive family's circumstances change in the future, subject to our capacity at the time, we are willing to accept our adopted rescue pets back. Alternatively we offer assistance with re-homing.


Why do we charge an adoption cost for our rescued animals?

We need to recover as much of the rescue and re-homing cost as possible, in order to be able to continue to carry on our rescue work. The adoption cost we ask generally only includes what it has cost us for de-sexing, vaccination, micro-chipping, worming and vet check.

In most cases, the adoption cost generally doesn’t even cover the cost of food or other miscellaneous costs needed to maintain the rescued pet in foster care. For some of the animals we rescue and re-home, it actually costs us significantly more than we get back through the adoption cost (especially if additional vet treatment has been required, as it often does for animals which have been rescued from a pound). We need to make up any short fall through fundraising and donations and from our own pockets.

Capacity to cover the adoption cost also provides us with an indication of the new owner’s commitment to, and ability to be able to afford to cover the ongoing costs of owning a pet, including the regular costs associated with providing good quality food, regular worming, annual vaccinations and vet care.

Why do we screen potential new owners?

We have a ‘duty of care’ to our rescued animals after rescuing them from death. We spend lots of time and effort to rehabilitate them and bring them back to health and restore their trust in humans. We feel a responsibility to ensure they have the opportunity to enjoy a long and happy life secure in the love of their new families.
We screen potential new owners, to make sure that they are able and committed to providing a good home for our rescued pets. Most of the animals we rescue have come from death row in pounds, or other unfortunate circumstances. Some have likely been cruelty cases. Our rescued animals are depending on us to find them a home where they will be safe, happy, healthy, and loved as a valued family member. Screening, via our adoption application form, helps us to establish if a potential new owner is able and committed to providing for the needs of our rescued pets.

Screening also helps us to match potential new owners up with a suitable pet for their circumstances and lifestyle. Too many animals finish up abandoned or dumped at pounds or other animal welfare agencies, because their owners did not select them carefully, considering the cost, time and commitment involved in owning a pet. SPR&A want to prevent this happening to our rescued pets.
Thank you for considering adopting one of our rescued pets. You have the potential to make the difference between life and death for a rescued pet, as each one you adopt enables us to rescue another. On behalf of the animals, thank you for your support.