Sydney Pet Rescue & Adoption Inc.

Every Life is Precious to Us

Help our pets to find their furever homes in 2021

Welcome to Sydney Pet Rescue & Adoption
Every life is precious to us. We have a No Kill Policy 
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 PO Box 434, Sylvania NSW 2224,  [email protected]
(the phone number for Wires is 1300 094 737 to report injured wildlife)
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Your generous donation will help to save more lives and help to pay for much needed vet treatment

For information on  how to leave a bequest, go to our Make a Donation page  or click the above link to GiveNow
Please help us to help them by donating, thank you for your support

BSB 112 879, Account 456 837 415
Please identify as FLOOD and your surname.


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Could you spare a $5 taxable donation to support animals, their carers and rescuers in the flood devastated areas? Every little bit helps.

On behalf of the animals, thank you for your support. x

Grateful thanks from SPRA and their pets to Elanco for their generous donation of Comfortis & Milbemax. Thank you so much.

SPR&A would like to give a big thank you to Nestle Purina for their generous donation of several pallets of cat food, and some litter. Thank you so much.
Short term foster carers always needed
Can you offer your home for short term care, for one or more cats whilst their current carers are away?
If you would like to help, please contact Michelle for more information.
0403 254 960, or email [email protected]
Many thanks, your help is greatly appreciated.


We are asking for help from our generous supporters, If you can spare any amount it will be greatly appreciated as we are in urgent need of funds to enable us to keep operating.
We have been hit with unexpected large vet bills totalling over $25,000 for several of our cats.
We will continue to provide all the vet care they need even though the funds may have to come from our own pockets. Their health and well-being are our top priority.
 Please, if you are able to help us with any size donation that would be so wonderful. Thank you. (Click on the link below to donate and get an instant receipt)
If you are interested in adopting or fostering one of our pets,
Please complete one of the following forms
Cat Match adoption Application.doc
Dog Match Adoption Application.doc Note we currently have no dogs or puppies available.
Foster Carer Application Form.doc

Please print & distribute our pets posters to help them find homes 

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Sydney Pet Rescue and Adoption

for the pets listed below
Please call Michelle if you can help : 0403 254 960.
Please complete form Foster Carer Application Form.doc


"CAN YOU FOSTER ME PLEASE ?  I'm only shy till I get to know you"
Would you like to share your home and love with Possum?  She is looking for a female foster carer that has time to become her friend.  Please help so she does not have to go into boarding care.
 Possum needs a quiet home, with no men or young children, though possibly one gentle cat. Possum is scared of men and she is rather timid till she gets to know you, but is a lovely girl once she settles in with you.
IZZY small & gentle girl
Foster carer needed

Izzy is a tiny little short-haired dark tortoiseshell with big green eyes and a fiery orange stripe down her nose. She is a delicate and softly spoken little thing who enjoys being with people. While she can be a little timid with new people she quickly warms up to everyone and loves a good pat, cuddle and ear scratch.


Foster carer needed

His current carer says - Domino is an incredibly affectionate and placid cat. He adores company and likes to be cuddled and stroked.  He has a gorgeous soft, long and fluffy coat and appreciates a brush once a week. He has the calmest temperament of any cat that I have met and likes to follow you everywhere you go. At bed time he walks himself to his bedroom and waits anxiously to be tucked in and kissed good night. He is best suited for a family who is happy to pay him attention and in return will be by your side and be a beautiful companion.

Domino seems to have the traits of a Turkish Van, as you can see from this article


Make it Possible

 YOU can help to make this possible

Click here for more information and to see the film

Please be responsible and desex your pets now.
If you are on a low income & need financial assistance to de-sex your pet, contact one of the below organisations-

Carol at DABS
 Ph 9758 1169,  0410 298 969   or click here to email carol

NDN (National Desexing Network)

St George/Sutherland branch of AWL - ring 0400 293 558

Please spread the word to make sure that all pets are desexed!
Please help to cut down the high euthanasia rate of healthy but unwanted pets in pounds.


Once loved, now abandoned at the pound, so many beautiful animals
"We only get 7 days from the date listed to find a home if not micro-chipped, or 14 days if chipped.
If not adopted or rescued, we are then put to sleep at the pound
Note - Surrendered pets can be euthanased at any time..
If you see one that you are interested in, please contact the pound ASAP as tomorrow may be too late
Check this link to Dogz Online forum for more details & photos from several pounds


Jul'09 - In memory of Wendy Woodbridge our grateful thanks for her generous bequest to us and to other rescue groups. We and all the needy rescue animals give a grateful thank you and will always remember your kindness.

Use this hashtag to end live exports

SPRA promotes the prevention of cruelty to animals.
SPRA strongly opposes Live Export, and we stand in solidarity with other animal welfare and animal protection organisations, in speaking out, and condemning Live Export.
Please help spread the word, and help get these hash tags trending. Thank you for your support.
Michelle Alber- President, SPRA.



The cruelty of the live export trade starts long before Australian animals reach their overseas destination.
Did you know animals exported live can spend over 30 days on board ships in cramped conditions and are forced to endure extreme temperature hikes as they travel from our winter to the northern hemisphere summer?
This is your chance to share the message: Australian animals don?t have to suffer these long, cruel journeys.

Make sure everyone knows the real live export story by using these hashtags online:

#MeatNotLive #EndLiveExport

Tell your friends, family and social media networks about the real live export story and the benefits of ending live exports by simply sharing our informative infographics. Encourage them to share it too so that everyone gets the real story about live export.

Share today's infographic: A Long Journey of Suffering



Download this as a PDF
Thank you to everyone who believes, as we do, that every life is precious and who has supported us with our mission to rescue and re-home as many pets from Death Row as possible.  We are very grateful for your support.
Please check our web site to see how your donation has benefited our rescued pets.

Please come along and take a stroll through our pages to see our rescue pets available for adoption. Most have come from Death Rows at pounds where they were abandoned to their fate.

We have lots of beautiful, friendly rescued pets who are looking for loving fur-ever homes.

Maybe your new best friend is here waiting for you. just a click away !

If you would like to send a gift donation to a particular pet in care, please advise when making the donation and we will acknowledge your kindness in the pet's listing.


Quick Links-To view our lovely rescued Pets available for adoption
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Click on 'Give Now' Logo to donate

Your donation will help our rescue & rehabilitation costs, Thank you so much

Charity Tick of approval
The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission's (ACNC) 2015 Public Trust and Confidence research showed that support of charities is closely entwined with trust, and that charities are the third most trusted group on Australia (behind doctors and the police). When the ACNC's role as the charity regulator was explained to research survey respondents, their trust in Australia's charities grew significantly.

As a result, the ACNC has introduced a charity verification ‘tick’ which shows that an organisation is “transparent and accountable by highlighting their presence on the ACNC Charity Register”.

It is hoped the charity tick will have a positive effect on public trust and confidence in the charity sector, with donors being able to instantly recognise a charity that is well governed, reputable and worthy of public donations registered.  Sydney Pet Rescue & Adoption proud to warrant and display the ‘tick’!

Read more about the ACNC charity tick here.

For info: We have removed the notation "member society of WSPA" from our footer. In June 2014 they disbanded and are now 'World Animal Protection' and have no member societies.